House committee votes out 24-hour gun-purchase wait, veto showdown ahead

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LAST STAND: Bill Moore, firearms policy analyst for the Vermont Traditions Coalition, talks to the House Judiciary Committee one last time before members vote on a gun bill that includes a 24-hour wait period to purchase a gun.

MONTPELIER — The House Judiciary Committee on Monday voted 7-4 to approve new gun legislation that includes a 24-hour wait period to purchase a handgun, among other rules.

Another controversial piece of the bill is it expands last year’s red-flag rule so that any medical professional — not only a psychiatrist — can warn authorities that a person may not be fit to possess guns.

Prior to the vote, Bill Moore, firearms policy analyst for the Vermont Traditions Coalition, urged lawmakers to reject the bill.

“The proof of effectiveness [of the 24-hour wait] is simply not causational in statistically significant data,” he told the committee. “Perhaps rational economics and reductions in adolescent over-prescription of ADHD pills may be just two better ideas to lower suicide rates.”

Furthermore, he noted that women seeking self-defense in domestic violence situations could be put at risk with this bill.

“[That] S.169 contains no exemption for domestic violence victims at the height of their crisis also speaks to the doubts some here in the room have about the restriction,” he said.

Other aspects of the bill, such as enabling the transfer of a standard-capacity magazine to relatives, came from Sen. John Rodgers, D-Essex/Orleans. Another provision S.169 exempts gun competition participants from the magazine capacity limits imposed by lawmakers last year. These were considered compromises by the gun-control advocates.

Committee members discussed the pros and cons of the bill before voting.

“I do think that this is a compromise that benefits public health, safety and also Second Amendment rights,” committee chair Rep. Maxine Grad, D-Moretown, said. “The waiting period from testimony we heard does go a long way to suicide prevention, to the prevention of domestic violence-related homicides, and to gun-related violence.”

Rep. Tom Burditt, R- Rutland, said he won’t support it but he still defended the compromises.

“I don’t think it’s any secret that I’m not thrilled with the bill, but I also realize it could have been a lot different. There could have been many, many more restrictions in this bill. It’s probably, in my view, the best deal that firearms owners can get.”

Rep. Barbara Rachelson, D-Burlington, said she will support it.

“I know that this bill is a modest bill and it definitely will make a difference; it has in other states,” she said. “… The people of Burlington have been calling for this.”

Rep. William Notte, D-Rutland City, won’t support it.

“I would love to do something as a legislator that helps prevent suicides in our state, but I really don’t think this bill is it,” he said.

He also expressed concern that gun shows, which draw in lots of tourism, are not going to result in as many gun purchases if these visitors have to stick around for waiting periods.

Rep. Nader Hashim, D-Dummerston, said he will vote for it.

“I think this bill does draw a reasonable boundary regarding waiting periods,” he said.

He said besides suicide prevention, in his experience as a state policeman he said he saw a lot of cases of drugs being traded guns and he hopes this law will inhibit that.

“I know that there’s a statement that criminals will always find a way to procure weapons or any other illicit goods, but I’m quite confident that the gun shops are going to follow the law and any roadblock that I can create for the flow of drugs into the state is something that I’ll support.”

Rep. Patrick Seymour, R-Sutton, told why he won’t support it.

“When I asked questions to try and find out if we had any real tangible data about the time of purchase and time of suicides and the answer was we don’t collect any of that data. I’d love for us to collect that data but without any solid evidence in that way, I couldn’t support this.”

Rep. Kenneth Goslant, R-Northfield, said he won’t vote for it.

“I will be voting no, the data as Patrick mentioned, I just don’t see the need for it. I think we’ve gone far enough with gun regulations at this point,” he said.

After the vote Gun Owners of Vermont president Eddie Cutler spoke to True North. He said Gov. Phil Scott has indicated he will veto this bill.

“He has publicly stated he will veto this bill,” he said. “Hopefully we’ll have enough people say no on the House floor where there will be a veto-proof majority.”

Cutler said this could be a chance to regain some ground for the governor with gun owners.

“If he does veto the bill, we can forgive and forget,” he said. “If that’s any incentive for him.”

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15 thoughts on “House committee votes out 24-hour gun-purchase wait, veto showdown ahead

  1. I don’t feel that I’m far off the mark. In reading this article and other gun control articles by TNR, there seems to be more female legislators for gun control than their male counterparts. Makes you wonder about the mentality, experiences, common sense and info sources.

  2. Lets have a waiting period of about 3 months for the voters to consider their vote and have the time to reconsider and not vote for people like Maxine Grad & Baruth and be allowed to change their votes.

    If “time” is a consideration for a gun purchase, than why no a voting reconsideration. People in the Legislature are more dangerous.

  3. My Reps are hard core leftist pukes who don’t listen to any and have admitted it. They don’t fear
    replacement ’cause the voters are mostly flatlander retards like them.
    That being said Scott had better veto this after his support of other Gun Grabbing bills he did sign or
    he might’s just as well change to a “D”. Well a leftist D anyway there’s afew D’s with common
    sense.. very few.

  4. I sent an e-mail to my representative and asked her not to vote for it.Flood them with e-mails or phone calls.

  5. “Rep. Barbara Rachelson, D-Burlington, said she will support it.

    “I know that this bill is a modest bill and it definitely will make a difference; it has in other states,” she said. “… The people of Burlington have been calling for this.”
    And what far left Burlington wants, the rest of us suffer with. Burlingtons taxes, regulations and policies have been harming the rest of Vermont for a long time.

  6. With the beginning of the anti-gun legislation S55 it was just the “foot in the door”. Now when S169 fails to prevent “one” gun related suicide in this state, the knee jerk practicing legislature will add another obscure and unrelated fix that will not address anything but will take away more of that constitutional right from Vermont citizens. It’s called Liberal style Tyranny.

  7. I must beg forgiveness During the interview I said medical personnel. What the bill actually says is Health care professional. That could be anyone who works in the field. Sorry for the confusion

  8. This is great! Let’s not stop there! I propose a 24-72 hour waiting period on the purchase of alcohol, as this is a often a factor in dangerous social behaviors. And heck, a 24-72 hour waiting period before being able to pick up a prescription with a high risk of abuse! Let’s keep this ball rolling Montpelier! I trust our representatives to make all my scary decisions for me! Please keep me informed on what I should do next.

  9. Not surprising that a former State Trooper – Hashim – will vote for this. Apparently he never learned anything about either the US or State Constitution.

    Punishing the innocent because some people might do something illegal is a great reason to trash our Bill of Rights.

    Who elects these idiots, and how did this particular fellow ever become a State Trooper? Have we lowered our standards that much?

  10. If a person wants to kill themselves there going to do it weather it’s a gun it’s knife, jumping off of something or drug overdose. All this is is the Democrats doing gun control instead of going after a chunk there just going after small pieces here small pieces there and in a few years were going to sit back and think what the f happened. And for that comment Burlington been waiting for this. Most of vermont is sick of Burlington running this state because of it’s population. If this state had an state electoral college most of these people would not be in office.

    • Yes they will have a waiting period on any ropes, extension cords or any other items that can be used to inflict bodily harm on oneself.

      This is just the beginning folks. Pretty soon if you wan to own a gun you’ll have to move to NH.

      Heck that would be a smart move regardless.

  11. I’d really like to know where Maxine Waters and the rest of these people that say that it has worked in other States. It’s very easy to say something like that but where is the data to back it up.
    That’s all S169 is going to do is penalize law abiding gun owners. These people have no proof or facts to back up any of their claims.
    They have an agenda and they are sticking to it. I sincerely hope that we can vote out at least half of these liberals come 2020.. They are completely changing Vermont and it’s not for the better.

    • Her real name is Maxine Grad and she represents Warren Remember to vote her out in the next election

      • Hey Eddie, remind folks that when Maxine is canvassing for her votes, which she has a habit of knocking on your door, just display the American flag, since she banned the small flags at the state house a few weeks ago, it should remind her that she has no business at your home, yes vote her out

  12. Committee chair Rep. Maxine Grad, D-Moretown, said. “The waiting period from testimony we
    heard does go a long way to suicide prevention, who has she been talking or listening too ??

    The data I have seen is just the opposite, I have sat through the hearing and the Committee Chair
    has shown nothing but “animosity ” towards Law-abiding gun owners its citizens.

    I hope the legislators with common sense prevail and stopping this nonsense agenda !!

    If Legislators really cared about saving lives in Vermont, they would be dealing with Mental
    Health Issues, Drugs, DUI ………….If a person has the intent to take there own life, it’s going
    to happen today, tomorrow or next week…….We should be having a Mental Health Debate !!

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