Gun control protesters want to ban ‘assault weapons,’ but not sure what those are

By Rob Shimshock

Protesters at the March for Our Lives wanted to ban assault weapons but did not know what they are, according to a video published Sunday.

The March for Our Lives listed a legislative assault weapon ban as one of three demands, but many students did not know how to define the weapons, when asked by Campus Reform.

“It’s like a…” began one protester, characterizing the gun. “I kind of do [know what it is] but kind of don’t.”

“‘Assault weapons’…does that sound safe to you?” asked one woman in response.

Many students chose not to answer the question at all.

“The same amount of people die by assault weapons as do car crashes in a given year,” another woman said, but clarified when challenged, saying “but a lot of people die by gun death.”

Protest attendees also commented more generally on the Second Amendment and Constitution.

“I think the Constitution, in and of itself, is outdated,” one woman said. “I don’t necessarily agree with the Second Amendment to begin with.”

“I don’t think it leads to anything good, or productive, or peaceful,” stated another.

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5 thoughts on “Gun control protesters want to ban ‘assault weapons,’ but not sure what those are

  1. I have been at the state house for the last few days and believe me most of the lawmakers have no idea what they are talking about.They didn’t even know what a bump stock is or the semi and full auto difference. Truly just a political game

  2. I swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, for 25 years. Nobody ever relieved me of that responsibility.

  3. These indoctrinated little snowflakes , babbling Idiots !! They just don’t have a clue, just listen to
    the Liberal Lefts little Minions………shameful !!.

    Then they have the audacity to say the ” Constitutions is out dated ” Tear it up fools, then watch
    your little fairytail lifes, it will be pure Hell !! And this is our next Generations…… God Help Us !!

    They’ll never make it in the real world and I thought they were protesting for ” School Safety ” or
    did I miss something ?? Apparently they forgot also …………… IDIOTS !!

  4. Most of the people that are protesting do not know much if anything about guns. They just want to be part of something that someone or social media said needs to be outlawed to make everyone safe.
    Just asked any one of them how gun laws would have stopped what happened in Parkland.
    They are sheep that will eventually be led to a slaughter.

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