House votes to grant refugee status to thousands more people who helped US troops in Afghanistan

By Cole Crystal

The House of Representatives voted almost unanimously Thursday to grant refugee status to thousands of Afghan allies who aided American troops in the Afghanistan war.

The ALLIES Act, which passed 407-16, allows for nearly 8,000 more American visas for people that worked with American troops, including guides and translators, the Associated Press reported.

Officials have expressed concern about Taliban retaliating against those who previously aided Americans during the last few weeks of U.S. military withdrawal from the country, according to the AP.

“We cannot do this again. We must not do this again. We must bring back … all the people who were so important to us in combat,” Florida Republican Rep. Neal Dunn said, referring to his service in the Vietnam war and those who were left behind.

Dunn echoed the concerns of many in the armed forces, including some who labeled President Joe Biden’s plan to withdraw “hasty,” The Daily Caller News Foundation reported earlier this month.

“Those Afghans knew the risk that their service posed to them and their families, and yet they signed up to help because they believed that we would have their back,” Democrat Rep. Jason Crow, the lead sponsor of the bill and Afghanistan war veteran, said.

Almost 26,500 visas have already been allocated to Afghani’s who helped the war effort, AP reported.

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Image courtesy of U.S. Department of Defense

3 thoughts on “House votes to grant refugee status to thousands more people who helped US troops in Afghanistan

  1. We’re curious who the 16 idiots are that voted against and why?
    These honorable Afghans would be executed once the Taliban locates them or when they regain control of the country.
    We know we all don’t think alike or have the same ideology but some empathy and compassion are paramount here.
    Seems some just don’t have it or get it in life!

  2. Thank you! We need to protect those who protected our service men and women. They most likely will be murdered if we don’t help them. If we can open the border to anyone south of us why not to those who are our allies? Good job.

    • Why not our allies ? Because they don’t want true refugees that have lived under communism and tollitarian dictators, they might vote Republican. They would rather illegals, un-Covid tested and un-quarantined that they are sending to cities all over the United States that will go right on the welfare rolls and then vote for the party giving them the goodies. All the while spreading Covid variants putting us back in masks and lockdowns.

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