In Blue State Massachusetts, parents beat Planned Parenthood’s sex ed push

Editor’s note: This commentary is by Michael King, director of community alliances at the Massachusetts Family Institute.

Worcester, the second largest city in solidly blue Massachusetts, was the scene of a sex-ed showdown between Planned Parenthood and concerned parents and church leaders. Last February, more than 75 of those parents and church leaders stood up alongside the Massachusetts Family Institute to outnumber pro-Planned Parenthood voices at a meeting of a local school committee.

The parents, church leaders and Massachusetts Family Institute officials were there to pose a question: What would Planned Parenthood gain from teaching students about safe sex that would reduce both pregnancies and abortion? How would that benefit a business that relies heavily on income from abortion?

Planned Parenthood didn’t just want to redefine abstinence, it wanted to introduce Comprehensive Sex Education, including curriculum on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Planned Parenthood advocates argued that their curriculum qualified as age-appropriate, medically accurate and evidence-based. But when read aloud, as I did at the meeting, the content of the curriculum is found to be clearly neither age-appropriate nor medically accurate.

To further expose what is going on in Massachusetts schools, we interviewed a young man who recently had been exposed to this curriculum. In this brief video (viewer discretion advised) pasted below, he explains what students are being taught and how sexual behavior and abortion are being completely normalized.

The Massachusetts Family Institute is working with local churches to introduce positive curriculum alternatives to Planned Parenthood’s version because many parents want their children to be taught to value abstinence and marriage. The organization is working with several churches in Lawrence, Massachusetts, to convince local school officials to adopt curriculum that is truly age-appropriate, medically accurate, and evidence-based.

Our organization believes there is a biblical mandate to protect the minds of young people from being polluted and seeks to build on its success in Lawrence by replicating this strategy all over the state.

Over the past three years, the Massachusetts Family Institute has spoken at about 125 different churches across the state. Churches are starting to see that their biblical mandate, as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. explained, is to be the conscience of the state and never its slave. Relationships between local churches, parents, and pro-family groups are strategic.

Ultimately, in Worcester the school committee voted to not allow the “Making Proud Choices” curriculum from Planned Parenthood in to the schools.

We succeeded in defeating Planned Parenthood and protecting the minds and hearts of our young people in Worcester. But parents, community leaders and pro-family advocates can team up anywhere to strengthen the family, life, and liberty.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Tony Webster

2 thoughts on “In Blue State Massachusetts, parents beat Planned Parenthood’s sex ed push

  1. Here is one chapter from the handbook of which I’ve been speaking. “Miraculously” this all of a sudden comes out across the entire United States of America at the exact same time?

    Do people understand how much coordination, man power and indoctrination this one event required? Millions of dollars, millions of hours…..this is only one chapter from the book of subversion.

    Vermonters need to understand the art and techniques of subversion. It’s why there is such a major disconnect between Montpelier and common sense Vermonters.

    • I used to think planned parenthood was about….planning for becoming a parent, helping people make wise choices with regard to their “sexuality”.

      Then I was introduced to some teachings, one of which said, you can tell a tree by it’s fruit. And I also believed the sophists words, which is easy to do, yet extremely counter productive.

      If they were what they say, wouldn’t they promote adoption? Wouldn’t they inform people of sexually transmitted diseases? Wouldn’t they tell them the easiest, fastest and safest way to join the middle class is finish high school, get a job and don’t get pregnant before you’re married? Isn’t the family the safest, best way to raise children?

      See their goal has never been about family planning.When you come to realize their true goal, the fruit of their efforts, all this makes perfect sense. It has been about the destruction of the family unit.

      Think I’m crazy? Riddle me this, in every community where planned parent hood is prominent, think every inner city……what are the results? Then look at our cross sectional profile within DCF, I dare say they are a perfect match. It matters not your color, origin, family history, socio economic status…..follow these footsteps and you get the same results.

      Misery, despair…..fleeting euphoria, welcome to planned parenthood of Vermont.

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