Jay Eshelman: Covid puppet masters and ‘The Great Reset’ initiative

Editor’s note: This commentary is by Jay Eshelman, a business owner and a former Work Force Investment Board and River Valley Technical Center board member. He is a resident of Westminster, Vermont.

In a world as sophisticated and intertwined as ours, it is folly to believe all circumstance is happenstance. The only real conspiracy theory is that there are no conspiracies. Skepticism is healthy. Skepticism is the basis of scientific method. “Science begins with the null hypothesis,” American science writer Michael Shermer said, “which assumes that the claim under investigation is not true until demonstrated otherwise.” After all, as Einstein said: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

Enter Phil Scott, a presumptively well-meaning education major out of UVM and former construction worker who, with his cousin, eventually took over the Dubois Construction Company, his family’s business since 1946. But for the last 20 years, Phil Scott has been a politician. While he was a state senator, he reportedly had several state construction contracts. Phil Scott knows how to walk the fine line of crony capitalism. I know something about how the system works too, having been a contractor in Vermont for 40 years.

Long story short: Phil Scott is a mini bit player in today’s sociopolitical environment. There are single company CEOs and unions in the U.S. with more employees than Vermont has people. The National Education Association (NEA) has 2.3 million members. Walmart has 2.2 million employees. Amazon has 1.3 million. Berkshire Hathaway has 391,000. Microsoft has 163,000. Google has 100,000. Those are just a few American organizations. Then there are the Chinese, the Europeans, India and so forth.

So, who is pulling the strings? Who are the puppet masters?

In an acronym, it’s the WEF, the World Economic Forum — aka The International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation. It’s guys like Germany’s Klaus Schwab — you know, the folks who meet in Davos, Switzerland every year. Just before the pandemic began, they initiated “The Great Reset initiative.” Google it!

This group includes the wealthiest most powerful people in the world. They control big business, governments and the mainstream media. The NEA has a lock on American K-12 education. Jeff Bezos of Amazon owns the Washington Post, and Carlos Slim, the New York Times. Michael Bloomberg owns Bloomberg L.P., a privately held financial, software, data, and media company. You get the idea. Bloomberg, for example, has spent more than $1.2 billion of his own money in the American 2020 election cycle alone. American universities received $1 billion from China. Never mind the Hunter Biden fiasco. Does anyone honestly believe this isn’t an “investment”?

So, what is “The Great Reset”? Well, Justin Trudeau, the Canadian prime minister, spilled the beans this week in his address to the WEF:

Many were cautious about diving down the Reset rabbit hole while acknowledging that an unusually large number of world leaders and NGO directors were speaking in similar terms. US president-elect Joe Biden’s campaign slogan was ‘Build Back Better,’ while UK PM Boris Johnson announced months ago that his country would use the coronavirus as an opportunity to ‘build back better.’

So, what did Trudeau say to the WEF just last week?

Building back better means giving support to the most vulnerable while maintaining our momentum on reaching the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the [Sustainable Development Goals]. This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset. This is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to reimagine economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality and climate change.

Let me reiterate Trudeau’s words: “This pandemic has provided an opportunity…”! What does that mean? Was the pandemic mere happenstance?

Our American republic is unique in this world. Individual liberty and freedom are still its mainstay. But our individualism is clearly under attack by World Economic Forum oligarchs — and their perhaps ignorant and naive marionettes, like Phil Scott — who believe they know better than we do.

I, for one, disagree with their assertions and remain willing to debate the issue with anyone who cares to indulge it.

Cogito, ergo sum — Caveat emptor.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Raphael Köhler

25 thoughts on “Jay Eshelman: Covid puppet masters and ‘The Great Reset’ initiative

  1. I finally sat down and read this missive in its entirety.. As expected, Mr. Eshelman was both concise and informative. Although much of what he stated had been discovered through my own research over the past month or so, there was quite a bit new that his article brought to my attention. I am deeply grateful to God for giving us Mr. Eshelman and equipping him so well with his abilities, and I also thank Mr. Eshelman for this contribution to TNR. We should take it to heart and also be inspired by his love of liberty.

    By the way, do you mind if I call you Jay? Although I may not be in your age group, I might be close, having been born in 1951.

  2. Thank you Jay for your perspective on this. I’ve read your comments for years with agreement. You have deftly brought us the macro view, and brought it back to the micro and how it relates. Scary times, for sure.

  3. “Conspiracy theorist”–as if theories were synonymous with falsehood–is mostly a term used by people too lazy to do their own research. The phrase, and many like it, is nothing more than a rhetorical smear tactic used to shut down debate.

    It is the responsibility of citizens to keep governments accountable; that cannot happen if they outsource their critical thinking to the government. At this point, it would seem obvious that we need to ask very hard questions about the Covid-19 narrative. But so far the media and our public officials seem locked in their own programming, unable or unwilling to consider other views. By the time they finally realize what’s really going on, I fear it will be too late.

  4. Jay thank you for the most refreshing read in months. Well done.

    And question for readers. How do you think our Lt. Gov Elect, Molly Gray fits into this?

    It’s no accident, we are being set up for another person programmed to follow the global cabal. She was chosen, educated and put in place by the cabal. They want her so bad they couldn’t wait. Surely will be then put in position for a federal office after her two years to replace Bernie, Welch or Leahy.

    And what is going to happen, we are going to allow her to hold office when she doesn’t even meet the minimum standard of having resided in our state for 4 years along with being a citizen.

    I’ve yet to hear anyone from either side of the fence take up the charge, probably because 80% of those in office are globalist lemmings, all marching to the same tune.

    It would be refreshing to see some of those who are in a position of authority/influence elected by the people stand up or even ask the very simple question, Could she be vetted by a judge? See everybody is doing nothing and surprise surprise we’ll have another person coming from no where to hold the second highest office in the state, sure she was home grown, but her training and words lie not with Vermont but those of the Great Reset, the globalist cabal.

    Shall we continue to march down this road?

  5. Jay, you’re spot on.

    Many people can’t believe there’s a deep state or a shadow government or whatever you want to call it. But even good ol’ Bob Dylan, in his recent song “Murder Most Foul,” understands this basic truth (listen to the song?) because anyone with a modicum of critical thinking– if not completely brainwashed by “the news”– can see that the JFK assassination was a deep state operation, in opposition to peace and good will which were exactly what Kennedy espoused in his American University speech, a speech that signaled that it was time to get rid of the bastard. Those who are surprised by this statement are living in la la land.

    We’re in very dangerous times. Fools like Scott and crooks like Biden shouldn’t be allowed to prevail because the Great Reset is right around the corner, just waiting in the wings for a gullible population to assent to this to, among other things, “save the planet” from global warming. Everyone on board? To stay safe? Forget about staying free, that’s the last thing you’re supposed to be thinking of, if you even dare to be so selfish.


    • For the record:
      – I know little about the JFK assassination, except that I am old enough to have watched Jack Ruby shoot Oswald on live tv. Your guess on the matter is as good as mine.

      – I don’t believe Phil Scott is a fool and can’t say what motivates him. And while he is a bit player in this drama, I am impressed that he is not ‘forcing’ a lock-down. My concern is his disparaging remarks toward so-called ‘skeptics’. Whether or not he is complicit with those advocating for a forced crack-down, coerced by the political power structure, or simply ignorant, I do not know.

      – Frankly, I think Biden is a bit player too. Clearly, he’s compromised by the Chinese and the WEF.

      – The climate issue isn’t my major concern. It’s the other WEF planks that concern me – “reimagining economic systems” in particular. The irony is that free market economic principles are proven to be the best way to counter poverty. And anyone with any common sense knows that ‘inequality’ is a nonsense term. For example, ‘equal access’ is attainable. ‘Equal outcomes’, by definition, are an impossibility, at least until we reach the end of our lives, if then.

      – With regard to losing our personal freedoms. “Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose and nothin’, don’t mean nothin’ hon’ if it ain’t free.” And as George Bernard Shaw opined. “Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it.”

      In other words, just because the so-called ‘deep state’ is real, relentless, and, perhaps, dangerous, that’s not an excuse for complacency or ambivalence. Nor is it an excuse to forsake the principles of liberty and freedom. ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’

      • Post script: Your link is interesting. Clearly others have seen this coming too. But the speculative nature of ‘what’s next’ is too complicated for me absorb. After all, I’m just now figuring out who’s running these carnival rides.

      • We should defend liberty at all costs, and we should be very wary of medical authoritarianism slipping in as an imperceptible gateway to political authoritarianism.

        What makes many people balk is the thought that all of this– the pandemic, the restrictions, the medicine, even global warming theory– might be part of a grand conspiracy to get people and populations under control.

        Yet, there’s a growing realization among many people that this doesn’t make sense: global warming theory makes no sense, our response to Covid makes no sense (effective treatments are being suppressed) and this election, when Trump had huge rallies and Biden had maybe 30 cars, makes no sense. Confusion and fear are now the orders of the day for those who follow people like Fauci, who’s just doing what he’s told. The path forward from this epidemic should have been blindingly clear after our initial shock: focused protection of the vulnerable, boosting the immune system through vitamins and minerals, canvassing physicians for the most effective treatments and putting these forward instead of continually stating that there’s nothing to be done except wait for a ventilator. Coercive measures using social control as a means of treatment were substituted for medical measures that many, many physicians were clamoring for, only to be silenced. I’m referring in particular to hydroxychloroquine, but this is one of several promising measures that have been hidden away.

        I refer to the JFK assassination as this event is more-or-less a beginner’s guide to the deep state and how it works (provided one takes the time to study some of the many sources on that) and it’s plain from that event that the media was complicit in the cover-up. The media was (and is) controlled: certain things are not allowed, while other things are actively pushed. This is why the Dylan song is pertinent, and it’s entirely appropriate that that song came out at the beginning of the pandemic: Dylan was, I believe, trying to tell us something important. In a nutshell, the CIA (deep state), not Oswald, did the deed. What we read in the (mainstream) news is not here to tell us the truth, but to tell us what to think. This may be a hard truth for many to understand, but former readers of VTDigger should have a glimpse of how this might work. We should not dismiss the consideration that this filtering down of ideology and narratives through the press might be part of a grander scheme for ends that we may not be able to foresee, but that tend toward controlling and managing populations which, if left to their own freedoms, might turn out in massive yellow vest protests throughout the world, disrupting plans for power and control and profits. BLM protests are OK: these actually reinforce the great reset ideology. Individual freedom does not.

        In any case, we know for certain that the Great Reset is waiting in the wings, and a world economy devastated by fear for a pandemic that’s largely flu-like would allow this world order to set in, to keep us safe and to save the planet and ensure justice. Fits together rather nicely, no? But this is all a wolf in sheep’s clothing, of that I’m 100% certain. The Great Reset is an authoritarian blueprint.

        • The media, like the Digger for example, they are not telling you what the news actually is, they are telling you what they want you to THINK the news is.
          Most of what they say is nothing but opinion pieces and look at the staff.

          Biden felt very confident in basically not even running a real campaign because look at what they had cooked up- these Venezuelan voting machines and all this voter fraud.. his lack of a real campaign is basically an admission that they were going to go at this via another route!
          AND further, this is how they will get the radical, unpopular, unqualified anchor baby Kamala into office to get us onto the Venezuela plan.
          America soundly rejected Kamala, she was the first one to drop out with less than 2%. And clearly Joe is not long for the run.. this was no accident.

      • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeMsaN6xjAQ

        It may be that this is all wild conspiracy theory but beyond any doubt, many globalist pundits are talking about this golden opportunity– when the world economy is almost on its knees and people are frightened and confused– to reset the world order into a stunning new vision of peace, harmony, equity, sustainability, and did we mention that we have maybe 12 years or so to save the planet?

        My guess is that people like Gavin Newsom will be able to party their heads off while the less fortunate will have to be content to make the sacrifices necessary to bring this wonderful new world into being. For the greater good, of course, and anyone unwilling to pull their weight will be selfish and maybe mentally unstable and will be dealt with accordingly. Newsom and the others are leading the way: this is hard work for them, folks, so cut them some slack.

        Covid-19. Well, how about Covid-20 and Covid-21? Mutations from Covid-19 that the vaccine doesn’t work against? (Already hearing stories about mutations.) A little extra tipping points to push us into this new world order– to stay safe at all costs? Remarkably and coincidentally, there’ll be no cure/treatment for any of these future diseases, either, except to wait for that vaccine and have our digital immunity certificates updated.

        Impossible? A year ago I’d have said that what were going though now, for what’s basically a bad flu that we have treatments for, would’ve been impossible, too.

      • Jay,
        You are a beacon in the darkness of ignorance prevailing among the non- thinking folks.

        The Clinton hucksters make it a point to attend Davos almost every year

        Both get rewarded with $million speaking fees that are paid to their TAX-FREE FOUNDATION.

        Paying taxes? That is for little folks!

        My hero is Elon Musk.

        Tesla is on a humongous roll, years ahead of others.
        The others are sh…g bricks to catch up.
        They must be pi..d having been upstaged by an American.
        Then he transports 4 astronauts to the space station in his own recoverable rocket, etc.

        Recently, an EU bureaucrat mused the US had lost it as a manufacturing power.
        Then comes along a Tesla, or an Apple, or an Amazon, etc.
        EU bureaucrats will be clipping their wings, with Biden’s help.

        The US economy was on an enviable roll, just before COVID, largely due to Trump, a businessman, freeing up obstacles to growth.

        Democrat-controlled cities did not like it.
        He had to be demonized, impeached, and ousted, by hook or crook.
        Rigged voting machines and other shenanigans
        Biden “won”, proclaimed the Media

        • An interesting side bar to Tesla. Two of my children recently purchased Teslas (very cool cars, but). I had to put a charging outlet at my house, two of them in fact, so when they come and visit they can make it home again. The specs are telling. As we calculated the amps required for the circuit, the charging time and the KW draw, we determined that one trip by one of these vehicles recharging over one night will increase my electric bill 25% above its monthly average. Two cars then, at Thanksgiving (don’t tell anyone), over one night, will increase my monthly electric bill by 50%.

          Of course, this begs the question as to why Vermont isn’t using more Hydro Quebec power at 1/3rd the cost of wind and solar – not to mention HQ power’s immediate availability and abundance.

          At least they’re not using ‘fossil fuel’.

          But hey. You know the rap. “Stop this Jay! You are smarter than this!”

          • This is all about saving our resources for guess who- China.
            They’ve been brainwashed into thinking they are saving the planet.. nooo all they are doing is saving the resources for the population of over a billion oil sucking Chinese people that intend to take over the planet- and are well on their way to doing so.

      • We’ll see. Again, I said I was “… willing to debate the issue with anyone who cares to indulge it.”

        It’s the sound of crickets so far.

      • Good stuff here Jay.. you are spot on. A lot of us have known all of this all along.
        People who actually read deep down into the weeds have known all of this stuff for most all of our lives. Students of history know this.
        So the “You are better this” people show us how clueless they are.
        Zerohedge has been telling us this debt bubble fiat currency scam needed to burst for years now, it was at the end of it’s lifespan and needed to go.. so here we are.
        In a controlled collapse with a good thing to blame their embarrassing failures on- Covid.
        It’s no surprise to those of us that read all this stuff. They TOLD us this was coming.

        I think that the roots of much of how these states are handling this has to do with how owned that state is by China.. be it through debt, academia, insurance/Big Pharma, the overall health of the population, bought and paid for politicians.. all of it.
        Even the level of the Chinese population in the state- we we know are spies largely. This has been well written about.
        Consider that there are 23,000 Chinese people in Quincy Mass. ALONE. one city.
        Massachusetts is clearly more owned (and held hostage) by China than South Dakota is.
        Who wants to do the dig as to how owned by China Vermont is? You might find a whole lot of answers in this dig.
        (I am saying that I believe that at the end of it all, you’ll see that China is the puppetmaster).

        Look at the level of the lockdowns down there in Mass, they have the number one unemployment is the country- this state that is the home of many of the smartest minds in this country, that ran a powerhouse of an economy and look at what they have been reduced too. They are on the Venezuela plan now.
        I see a whole lot of China there in Massachusetts, and a whole lot of lockdown and despair.

        I had a feeling that something was going on that was a lot bigger than we knew under the surface when they moved to close your colleges..
        It’s as though they knew this was coming. In fact, that whole time I felt that this had little to do with colleges- despite how it appeared.
        I do think there is a connection.

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