It will be hard for Biden to undo Trump’s gains, but be prepared

By Tony Perkins | The Daily Signal

Even if President Donald Trump isn’t in the White House for the next four years, he’s leaving the next president with a whole lot to remember him by. As the days tick on, more liberals are starting to realize that even if Joe Biden wins, upending all that Trump did will be a much harder climb than many people thought. The roots of this administration’s policy run deep, and pulling them up will be a long, difficult slog — if the Democrat can manage it at all.

“There’s this assumption in Washington,” former Obama official Jim Messina said, “that it’s all going to change, and I just don’t think that’s how things work.” Not only is wholesale change going to be difficult to come by, he suspects, but it’s not what the American people want.


Here’s the beauty of Trump’s legacy: We now have courts at every level dominated by constitutionalists who will be more than happy to respond when the Biden administration oversteps its authority.

Just look at the GOP’s gains in state houses, governors’ mansions, and Congress. This election wasn’t a repudiation of the conservative message. If anything, it was a warning to the far-left to put its extremism in park.

Are there things Biden could do right away? Absolutely. He’s already committed to throwing open the doors to taxpayer-funded abortion, reinstating Obama’s transgender school mandate, and crushing freedom with a laundry list of health care orders.

But here’s the beauty of Trump’s legacy: We now have courts at every level dominated by constitutionalists who will be more than happy to respond when the Biden administration oversteps its authority.

“The ability of Biden to act, compared to where Trump has acted on executive power,” Norman Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute warned, “may be very significantly constrained.” Even appointing hardcore liberals to key posts will be difficult if the GOP hangs on to the Senate.

Outlets like the Huffington Post are already wringing their hands over the depth of Trump’s policies. Undoing what he’s been able to accomplish on issues like life “won’t be easy.” Especially on things like the Mexico City Policy, which bans overseas abortion funding, rescinding the farthest-reaching orders of its kind “is not like turning a light switch on and off,” lamented one international abortion activist.

As the Post points out, “President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence not only reinstated the gag rule on day one of Trump’s presidency (an expected move from a Republican president), Trump expanded it twice and is currently looking to expand it once more before his term ends.”

This won’t be like past presidential handoffs, Alanna Vagianos complains. The “lasting effects” of this president’s pro-life stance—not just here, but around the world—will take years to erase.

But don’t expect the hard-left to cut Biden’s team a break. They’ve waited too long and despise conservative values too much to let a chance like this slip away. Even now, groups like the Human Rights Campaign are already out with their long lists of demands. And marginalizing Christians is priority number one.

“If there is a Biden administration,” Dr. Albert Mohler points out, “it will be, by Joe Biden’s own pledge, the most LGBTQ-positive administration in history.” But, he shakes his head in amazement, “at least we know what the game plan is.”

“I’m astounded,” Mohler went on, “at how clear and candid they are. It’s like discovering the German battle plans for the invasion of France. We’ve been told exactly what they intend in terms of stripping Christian schools of accreditation [and the] fundamental assault on religious liberty.”

They’re coming for Christian schools, colleges, and seminaries, he warns, and it will be an assault like we’ve never seen before. It’s right there in black and white, Mohler insisted. “They want to force the Biden administration to use the power of executive orders through the Department of Education to deny any school that stands against the LGBTQ revolution [their] accreditation.”

And maybe there are Christians who say, “Well, no big deal.” It’s a huge deal, Mohler argued. Accreditation has everything to do with “whether your school can accept students from the GI Bill, whether or not your school can participate in federal student aid programs. My school does not… but hundreds of Christian schools do. And whether or not your degrees and credits will be recognized to transfer to another institution or [whether] your graduates [are] able to apply to a graduation program elsewhere…This is the worldview conflict we’re facing.”

The only way a religious school will be recognized is if it folds on biblical teaching. “You’d have to recognize homosexuality [and transgenderism in housing and student life]. You’d have to recognize same-sex marriage. You’d have to hire without regard to a Christian understanding of sexuality. You’d have to deny science… in sexual identity and gender identity.”

Honestly, Mohler said, “the further you look at this document, the more you realize it really is diabolical.”

The problem is, people aren’t paying attention. Too many of them have their eyes glued to the election to look deeper at what Biden is proposing. Secondly, too many Americans are out there believing, “Oh, Biden would never do that.” I’m here to tell you he will. This is not theoretical.

“I think most American conservative Christians just don’t have any idea how all of the things that they’ve celebrated for the last four years are [all endangered],” Mohler agreed.

So what do we do about it? Well, as he said, “Knowledge is power.” If the enemy’s given you their war plan, there’s no excuse for not dealing with it. Christians need to come to grips with what’s coming.

If the Biden administration has a chance, it’s going to move on the church at warp speed. Men and women of faith need to understand that they might have to pay a price to defend religious freedom, as uncomfortable as that will be.

And, most importantly, we — as a community — need to make Biden and Kamala Harris fight for every inch. We may not be able to stop everything, but thanks to the sweeping victories we had in the states, we can at least slow it down.

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19 thoughts on “It will be hard for Biden to undo Trump’s gains, but be prepared

  1. Fat lady hasn’t sung much? “It’ not over ’til it’s over” -Yogi Berra
    Too early to accept a Biden win. Many moving parts and this is *far from oveh* Refusing to accept musings of a Biden administration despite impostor status – he is *not* “President Elect” – nor is there any such thing as “Office of the President Elect” – complete with seal? Too funny LOL.

    If Trump had conceded Biden could assume status of PE – however until electors meet certify only then is a candidate officially PE.

  2. I’ll tell ya right now.. there has been a MAJOR Cultural Awakening that is taking place all over the globe.
    People are fully awake..and that presents a game that is now 100% different.
    You can pull a whole lot of baloney on people that don’t know what is going on.. but there are 75 Million Trump voters that have been following this all very diligently. These are fully informed people that are not going to just hand their country over to people that are openly saying they intend to destroy it.

    Human beings are all done being used and abused by elites, rich people, big tech, rotten tyrannical governments.
    We are done with working like dogs and being made into nothing but government mules just to try and live a modestly successful life.
    So if Biden gets in there, it will be through voter fraud and a corrupt legal system..
    I have read that even 30% of Democrats admit this, but since Orange Man Bad, they don’t care.
    (not a very high quality person that thinks this way- btw).

    So have fun trying to govern this very divided nation, that will be that much more divided and now very ANGRY.
    It is very easy to see this civil war growing hotter and hotter…
    I don’t think these Biden people have any idea at all how angry people are out here.

    • Have been thinking same thing – Fox News has lost 52% of audience – this is huge and reveals a galvanization of true conservatives, liberty and patriot movement. Newsmax was a backwater compared to Fox – woke up to find 70 million viewers and counting. OANN is similarly positioned – and all feeling the earth move under their feet. Conservative news broadcasters openly welcoming the exodees.

      Midterms another bloodbath? Stay tuned 😀

  3. Neil, one of the reasons why VA is Democratic with gun control and going politically Dem is that many of the DC people live in northern VA and tip the political balance. There were massive gun protests in Richmond if you remember. Many commenters on TNR have related to..It was hoped the anti-gun control movement would expend. It also included WVA and VT. People came to VA from many states to enforce that movement. Dictator Scott didn’t waste time for gun control based on a one minor incident in Fair Haven with (I think a plant) outside influence to sign the hastily drafted bills in a state that’s the safest in the nation.

    DC jerks affect more than just the DC swamp (cess pool). Too bad the nations capital wasn’t placed in the center of the country as has been proposed years ago. If surrounded by Conservatives, that attitude would change, the fly-over states being dominate.

  4. If Biden attempts to remove President Trumps gains it would be nothing but pure spite because Trumps gains did nothing but help the American people. Americans should make it very difficult for Biden to undo what our President has done.

  5. Christians have fallen for and taken the bait to do them selves in, by fighting the LGBTQ’ia agenda.

    If you read and study the bible, one of the most important principles is to not have sex before marriage. Irrespective of whom you are attracted to.

    In overturning or collapsing a nation, purposely or by a misguided approach on building families, sexuality has an important role, which is currently being manipulated. Think out in left field?

    How come any comment previously submitted for taxing porn (entertainment) on Vt Digger was always censored, never saw the light of day?

    How come discussion about what is on porn hub…never sees the light of day. Take a look for your self. Do you know what they are promoting. Sex with step father. Sex with step mother, Sex with brother, sister, step sister, step brother.

    Why would they be promoting familial sexual relations? It’s been going on for well over a year! During a pandemic when people are locked up at home.

    Yuri Bezmanov, a Soviet KGB agent specializing in subverting countries spoke about purposely confusing people about the sexuality. It’s their game plan. Sex is strong glue, you’ll be stuck with what ever relation you put it in.

    There is much at work and much not for the building of families and country.

    • “Christians have fallen for and taken the bait to do them selves in, by fighting the LGBTQ’ia agenda.” How so? And why wouldn’t there be opposition to a militant agenda designed to imprison our youth?

      Tho I do not impose my values upon others – also have gay aquaintances I care about and have had frank but brief discussions. I do not care what others sexuality is but against the militant recruitment movement bc it is pure evil.

      Christians as a body will never ‘do themselves in’ JC claimed he would build church and gates of hell would never prevail?

      My but you have a bleak outlook – as a feral follower I live by my faith and appears to be working?

      • Actually, I listened to the Value Voters Summit back in 2016 and Michele Bachmann said that the Trump vote back in that election was 23% Evangelicals.
        That’s a large voting block.
        And thanks to Franklin Graham, it’s grown a lot I do believe.
        Even the Amish are voting Trump!
        Then, Stardust, consider that the #WalkAway Blacks and Hispanics, many of the immigrants we’ve picked up, these are often very devout people.
        There is even the #Jexit movement..
        The Log Cabin Republicans backed Trump too over here in NH.

  6. 93% of those in Washington D.C. voted for Biden….

    I was wrong in previous statement stating 97-98%….it’s not much different…

    That’s how bad everybody in D.C wants to keep things as they were, stealing from the American people….not following our constitution……filling their pockets with tax payer money and selling out our country.

    Who can honestly say D.C. is well run, frugal, honest, cooperative and has the best interest of our country and founding…..yet..93% just love how it operates…

    Go in poor, come our rich….that is what all the politicians do, where do they get all their money?

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