Gun control activists endorse Siegel, say ‘freedom means we are free from fear’

Michael Bielawski/TNR

BRENDA TAKES STAND ON GUNS: Brenda Siegel, the Democratic candidate for Vermont governor, has committed to supporting a handful of controversial gun control measures if she wins office.

MONTPELIER, Vt. — Speaking from the Statehouse steps on Thursday, liberal-leaning political and community leaders gathered with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Brenda Siegel to discuss a list of gun control measures they would like to see enacted in the Green Mountain State.

Among the initiatives being touted were extended waiting periods for gun purchases, bans on certain types of rifles, limits on magazine capacity, and more

Montpelier City Council member Conor Casey, who also serves as director of Gun Sense Vermont, said gun control proponents are making progress, but that Gov. Phil Scott’s veto pen is stalling new gun bills from becoming law.

“We had high hopes that the third rail of Vermont politics was broken and we could finally start seeing some common sense legislation,” Casey said. “Unfortunately, since that day, not only has the governor not followed through on his promise to take bold steps to prevent gun violence, but he has been an absolute obstacle.”

Casey argued that the governor should not have vetoed extended waiting periods for background checks, noting that each year 80 Vermonters and 45,000 Americans die from gun violence.

“We need to treat this like every other public health epidemic and take bold steps to reduce gun violence in our state,” he said, adding that the state could pass “waiting periods, a ban on assault weapons, child access protection laws, and a number of other measures that would give municipalities control over having stricter gun violence measures in their own communities.”

He then offered an endorsement for governor, saying, “Brenda Siegel is going to be proactive on gun violence — I have no doubt that over a long enough timeline we will pass all of these bills in the Vermont Statehouse.”

A student speaks out

Merrick Modun, a student at Montpelier High School, also spoke at the event.

“It is time to re-weigh the arguments for safeguarding gun rights against the sheer magnitude of gun deaths,” Modun said. “We must find the courage to make reasonable change.”

Modun, 17, is running for state representative in the Washington-4 district against five other candidates. While not yet old enough to vote, Modun is eligible to run for office because Vermont has no minimum age for candidates for state-level offices. His campaign website outlines where he stands on various issues.

On the issue of guns, Modun suggested Americans currently use military-grade weapons, and he proposed limiting access to some guns.

“Just as we do not freely distribute drivers licenses, we should not distribute military-grade weapons to anyone who wants one,” he said.

He added that freedom “means we are free from fear.”

“Freedom is not going to school and wondering if we will come home. Freedom is not to read another daily headline of another victim lost to gun violence,” Modun said.

Modun also said “gun violence is our new priority, and as Americans we put faith in government to protect us. … The evidence is clear: when there are fewer guns, there are fewer deaths.”

Brenda Siegel on gun control

Siegel, the rival to Gov. Phil Scott in the upcoming election, also spoke.

“I don’t know what our children have to do to convince us that it’s time for us to take action — or how many more of them have to die, or if we just have to wait for our Vermont children in our Vermont schools to experience the same preventable tragedies,” she said.

“We must ban military-style assault rifles — people killers — expand the waiting period so that people who are considering suicide have a chance to get help, and people who are victims of domestic violence have a chance to find safety,” Siegel added.

In response to a question about whether Vermont could utilize school resource officers to protect schoolchildren from gun violence, Siegel said having such officers on campus could foster racism if disciplinary action is disproportionally taken against minority students.

“I am not a huge fan of school resource officers,” she said.

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24 thoughts on “Gun control activists endorse Siegel, say ‘freedom means we are free from fear’

  1. Fortunately, now these clueless fools have to deal with the SCOTUS and the recent BRUEN decision. “Assault weapons” bans, magazine bans, and “red flag” laws are ALL going out the window very soon. Then these Marxist morons will dead in the water with no place to go. I can’t wait. 🙂

  2. I’ll be glad when the selection season is over and these shills can return to their cry closets to make TikTok videos.

  3. The communists that want to “infringe” and have infringed on our 2nd Amendment rights don’t want their abortion rights infringed upon. They don’t understand the meaning of infringed, or do they?

    Article 22: That an individual’s right to personal reproductive autonomy is central to the liberty and dignity to determine one’s own life course and shall not be denied or infringed unless justified by a compelling State interest achieved by the least restrictive means.

    “The beauty of the 2nd Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it”.
    Thomas Jefferson

  4. It’s not common sense gun control it’s COMMIE gun control. Addressing the damage the leftist loons have done to society with the push of mentally ill gender issues and non traditional families and no punishment for criminals and loss of respect for life with abortions up and past birth has done more for gun violence then a single inanimate gun has ever done. These 7 fools need a new hobby that don’t include INFRINGING on our constitutional rights.

  5. What?!,,,, Wait?!,,,,, A 17 year old who can’t even vote is allowed to run for office?!! If this weren’t so dangerous it would be hilarious. I thought 22 year old Lucy Boyden running for representative in Lamoille District 3 was nuts. I’m gonna put my 6 year old grandson on the ballot next time. If he wins I’ll drive him to the state house everyday.

  6. I have zero faith in the government accomishing anything. My greatest fear for my family and myself is a situation where i am unarmed….

  7. If Conor Casey, executive director of Gunsense Vermont, the tall guy in the picture and a candidate for the legislature from Montpelier wants to control guns he should start with all the felons roaming around Vermont selling drugs and carrying illegal guns. How are he and Brenda going to get those guns off the street. Casey is just looking for another gig since he can’t really keep a job. These people are so pathetic it’s almost funny. This is the best and brightest that the Dims have to offer? Some reporter should ask Casey why he bought a gun a couple years back? The picture demonstrates that Vermont democrats have reached the bottom of the barrel and have pulled out these brainiacs for more destruction of Vermont. Of course Casey isn’t even from Vermont but he knows what’s best for you and your family even though he is single.

  8. “Freedom means we are free from fear”……Platitudes, platitudes. That is all Liberals, Dems do…talk in platitudes that dumb people thing actually has some kind of deep meaning of deep thinking….. Here is the deifinition:
    “A trite or banal remark or statement, especially one expressed as if it were original or significant. synonym: cliché.”
    “Flatness; dullness; insipidity of thought; triteness.”

    Almsot every slogan, phrase or sentance out of a Liberal is platitude laden…and this election the most over used word…everywhere…is “extreme”. tired of it.

  9. Unless Ms. Siegel and her followers have not pulled their head out from under a rock in the past three months NYSRPS V Bruenn has put a end to the past style of gun control/infringements we have come to know.

    “Among the initiatives being touted were extended waiting periods for gun purchases, bans on certain types of rifles, limits on magazine capacity, and more”
    All un Constitutional !

    After NYSRPA V Bruen her and her pearl clutching denizens must not be aware that the constitutionality-of any gun control law will be judged on text,history and tradition of the 2 nd. amendment as written in 1791.
    None of her proposed infringements existed in 1791,so sorry try again, the civilian disarmament freaktards are going to have to get used to the 2 nd. amendment as written.
    The infringements that Benedict Scott singned into law in 2018 will all fall because they were all un Constitutional the day he signed them.

  10. “He added that freedom ‘means we are free from fear’.”
    …and who are those that cause that “fear”? Inanimate objects such as guns, knives, baseball bats, etc., without someone actually using them, are no reasonable cause for fear. Failure to enforce the plethora of existing gun laws and failure to prosecute violent criminals and allowing them back into the streets is what should instill real fear. Real freedom means the ability to protect our homes and families without any interference from government.

  11. Dopes-on-parade. VT is full of dopes. Gun Control? Most of the recent murders in VT are from drug criminals! Stop the drug dealers and you will reduce gun murders! But Libs will NEVER stop drug dealers because if they do…they are “racists”….so these dealers kill VT people with drugs, esp. Fentynal….

    Second? if you enact strict gun contol, HONEST citizens – who never murder, WILL comply and REGISTER. But NOT A SINGLE DRUG DEALER WILL COMPLY ! CAN YOU IMAGINE? A criminal drug dealer willingly registering with the police of all the guns he owns? Name, addres and phone :)…. OMG these people are morons…and you can’t fix stupid!

    • These dopes live in the Mount Stupid bubble of Montpeculier. Look at the picture, I don’t want these rejects proposing anything for me or the state. Democrats are miserable people and they want to share their misery with you. Notice the huge crowd that showed up for this fiasco of a press release. If people can vote for this group we are truly in trouble. Even democrats must be shaking their heads. What have any of these people done to be called a community leader. Conor Casey is communist lite and Brenda call to fame is some dance thing she put together. When this group figures out how to confiscate the guns from felonious drug dealers roaming the streets and driving the roads of Vermont, they might have solved a problem. Until then, this is cheap talk for the moonbeam cult living in Vermont. Oh, and they are for disarming you while they disarm the police.

      • Amen to that Mr. Vito!

        Unlike what the Lieberal evil Commie Socialists proclaim as freedoms and rights (ex. Trying to push a VT Constitutional Amendment to murder babies), all Americans & especially Vermonters with Article 16 have an actual rights to keep and bear arms to protect, & defend themselves, others, and the state from these exact type of greedy, power hungry, control freak racist Commie Socialist nutjob scumbags! Still no one has been able to answer how it is legitimate & legal all these Leftist Fascist Commie a$$ hole$ in the Federal & VT State Government are even allowed in Office and to swear an oath to support, uphold & defend The Constitutions of USA and VT, while they are ideologically permanantley opposed some even vocally seek its destruction like Becca Balint with her brainwashing by all her self admitted evil Commie role models! I believe by her being born in Germany she is a heavily indoctrinated lieberal Commie dirtbag whom tried to do perpetrate her evil seditious subversive agenda in Tennessee or Kentucky which they weren’t having it there and has somewhat succeeded pushing it here Vermont.. Besides her blood being American she has more in common with the tyrannical Commie loser lefty EU than Freedom loving gun toting God Fearing Patriotic Americans & Vermonters she claims to want to represent but leaves out she just wants the votes to push an agenda…

  12. With all the Issues concerning the state, this is what Brenda Siegel is promoting,
    yes gun violence is tragic but it’s down on the list, especially if listing the cause of
    deaths in Vermont, pure ” hype ” from the left.

    He we go again, another out-of-touch liberal trying to show how relevant they think
    they are, 99% of all the gun violence in the state, is from out-of-state ” city thugs”
    selling their drugs, and turf wars the other 1% have mental concerns, and liberal
    wanted to defund the police……’s that working for ya !!

    Hey Brenda, how about a plan on fixing the debt, unfunded liabilities, and lowering
    the tax base? Nah, that has no hype there, and you want to run the state……No thanks. !!

  13. This makes me laugh.
    As if not being able to buy food or heat your house is not scary..
    And that is affecting us all- and daily.
    As if knowing your kids education is being destroyed and you’ll work until the day you die is not scary.

    The Democrats have nothing but failures.. failures so large that we are down to seeing people go cold and hungry in America today..
    It’s no wonder that they want us to look at the weather, abortion, or guns!
    Anything but their failures wrought upon us by their illegal installation to the White House.

  14. In stead of worrying about gun violence why don’t you go after real problems like drinking and driving, texting and driving. Kills way more people.
    This is one of the safest states in the country because of the lack of gun control. Look it up in the federal statistics. The more gun control you got, the more the criminals feel free to commit crimes.

  15. This perspective is scary, as guns do not kill people. People kill people. If young people are so afraid of being harmed by guns, why did they support defunding of the police, which left black on black violence unchecked in large cities. Criminals are free to do whatever they want. And when arrested Soros funded district attorney’s put them right back out on the streets. Where is the outrage. All I hear is crickets.

    • Spot on CJ.
      If they are so scared then why are they letting dangerous people out of jail?
      Why is it so hard to even put dangerous people in jail today?

      If they are so scared then why is our Southern Border open and being flooded with unvetted criminals and people with disease?

      I don’t think they have a problem with being scared- I think they have a problem with a lack of intellect (says the test scores in the schools they control)

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