Gun rights supporter asks for removal of H.610 sponsors

By Guy Page

Jim Sexton, of Essex Junction, visited the Vermont State House on Thursday to ask the Sergeant-at-Arms and Capitol Police to remove sponsors of H.610 from the State House because they “violated their oath of office by expressly trying to make a law which denies every Vermonter the presumption of innocence” and “denies legal gun owners the constitutional right to bear arms.”

Guy Page

Jim Sexton presents his request to Officer Dale Manning and Sgt. Of Arms Janet Miller.

Sgt. Of Arms Janet Miller received the packet of information and said she would provide it to the Capitol Police.

Sexton, a Colchester native and son of a police officer, also met with Rep. Pat Brennan (R-Colchester), a strong gun rights proponent, and exchanged information with a local TV reporter. He plans to follow up with Capitol Police Chief Matt Romei.

“Too many people sit back and don’t stand up,” Sexton said. “My grandfather told me to stand up if you believe in something.”

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10 thoughts on “Gun rights supporter asks for removal of H.610 sponsors

  1. Fantastic aggressive move to force Maxine and LaLonde to have to defend on multiple fronts. These people moved to Vermont and have one objective….to change everything to make VT. look like the states that they left. I still am flabbergasted that people vote for these ultra liberal Progressives knowing well it is so damaging to the average Vermonter. Bernie Sanders is as phony as they come… it is all about spewing his hatred for America, yet his followers have swallowed the Kool-Aid. Getting something “for free” trumps reality and common sense. This is what happened in Nazi Germany. If you lie long enough the lie becomes fact. God help us!

  2. Remove them, Charge them,Try them and that won’t be difficult as their names are on the bill and any other traitors who’s names appear on said bill.
    Then as they planed on doing to citizens without legal finding of court, a no knock raid and find them a room of lodging at the Grey bar motel, that or a good ole fashioned tar and feathering and a ride out of Montpelier on a rail.

    • I’m not sure, but we really need to get behind this cause, they are not even remotely considering their sworn duty.

      It’s real easy to roll over one guy.

      They do this locally all the time and at the state house, even when there are numbers, reason and law…roll over them, that’s the problem with a democracy, the majority can take away the rights of those who are small in number.

      We know many of our representative and senators read on this site. Can we even get a posting of support? The silence is deafening.

      Might be worth a rally on the front lawn. They can address article 18 while they are at it…..the word is frugal, do the even know what it means?

  3. Brains and a backbone….

    We need to support this man. We need to interview all those in the house and senate, see what they think on the record for all to see. Then we’ll have them out in the open, do they support and defend our constitution or are they a pawn of mini mike and all the other lobbyists?

    We can’t let him be on his own, to be taken to Gallows, I’ll stand beside him. What about the American loving democrats? The VTGOP?

    This would be an excellent educational opportunity for our children, why do we have a constitutional republic? Why is that immensely better than a democracy, something our forefathers avoided like our current corona virus.

    How can those in the house and senate explain themselves on camera?

  4. Good opportunity for the gun groups and individuals to be in John’s shadow including the Agrireps This might be a crack in the dam, Congrats to John for his independence and concern. The point being if non-stop examples like this continues all the time, periodically someone will take notice. No more of Maxine Grad (mean Grab) saying “remove those banners (flags). or the likes of Baruth, Lalonde and Johnson.

    • Those names are a good start but there are many more that belong on any list of violators of the oath of office.

  5. Perhaps if a thousand of us joined Mr. Sexton, Ms. Sourpuss wouldn’t look so apathetic.

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