I went to the Women’s March. Here are 6 things I saw.

By Rachel del Guidice | The Daily Signal

Thousands of people gathered in Washington, D.C., Saturday to participate in the third annual Women’s March.

The organization hosting the March has faced criticism due to its founders’ ties to Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam who led chants of “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” in Iran.

The Democratic National Committee pulled its partnership from the Women’s March earlier this week.

I checked out the event for The Daily Signal, observing the march and talking with attendees.

During the march itself, attendees chanted “This is what democracy looks like,” and “Shame on you,” while marching past Trump International Hotel, as well as “What do we want? Justice! When do we want it? Now!”

Here are six things things I noticed:

1. A March For Women Being Made Into a Trump Protest  

I found it ironic that a march that describes itself as an event to advocate “women’s rights” included such a large amount of signs and memorabilia protesting President Donald Trump.

Rather than putting the focus on specific women’s issues, the yearly march looked like merely an anti-Trump protest.

2. Support for Women, Except Preborn Women

While the Women’s March says it is about “dismantling systems of oppression through nonviolent resistance and building inclusive structures,” there was a strong presence of pro-abortion advocates at the march.

There were also multiple women I spoke with at the march who said that they might not personally support abortion, but wouldn’t want to remove that “right” for other women.

3. Profanity and Obscene Language

On Friday, I attended the March for Life rally ahead of the 46th annual March for Life and did not encounter one sign with offensive or vulgar language.

The Women’s March was a different story, and like other “civil rights” and LGBT rights marches I’ve gone to or observed, it explicitly included signs, T-shirts, and other memorabilia using profanity and offensive language.

4. A Hatred for Conservative Politicians

I saw multiple signs with hateful messages to conservative lawmakers such as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and Rep. Jim Jordan, co-founder of the House Freedom Caucus, a coalition of conservative lawmakers in the House of Representatives.

5. A Hatred Toward the Wall

Many marchers held signs protesting the barrier Trump wants to erect along the U.S.-Mexico border to improve homeland security and stop illegal border crossings.

The partial government shutdown has reached its 29th day Saturday due to the Trump administration and Democrats failing to come to an agreement over the $5.7 billion for a barrier along the southern border the president has requested.

6. The Idea That Effective “Feminism” Is Angry

Multiple signs at the Women’s March touted that idea that compelling and change-oriented “feminism” is angry, and that women must use terms like “vagenda” to further their cause.

Image courtesy of Rachel del Guidice/The Daily Signal

20 thoughts on “I went to the Women’s March. Here are 6 things I saw.

  1. MJ, thankfully we have brave men and women willing to defend our country and the free world. Do you suppose your “peace activism” would have have brought WW2 to an acceptable outcome?

  2. Why is it that when 5 out of 6 women will run and hide behind a man if they are in fear of being attacked?

    • Men are responsible for violence against women including killing them, controlling them, and their bodies, raping them, objectifying, subjectifying, and sexualizing them via advertising (controlled by men), we have become nothing more than body parts….

      Men can bash and mock the women’s march all they want – women now outnumber men in college. There was a day, which created the women’s march when they weren’t even allowed to attend college.

      Like all humans men contribute to society – good and bad. But, their willingness to kill is the most disturbing. It is tragic that Gillette felt compelled to make that video. I have three sons. The messages they receive in this current culture is very troubling.

      About Gillette’s message that men are 97% of war fatalities. Not so – civilians are the greater war victims – old men, women and children. Men’s greatest evil in the world is war. The world would be a better place if men said NO to war. Men are seduced by the message that real men join the military. I remember when the Vietnam War was winding down and I brought my first son home from the hospital. I laid him on the floor, looked at him and said to myself – this country cannot have my son’s life. I became a peace activist.

      This world will become a better place when we truthfully across all boundaries – gender, class, color, sexual choice… discuss what’s really going on – the damage ALL political parties are causing Americans.

      • For your information I put my life on the line to protect your way of life. Visit military cemeteries, the Viet memorial and give thanks to the MAJORITY of MEN that made this country what it is. You seem to constantly be a man hater. I don’t see any appreciation in your words it’s purely a women-men issue, nothing else.

        Dictators in many countries (ya men) as history notes like Hitler, Stalin, Mao etc were allowed to become into power and the results are well known. Ya and have to say, women also “voted” for them being a part of the masses.

        I appreciate women and they were put down sorry to say. I’m also being put down buy the masses in Government, both men and women. Look at the women in the VT legislature, many controlling women in power. Women have been in high offices in corporations, and they are notorious for putting women down. Women hate working under them.

        In this world, nothing is perfect and it goes both ways. Some of the women that just got elected to Congress have spewed vile statements against men, two are Muslims.

        Do you think it’s going to get better for anyone? Recent happening have shown and realized it’s bad for all given the people in Governments.

        As said before, keep the vile messages under the sheets. There is a positive world out there and it’s what you make it.

        • I do not and will not accept that American soldiers can be forgiven for killing hundreds of thousands of civilians all over the world.

          Blind U.S. patriotism is evil. The U.S. war machine is evil. Why it is not questioned more is unbelievable.

          Every parent, worldwide, loves their children just as much and you and I love ours. I preached anti-war to my 3 sons all their lives as rightly as I should have.

          If you need to call me a man hater to excuse yourself – so be it.

      • MJ, thankfully we have brave men and women willing to defend our country and the free world. Do you suppose your “peace activism” would have have brought WW2 to an acceptable outcome?

        • Do you think killing civilians for the last 18 years in the middle east is justified so that the U.S. gain from it?

          • First and foremost, I’m a woman, just so you know I’m not a vulgar, sexist, killing machine of a man. Sadly, for someone trying to convince everyone how peaceful you are, you sure talk with a forked tongue, (it sounded like man-bashing to me too, and I’m not one) your rant did not, in any way shape or form sound peaceful…..I for one “woman” do not lump ALL men into one package, my father was a wonderful man, I’m proud of my brothers, my son is an exceptional man, and my husband is a wonderful, loving, caring man who my kids (not their biological father) adore, I feel sad for you because it sounds as though the men in your life have failed you tremendously…..
            P.S. we didn’t start the conflict in the Middle East…..or were you not born when the twin towers fell? #911
            And I don’t believe we have gone looking for wars, (aside from the Civil war) we’ve become involved either because of circumstances or helping other Countries.

            I wish you peace, the anger you carry isn’t good for your health.

    • One of the problems with ignoring them is between staged antics and a compliant press 3% of the population can sway public opinion, even if the argument has no validation.

      Men don’t want war on women. Men love women and want to love women. Nothing makes a man happier than being able to make a woman happy.

      Men are not toxic and women are not victims. We are both much better than that.

      If people can hate, they can be controlled. Hate controls the person with hate they are not thinking, they easily controlled. That is one of the reason for division in our country along with hatred, with hate a certain segment is controlled.

      Do you love women? Do you love men? Do you love Pelosi? Do you love Trump? Do you love white people? Do you love people of color? Loving your enemy is powerful stuff, 1st being that hatred doesn’t control you, you can think freely.

      Too much artificial hatred being ramped up these days.

  3. You’ve got to wonder what the narrative would be if men were sporting their dicks on their heads. Little Penis Caps. What message would that send?

  4. “Vagenda” ? These women are sick and not to be taken seriously. When they wear their genitals on their heads they obviously deserve no respect as they have no respect for themselves. They have just reduced themselves to the popular slang version of their most private parts.

  5. “The Democratic National Committee pulled its partnership from the Women’s March” – Any explanation of why? The article didn’t mention anything the Democrat Party does not itself espouse – they are vocally anti-Israel, openly supportive of Farrakhan, of Al Sharpton… On what point were they not in harmony with the protestors?

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