Roll Call: How your state representative voted on gender-affirming care bill H.89

On Friday, Feb. 10, the Vermont House of Representatives approved H.89, a bill that aims to shield patients and providers from prosecution in states where abortion or gender-related procedures are illegal.

According to the text of the bill, “gender-affirming health care services means all supplies, care, and services of medical, behavioral health, mental health, surgical, psychiatric, therapeutic, diagnostic, preventative, rehabilitative, or supportive nature relating to the treatment of gender dysphoria.” The bill covers hormonal treatment, surgery, therapy and more, even for minors.

According to the roll call vote record, only 13 representatives voted no on H.89:

Carolyn Branagan (R) of Georgia – NO
Eileen Dickinson (R) of St. Albans Town – NO
Anne Donahue (R) of Northfield – NO
Rodney Graham (R) of Williamstown – NO
Lisa Hango (R) of Berkshire – NO
Mark Higley (R) of Lowell – NO
Larry Labor (R) of Morgan – NO
Dennis LaBounty (D) of Lyndon – NO
Thomas Oliver (R) of Sheldon – NO
Woodman Page (R) of Newport City – NO
Joseph Parsons (R) of Newbury – NO
Arthur Peterson (R) of Clarendon – NO
Brian Smith (R) of Derby – NO

All other representatives present voted yes to the bill.

Members who were absent during the vote include:

Heather Chase (D) of Chester
James Gregoire (R) of Fairfield
Noah Hyman (D) of South Burlington
Kate Nugent (D) of South Burlington
Charles Wilson (R) of Lyndon

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Tony Webster

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  1. it’s just part of the package with killing baby’s. Destroying their life if they happened to miss getting whacked in the womb in the backup plan. What a bunch of sick F’Ks we have ruining this state. Not much better can be said of those who keep electing them. This is why I live on a secluded dirt road with only my family as neighbors.

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