Hundreds of youth gather at Statehouse to urge action against global warming

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TAUGHT IN OUR SCHOOLS: The youth of Vermont rallied at the state capital Wednesday to call for measures that would dramatically overhaul the energy sector and overall economy.

MONTPELIER — Hundreds of high school students from throughout the region marched on the capital Wednesday to let lawmakers know they want action to stem the tide of what they believe is man-made global warming.

U32 senior Max Sabo, one of the key speakers at the rally, sought to represent the concerns of youth who appear to be paying attention to Democratic Party warnings about a climate apocalypse.

“Now we’re really running out of time,” he told the crowd. “We have everything we need to spread the message, but now it’s a matter of getting the higher powers to listen. As the Youth Lobby this year, we’ve researched wide-ranging policy options that Vermont can be taking. We’ve built coalitions, we’ve held press conferences, we’ve reached across the aisle, we’ve testified in committee. And still, we feel as though we’ve been heard but not listened to.”

Rep. Selene Colburn, P/D-Burlington, was another key speaker. She was the only House member to vote against the budget because she said it didn’t do enough to stop climate change.

Colburn reminded the students that international bodies are urging nations around the world to jump on the green agenda before it’s too late.

Michael Bielawski/TNR

Many students who spoke at Wednesday’s rally said fear is what motivates them to demand action on global warming.

“You don’t need me to tell you why it’s so important to have you show up today,” she said. “We have an IPCC [International Panel on Climate Change] report that says we have 12 years to act and the months are ticking by and pretty soon we can start saying we have 11 years to act.”

Promoting the Democrat-backed Green New Deal appeared to be a top agenda item for those who participated.

“The blueprint for a Green New Deal is a radical and imaginative vision,” Colburn said. “This transformation is imperative and perhaps even necessary for human survival, but it is also possible and beautiful. Are you ready for that future?”

Statehouse initiatives she spoke in favor of include further investments in home weatherization, electric vehicles, and a ban on carbon-based fuel infrastructure. “[We must] enact a Global Warming Solutions Act that holds us accountable to the promises we’ve made for carbon emission reductions,” she said.

Peyton Smith, a student at U32, told True North she participated in the rally due to fear of climate disasters.

“We’re here today because we’re worried and out our own futures and what the effects are gonna end up being if nothing happens,” Smith said. “We learn about it in most of our classes; it’s part of our curriculum as well — as if you are more interested in it then there are places that you can go.”

When asked what students like her think of the higher cost of renewable energy, she admitted that she wasn’t clear on those details.

“Of course I don’t really have a grasp on that, being a freshman in high school, but I think that it’s worth it in the end because if we keep mining out all the coal, and say climate change doesn’t happen and there aren’t huge effects, then we are gonna run out at some point and we are going to have to make those movements anyway.”

Jed Kurts is part of the Green Team at U32, and he’s also doing an independent study on implementing renewable energy at the school. He, too, seemed to think the planet has a decade left for human survival.

“It’s really important to me to make a change where I can because we have 10 years. We can never turn back and return to our former planet,” he said.

Libby Brusa, who is on the steering committee of the Youth Climate Lobby, said the size of the rally was itself a message to lawmakers.

“We have Montpelier, Harwood, U32, BHS, CVU, Woodstock — there are kids from all over the state here,” she said. “We’re just asking for a bigger move into acknowledging climate change in Vermont and staying a leader in this fight against climate change.”

State Rep. Brian Cina, P-Burlington, was asked by True North to comment on the higher costs to ratepayers for wind and solar energy.

“Yes, these investments in technology are going to cost money. But what we fail to take account in the current economic system is the cost on our ecosystems,” he said. “And what are we gonna do when we don’t have pollinators, and what are we gonna do when we don’t have a stable climate where we can grow food? And what are we gonna do when we are displaced from our homes because of climate disasters?”

He added that those costs down the road could be much higher than investing in bold climate agendas now.

Rep. Nader Hashim, D-Dummerston, said he was pleased to see Vermont’s school kids acting as activists for the green movement.

“I think the young folks these days are really sharp, and I think what they are really here for is to push the conversation about climate change in general and the pressing issues that surround it,” he said.

The primary organization at the helm was the Youth Lobby. The day’s event was part of the “Rally for the Planet Program.”

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15 thoughts on “Hundreds of youth gather at Statehouse to urge action against global warming

  1. 10 plus years of brainwashing in our schools are starting to pay off for our liberal/socialist State.
    They are taught to be political activist from day one but ask them about Vermont or the nations history and they have no clue. Most can’t even write their own name.
    These are the kids that have little respect for the constitution and they are going to defend our nation. God help us all..

  2. Good for these kids! So proud to call them fellow Vermonters. I love our state so much! Thanks for reporting!

    • Have some property to sell you. Many people are moving. Put Fort Knox in your pocket.

    • Someone should tell these kids that more taxes and regulations will harm working Vermonters and the elderly and have ZERO (0) measurable effect on climate change.

  3. These misguided kids don’t have a clue. If their so concerned about global warming, they should go to China and let their feelings be known there. We have received Facebook pictures and folks are not allowed to leave their ship because the air quality is so bad. The atmosphere is filled with a massive quantities of smoke. Kids, grow up and look outside your pristine kingdom here in Vermont.

  4. In past history I know of people from the Kingdom that went to the Dome to protest property taxes, about 10-15 years ago. My brother was one of the participants.

    They could NOT get one politician to talk or be with them. In fact in the Dome one saw them and ran in the other direction.

    So snowflakes protest, the politicians can’t get enough of them. Great photo opt and exposure. TOTAL FLAKES ALL. Every one had a V day, school kids and the Dome crowd..

    These kids must not be apart of the kids in Chittenden County that said they’ll move from VT as the living climate isn’t good. That story was in a TNR article.

    What the snow is gone???? But the snowflakes stay around.

  5. Brainwashed snowflakes, they don’t have a clue they are just mouths with talking points,
    I assume they walked to the statehouse because if they used a Bluebird school bus they
    used gallons and gallons of gasoline ………. shameful display for there cause !!

    This so-called activist has only 10-12 years so they better hurry, try looking at the real
    polluters Russia, China, India and convince them with your ” Green New Deal ” let me
    know how that works for you !!

  6. They had a very long walk to get there because they surely didn’t take vehicles that burn hydrocarbons. If the rally was carbon neutral then I support them.

  7. It’s a off from school time or study time, sanctioned by the educational system. A snowflake “feel good” scenario. No wonder there’s a dumbing down of VT’s school kids. There goes the what’s 2 x 2 situation again (?????? HUH, numbers?????). You know where this education comes from, the high priced goofballs under the Dome and town’s smaller Domes. And the Montpelier Dome wants these snowflakes to vote. They’ll have to vote by their “smart phones”, don’t know what a pencil is.

  8. How many of these young “tools” who have been thoroughly indoctrinated by the radical left would be honestly and truly willing to make the lifestyle changes necessary to accomplish their goals? I doubt that there are many. These things always seem to boil down to “you change your ways, but mine are too urgent and important to change”. The answer is right in front of them……………they don’t need new laws governing them………….they can make the changes they seek individually. For the most spoiled and entitled generation in history that is about as likely as Bernie Sanders voluntarily doubling his federal income tax.

  9. “Seems to me that other countries use children to achieve their goals”

    Yep that’s why their called Leftist Fascist, they like um some little brown shirts to toll the road and
    spread the gorebullcrap to the masses. The little mush minds would have done better to stay in
    school an learn about reasoning, and evidence and facts that really matter. Not the Fear put in
    them of doom that never comes no matter how many have proclaimed it.
    The progtard from burlapton proclaims we need to keep a stable climate??? Hey dunderhead the
    climate is 7 layers of continuous motion all interacting on the results of the other 6….. what are you
    proclaiming to make the climate that has NEVER, since the molten lava cooled, been STABLE to keep it stable?? And the little dweebs don’t know how the cost of NO energy will impact their lives but are
    sure they will end in a decade…
    This is what you get with public indoctrination over education..

    • Gee whiz, Richard, you think our country is using children to achieve goals? Can you explain whatcha mean by that?

  10. “what are we gonna do when we don’t have a stable climate ”

    The little mush minds should have stayed in school and learned about reasoning out problems.
    In stead they fall into the leftist fascist false fears… Since the cooling of this mass of magma
    and rock when has the climate remained STABLE???

    MAKE IT STABLE.. The public education system is doing the kids a great disfavor teaching leftist drivel over adult life tools

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