Roper: Hey Hollywood, put your money where your mouth is

By Rob Roper

Several entertainment producers, including Netflix, Warner Brothers and Disney, are threatening to remove production of their programs from Georgia over that state’s pending law to ban abortion after the presence of a fetal heartbeat. Agree or disagree with their positions, doing so is their right. So, Phil, Mitzi, and Tim, why not give them a formal invitation to come start filming in Vermont?

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Our Legislature just passed what has been described as the most radical pro-abortion legislation — plus a potential constitutional amendment — in the nation. If pro-life legislation is a motivating factor in leaving someplace, shouldn’t pro-abortion legislation be a factor in moving to someplace if your goal is to make a political point?

According to a report in MarketWatch, “[Georgia] state officials estimate that 455 film and projects were completed in Georgia last year, pumping $9.5 billion into the local economy, including $2.7 billion in direct spending.” Imagine what bringing just a handful of those projects to Vermont could do for our economy.

One of the most high profile shows in question is “Ozark,” starring Jason Bateman, which takes place in Osage Beach in rural Missouri. We’ve got plenty of forests, farms, economically distressed communities and a big lake! I’m sure we could rustle up a riverboat too, if that’s necessary to seal the deal. Vermont would be perfect.

What Vermont does not have, unlike Georgia, is generous tax breaks designed to attract film and television production. But, hey, can you put a price on social activism? How about shouldering a little sacrifice for a cause you really believe in. And this is Bernie’s Vermont, after all, so you know your hard earned tax dollars will be well spent, right?

Rob Roper is president of the Ethan Allen Institute. Reprinted with permission from the Ethan Allen Institute Blog.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Raindog

3 thoughts on “Roper: Hey Hollywood, put your money where your mouth is

  1. Rob,
    You’re asking out astute state Government to think outside the box, this is something
    they have no clue about.

    As we have all seen this year, the current legislation is a feel-good agenda driven BS
    with no real substance or any real concern for the state or its citizens.

    Phil, Mitzi and Tim Vermont’s own three stooges.

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