How far would the Vermont Legislature go to stop Covid-19?

By Guy Page

How far would our Legislature go to reduce the transmission of Covid-19?

That’s a question being asked publicly by Gov. Phil Scott, and at least one reporter. Thursday, House Speaker Jill Krowinski and Becca Balint responded.

Across the globe, democratic nations are forcibly relocating citizens to quarantine camps (Australia); imposing lockdowns on unvaccinated citizens (Germany), and locking down the unvaccinated and threatening them with fines if they do not comply with compulsory vaccination (Austria).

state of Vermont

House Speaker Jill Krowinski, D-Burlington

Here in Vermont, the Legislature passed a municipal mask mandate, giving local governments the power to require masks in public places. The Progressive hometowns of House Speaker Jill Krowinski (D-Burlington) and Senate Pro Tem Becca Balint (D-Windham County) of Brattleboro promptly passed mask mandates. So has the tourist-friendly ski town of Warren. However, the equally left-leaning city council of blue-collar Barre (“Granite Capital of the World”) took no action Monday night after a large group of residents and business owners showed up in opposition.

But according to Krowinski and Balint, the municipal mask mandate doesn’t go far enough. The ‘victory lap’ celebration was somewhat subdued at the press conference they held minutes after the bill passed. They were clearly focused on the Next Step – whatever that might be.

Krowinski said that “all options are on the table” when the Legislature returns in January. Between now and then, the Legislatue will be watching caseloads and responses to the municipal mandate. Other measures, including enhanced testing, contact tracing, and a statewide mask mandate, will be advanced if deemed necessary, she said.

When asked by reporters if other measures would be proposed, Krowinski said “we need a break [before we] “go around the table and ask, ‘how can we solve this current problem?’”

Relatively unnoticed during the Special Session, a resolution was passed by the Vermont Senate (18 yes, 9 no) urging Gov. Scott “to use all possible public health measures to reduce the number of COVID-19 cases and associated deaths and maximize vaccination rates among all eligible population groups.”

“All possible public health measures?”

At his press conference the next day, Gov. Scott was asked by WCAX reporter Calvin Cutler about the resolution. Scott replied:

“I’d have to ask you then….what did they mean in their resolution – it said an emergency. They wanted a state of emergency.  Correct? Okay. State of emergency. They wanted mass mandates and all other measures to curb this. ‘All other measures.’ What did they mean by all other measures, other than what we’ve done over the last 20 months, which has been reducing the size of gatherings, closing businesses, and so forth. So I don’t know what else they mean, other than that, but maybe you’ve asked them that, and I’d be curious what their answer was.”

Gov. Scott was not the only curious person. Vermont Daily Chronicle wondered, too, given that previously ‘unthinkable’ government coercion is happening right now in other western-style democracies:

Lockdowns of unvaccinated Germans. 69% vaccinated Germany recorded 485 Covid deaths Nov. 30, crossing the 100,000 death threshhold. Outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel announced lockdowns for unvaccinated citizens, while others in government are calling for mandatory vaccination with daily fines imposed for violators.

Forced Relocation in Australia. The Australian army has forcibly transported large numbers of residents of Binjari, a mostly-aboriginal town in Northern Australia to the Howard Springs quarantine camp. You can read all the details in a cheery Facebook report by a government official.

Residents of the town of Catherine also are being sent there. Built as housing for miners, Howard Springs was taken over by the government to quarantine Australians returning from overseas. Now it’s a forced relocation camp. Voluntary departure is prohibited . Australian media recently reported on the police manhunt of four “escapees” from Howard Springs. It is a prison. Or rather, an internment camp not unlike the camps to which Japanese Americans were sent during WWII.

Federal, regional and local governments have imposed strict quarantine and travel measures. The total death toll for the entire pandemic in Australia is 2006, according to a recent statementfrom Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Compulsory vaccination in Austria. Shortly after imposing a national lockdown, the government of Austria announced compulsory vaccination for its entire population.

Compulsory ‘shielding’ (forced quarantine) on a community level is the subject of at least one CDC planning document, dated July 26 2020. It is not known whether the U.S. government has developed this concept further.

With these troubling developments in mind, Vermont Daily Chronicle emailed Balint and Krowinski, outlining some of the Montpelier and international backstory covered above, and asked:

“Given that forced relocation is happening in democratic nations, can you assure Vermonters that forced relocation of Vermonters will NOT be an option going forward? Or might it be considered a last ditch response?”

Yesterday, Krowinski’s Chief of Staff Connor Kennedy responded: “In our outreach to the Governor on stronger COVID response, we have at no time discussed or proposed the idea of forced relocation for quarantine, nor is this topic on the table for legislative action in January. We have encouraged and discussed data-driven public health measures such as increased masking, testing, social distancing, and encouraging Vermonters to get vaccinated.”

So they haven’t discussed it with the governor. It’s not on the Legislature’s table for January.

Some might say this is a NothingBurger story, along the lines of “Furnace fails to explode, mother and child unhurt!.”

On the other hand, if the Brisbane Times had asked this question a year ago, it too likely would have been laughed off. Now they’re publishing stories about escapees from Howard Springs. What would have seemed alarmist then is now just fodder for the police blotter.

The cops caught three of the escapees, by the way. The BBC reports they all had tested negative for Covid the day before.

Guy Page is publisher of the Vermont Daily Chronicle. Reprinted with permission.

Images courtesy of Michael Bielawski/TNR and state of Vermont

18 thoughts on “How far would the Vermont Legislature go to stop Covid-19?

  1. Lol ….. if any political group or persons tried to “force” anyone in this state to the extremes of other countries you can be sure the ensuing s—storm would be fast and furious…… do NOT tread on me ….. Semper Fi

  2. According to Rochelle Walensky, if Covid is going to be endemic – with us forever, then the power that government has amassed and the silence they demand and the obedience they expect, will be with us also ‘forever’ ….

    • The american revolution was fought by only 3% of the american population. Look what they accomplished.

  3. The shift of attention away from increasing fatal drug overdoses, climbing mortality rates, suicides, homelessness, unemployment, and out of control taxes should tell you all you need to know about the agenda of our Legislature, Adminstration, and longstanding bureaucrats. They don’t care what we think. They are well compensated to continue the shamdemic for as long as we the people obey and comply with their baseless demands.

  4. Is the vT GOP willing to stand up and support ALL medical treatments for Covid 19, omnicrom and other variants?

    Might be a great question to ask.

    Or are we going to play uniparty games? Let’s agrue about masks, travel restrictions and the like while uniparty left starts putting us into concentration camps. Which btw is where all the cool, smart and healthy people will be located.

    Uniparty left and uniparty right work together seemlessly for the uniparty vision. Uniparty right will wax poetic, we don’t have the votes! Send us money so we can get more seats and make change! We are against masks!

    Meanwhile people needlessly die. Your father and mother in assisted living gave up their lives because the hospital makes g.$30 grand (?) on putting them on a ventilator when $30 spent on on ivermectin would have them up and running.

    There is true evil in the world. There is evil in VERMONT.
    This is what happens when your idol is power and money.
    This is what happens when you stop loving your neighbor.
    Lord, please help us, we have no idea what we are doing.

    • Maybe all the cool, smart, healthy people should start their own concentration camp, we can call it a commune! Communing with science! love! Vermont will outlaw ivermectin and legalize pot. It could be a commune with 112,704 VERMONTERS! Your parents and grandparents would be safe!

  5. Great article Guy.

    You are fighting against massive propaganda. It is amazing how controlled our state is. A trip to Florida, leaving the confines of our democratically (mob ruled) state show how utterly out of step our state is with any reality. People living free, without fear anew healthy!

    What about Ivermectin for emegency use? 🙂

    VERMONT grandparents are needlessly dying. How about interviewing every family member? The truth has a very hard time seeing the light of day in our little state, just like the EB5 scandal! It’s no coincidence!

    This as I know you’re aware of is why we are not a democracy but a republic. For this reason alone we should jettison her to curb. When a major leader in VERMONT state government declares we are a type of government our founding fathers rightfully avoided like the bubonic plague, we’ve got a serious problem. We have an infestation of UNIPARTY left. Shills for the NWO, pledging for VERMONT to be the first colony of the United Nations.

    The pandemic will end only when the people and government are completely subverted.

  6. The Scientists have no idea how to control the various Covid variants or prevent the spread. The most promising option was to allow the population to develop “herd immunity” – the original intent of “flattening the curve !” In Vermont government officials locked down the state and prevented anyone to be exposed to the virus and then recover, a necessary step in building immunity within the community. Now more communicable and possibly more virulent strains have mutated and threaten our citizens -just as the vaccines that were promoted to the total exclusion of hard immunity as well as therapeutics and preventatives. The medical experts after a year and a half, have no effective plan to prevent the spread of these new dangerous variants and certainly those in the Vermont Legislature are clueless and using the virus to justify their social planning schemes.

  7. There is no stopping covid, it’s the new flu and will be around now for eons… Just like they can do NOTHING about gorebull warming the same
    holds true for this war they want to fight. Jim has the answer they won’t
    listen to and until they do we’re unfortunately stuck with it … and worse yet

  8. I welcome information about dangers, but i do not wish the government to condemn and control every “danger” to the “History Hole” of “1984”

    Actually, we are long past the “1984” apocalypse described in that book.

  9. How far will Vermont go to stop Covid-19?

    What would any rational public health policy do? It would follow the science, no matter who put out the science. It’d be critical, examine the evidence, and weigh the pros and cons. It’d let front-line doctors actually treating patients lead the way instead of blindly following top-down dictates.

    We have a great deal of science on treatments for Covid-19: Many of these treatments are remarkably safe even though they’ve been wrongly demonized by the mainstream media, and even by the medical journals (e.g., the Lancet’s retracted study on hydroxychloroquine, but not before it was broadcast all over the world how this drug was supposedly unsafe because it was given in huge, near-lethal doses to sick hospitalized patients: exactly how not to use it to treat Covid-19.)

    How far will Vermont go? Will Vermont dare to step outside the blinders that the CDC, the FDA, the WHO, and Dr. Fauci are imposing on us by denying that there are effective, safe, cheap early treatments? Will Vermont dare to look at the science objectively? Or do we prefer to let people die because of our pigheadedness and our apparent unquestioning love of authority?

    What’s happening is unbelievable, and that’s why many people can’t believe that it’s happening. Dr. Marik, a pioneer in the use of ivermectin, now has to let his patients die because his hospital refuses to let him prescribe this remarkably safe drug. It makes no sense at all– none.

    Ivermectin isn’t the only drug out there. We have Fluvoxamine showing great promise in early treatment and we have budenoside. We have melatonin showing surprising results for mortality, and we even have simple vitamin D demonstrating effectiveness in preventing inflammation from Covid-19. We have zinc and quercetin, wherein quercetin helps zinc get into cells and zinc stops viral replication. But no, the mantra is: we must have vaccines and only vaccines or else expensive and fairly worthless drugs like remdesivir. Early multi-drug treatment? Let’s consult the CDC and Dr. Fauci … OK, they say “no” so we say no, end of story.

    How far will Vermont go to save lives? Evidence is that it won’t go far at all. That would require them to follow the real science instead of the New Lysenkoism, and Vermont is deathly afraid of crossing Dr. Fauci-Lysenko, the highest paid public servant who controls vast sums of research funds and who has become the virtual medical dictator of the US.

    How far will Vermont go? Vermont would rather let people die than stand up for real science. It’s a disgrace of unimaginable proportions.

    This is a complete failure of basic human decency. It’s high time we stopped this nonsense, stopped Covid, stopped medical tyranny by big pharma, and got on with our lives again. The suppression of early treatment for Covid-19 is at the very core of the medical tyranny we see unfolding all over the world, and possibly coming to a town or a state near you next.

    How far will Vermont go to stand up for the truth?

  10. How far would VT Legislature go to stop Covid-19?

    Assuming the VT Legislature CAN stop Covid.

    If history is any clue, Totalitarians will ‘go’ until they are stopped. ‘How far’ that is will depend on what others do to stop them. If I had to make a prediction, I stick with what I said two years ago when this virus was first cast upon us. Anyone who believes this pandemic isn’t a contrivance is naïve. And while anything is possible, as it is today, this isn’t likely to end well for most of us. Praemonitus, praemunitus.

    • Postscript:
      Here’s a significant turn of events worth watching. In its most recent report, for the month of November, the VT DOH data shows that while the unvaccinated are more likely to be infected and hospitalized by Covid, they are, for the last two weeks, less likely to die from the infection.

      There are several explanations for this significant change in the data on which I can elaborate. But the point to consider at this time is that those who don’t want to be vaccinated aren’t the danger to society the progressive liberals in the legislature make them out to be. Perhaps the progressive liberals in the legislature are just as much a danger as anyone.

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