GoVT committed to taking back government from the clutches of authoritarianism

Editor’s note: The following is the Gun Owners of Vermont March 22 update written by GoVT President Eric Davis.

If you’ve been following thus far, you’ll remember that we currently have two gun bills in play for this year [H.133 and S.30] which have both passed their respective chambers of origin in time for the House/Senate crossover deadline. No action is currently scheduled on these bills, but they now have the whole rest of the session (however long that might be) and both bills enjoy broad support in their current versions, so we will almost certainly see them move here soon.

The bright side of the situation is that we are working with a watered-down version of S.30 that prohibits the carriage of firearms in only one place, rather than the multiple locations originally proposed. We will continue to monitor the situation and do our best to see it stays that way for the remainder of the process.

Bruce Parker/TNR

Eric Davis: “GoVT will continue to resist all efforts to restrict the right to keep and bear arms, but we will be taking a longer view with a more measured and proactive approach going forward.”

What exactly can be done about this nasty little predicament in which we find ourselves feeling largely unrepresented by our legislators is another matter, and frankly, not an easy fix. We have heard a great deal of grumbling lately on this subject and I want to reassure you, we at GoVT are equally frustrated as every last one of you are.

Some folks have advocated for a peaceful rally at the Statehouse — which we have done in the past — but unfortunately, that sort of demonstration would likely do more harm to our cause than good at this time. We heard multiple times throughout the S.30 hearings that these laws are needed to combat “right-wing extremism” and to prevent an “insurrection like we saw on January 6” from happening in Vermont. If you go back and watch the last hearing, every single one of the anti-gun lobbyists and their shameless school children props hit those same exact talking points over and over. They each talked ad nauseam about the need to expand the bill to cover other public locations such as polling places in order to to “protect our democracy” from “armed extremists.”

If gun rights advocates take it upon themselves in this current political climate to march on the Statehouse lawn, armed or otherwise, it will go poorly for us. Phil Baruth has already worked very hard at spinning the narrative that he and his fellow good-Samaritan gun-controllers are being threatened by gun rights advocates. When you take into account the blatant anti-gun bias of every major news outlet in the area, any sort of macho posturing by our side could be disastrous for Article 16 and the Second Amendment right now.

The people who make the laws in this state have openly stated that they view the Constitution not as a safeguard of personal liberty, but as something to be interpreted to their ends, and will happily use the full force of government against any dissenters. That means, quite simply, that if you want the culture to change in the legislature to one which once again respects the sovereign rights of the individual, we need to put people in those seats who share our values. That starts right now.

Now, I can hear the collective groan and eye-rolling whilst everyone simultaneously gives a heavy sigh upon reading this and muttering something under their breath about voting not having worked yet, but hear me out. Liberty-loving Vermonters feel like we keep getting beaten at the polls — in some districts we certainly do — but I would submit that we have not been putting forth our best efforts or even much of an effort at all up until the last few years. We made progress in multiple areas between 2018 and 2020 and we are learning fast.

You see, Vermonters who share our live-and-let-live mentality have historically not run for office. Those who have, have not enjoyed the same success as some of the more — ahem — “seasoned” politicians who know how to raise money and play the game but again, that is changing. Gun rights advocates picked up several seats in the House this year by running grassroots campaigns and that might be a large part of the reason we have not seen MORE restrictive gun control pushed this year. The usual suspects like Baruth will ALWAYS have something to push on behalf of their corporate owners — oops, I mean sponsors — from Everytown and Giffords but overall, the tone has softened from the “ban everything” hysteria we saw in 2018 and we have a chance to build on that.

Starting right now, everyone who is serious about changing the culture in this state to one which values individual rights needs to start thinking about what we can do to influence the next election. Who are the reps in your district? Do they accurately represent your values? If the answer is yes, ask yourself — what can you do to support them in getting reelected and spreading the message of liberty? If the answer is no, we need to think about how our resources could be best spent trying to replace that person in 2022.

Run for office. Run for Rep or a Senate seat. Run for your local select board or school board.  Run for Justice of the Peace, High Bailiff, Grand Juror, or Constable. If you can’t run, find someone who can and support the heck out of them. Register yourself, your friends, and your family to vote and then find some more people to register. If they are going to modify the voting system to make the Covid rules permanent, then we need to get creative and find a way to make those rules work in our favor.

There is an old saying that “you can only control what you can control.” If we want to start winning again, we need to stop posturing and focus on what we can control. Screaming “shall not be infringed” at the top of our lungs might give a certain satisfaction but it doesn’t produce results. Winning elections and taking back our government from the clutches of authoritarianism is no easy task but we are committed to this end and I personally believe it can be accomplished sooner than later. GoVT will continue to resist all efforts to restrict the right to keep and bear arms, but we will be taking a longer view with a more measured and proactive approach going forward.

Incrementalism is what got us into this mess, and it will get us out again. We have an opportunity to build on the fact that more new people (of all demographics) flocked to gun ownership in 2020 than any other year in history. If we work together and stay positive, we can change the conversation on gun rights in the Green Mountains.

Stay tuned next week for the next installment, where we will talk about bridging the gap between the gun culture and new gun owners (and even non-gun owners).

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25 thoughts on “GoVT committed to taking back government from the clutches of authoritarianism

  1. Sixth Circuit: ATF Cannot Classify Bump Stocks as Machine Guns
    by AWR Hawkins 25 Mar 2021700
    Attorney General Merrick Garland can appeal the case to the Supreme Court of the United States. Otherwise, the Sixth Court’s ruling marks the end of the ATF’s regulatory ban on bump stocks.
    — The case is Gun Owners of America v. Garland, No. 19-1298 in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.

  2. The picture of the sign herein noted is interesting. That’s for law abiders. If a crazy walks in and starts to eliminate people, who’s going to see that the shooter (as in Bolder, Ft Hood, Pensacola Naval Air Station) is didn’t have a gun then? Gun control zones are a farce. Need more co0ncealed carriers, bet there would be less killings. But you can’t tell Baruth that, he’s on a power trip and doesn’t feel safe being around or near people in safety hinting clothes. So he’s pushing to make people less safe and promoting mass killings. Sick.

    In my opinion, this sign is an open invitation for a problem, do as you wish killer.

    • When I was stationed in Nashville, TN in charge of a recruiting district covering eight states, we were receiving FBI alerts weekly concerning chatter about attacking our recruiters and stations. I asked to allow our recruiters to be armed and was laughed at – then we were informed that our contracted cleaning service personnel hadn’t even been vetted, and that process would take five years due to recent contracts that had been signed.

      Following that, I never went to the office unarmed, and I knew that several of my recruiters were doing the same, at stations throughout KY, TN, GA and the other states.

      Then came July 16, 2015 – when Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez opened fire on two military installations in Chattanooga, Tennessee, killing four Marines and one Navy Petty Officer. It was widely reported (now mainly absent) that LCDR Tim White, the Navy Operational Support Center Commanding Officer used his personal sidearm to fight back.

      Most reports state ‘It’s also unclear why they were armed, as it is against Defense Department policy for anyone other than military police or law enforcement to carry weapons on federal property.’

      It’s not ‘unclear’ to me. None of our seniors did a single thing to assist us at any point while the FBI alerts were flying, so we all took matters into our own hands, just as we’d been trained to do. We continue to do that, even though the uniform is off.

  3. Also when a sickey kills people, all Americans must be gun regulated. Look who’s doing the killings, Arabs. The Ft Hood soldiers, the three at Pensacola Air Station, this guy in Bolder. Don’t let them have guns. Most of these killings are in gun free zones. I’m sure if concealed carry was there, these killers would be dead and lives saved. Liberals don’t want that. Biden’s open border will bring more of them here. Thus far illegals have killed more people incrementally, stabbings, shooting, MS-13 gangs, illegal drivers causing accidents, The Liberal world is totally inverted and not realistic. Conservatives made their world better for them, they’ve done nothing for the country except ruin it. It’s as the TV “news” flashed a line about Biden :It’s the Biden Agenda”. Talk about who’s the sick one.

    Reading and hearing the Biden Liberal agenda (to include his handlers and the Socialists in Congress), common people have no right to defend themselves.

    Here’s a video with Ted Cruz: (The *** is a comment I copied)
    Ted Cruz furiously assails Democrats, For the People Act Mar 24, 2021 (5:51)
    Sen. Ted Cruz speaks during a Senate Rules Committee against the For the People Act.
    *** I believe at this point it’s been well established that these politicians are corrupt and thus far successfully taking over our country through nefarious means. The question is… what are we going to do about it? You know apart from complaining on the internet safely behind a monitor. How important is your freedom? Your children’s freedom? Their children’s freedom?

    Look at what’s coming.

  4. Were those the same zombies that collected $10K to move here and then proceeded to worm their way onto local boards, local councils, local seats of government, and special appointments? I see a number of young people commanding and demanding of State and local leaders – throwing tantrums – and getting their way. So, a nanny State it shall be and anyone working a real job will pay for it or leave. Meanwhile, a number of decent, smart young people are leaving and never coming back. I don’t blame them – there is nothing for them here anymore.

  5. Thank you for stating obvious facts that speak to our state reps and what needs to be done. Still amazing the transformation of Vt in just two generations. Disheartening, but a clarion call to action for all.

  6. Vermont Constitution – Article XV. That the people have a right to bear arms for the defence of the themselves and the State; and, as standing armies, in the time of peace, are dangerous to liberty, they ought not to be kept up; and that the military should be kept under strict subordination to, and governed by, the civil power.

  7. The average person does not even know what legislation is being considered at the capitol. Most of what they pass is done under cover of darkness. Gun Owners of Vermont goes up to these legislative sessions and reads a statement which political a hack like Baruth doesn’t care about. No statistic or truth about the 2nd Amendment is going to change their minds as we are dealing with Communists that will do anything to advance “THE AGENDA”. The only way to combat these people is by letting the uninformed population know what is going on.

    1. Lectures, seminars and discussion’s should be given in as many towns as possible informing the people of the history of the 2nd Amendment, their rights and court decisions that uphold their rights.

    2. Pro 2A literature should be passed out outside of supermarkets, street corners, fairs, flea markets and other public gatherings.

    3. Kiosks should be set up at the same locations to sign petitions to make our counties 2A sanctuary’s.

    4. Gun stores should offer a small discount for joining the NRA or Gun Owners of Vermont.

    These are just a few things off the top of my head to help the cause but if we don’t set up some kind of information network we will be going further down the socialist road.

    • Those are excellent ideas! Now someone just has to actually DO it. I’d also recommend that at least two people should man such GoVT tables or booths at all times, since there is probably going to be backlash from the local “woke” troublemakers.

  8. Mr Davis: You are absolutely correct in everything you say. I honestly believe that in campaigning to unseat well known D’s, who have been in office too long (such as Masland of Thetford, a D) there is nothing that will work only the voting record right in the palm of your hand. Voting records are what makes things true or untrue- with no arguments. Candidates have missed the mark by not utilizing this tactic, which is all fair game, and spells truth in action.
    New candidates, who successfully prevail, utilize this approach. Ask Rep Aichey, in Middletown how she unseated Chestnut-Tangerman. This is a success story if there ever was one. She went to the grassroots with his record.

  9. Too late. You no longer have a U.S. Constitution or Bill of Rights. You don’t even have a dually elected government! Republicans not only failed to prevent the coup but a good number of them were on board with it to depose President Trump. I’ll remind you, also, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that American citizens had “No Standing” to bring a case to prevent the unconstitutional process of election rules underway in the Socialists states involved. Once freedom is lost it is never regained. You need to get a grip on reality Comrades.

    • There are states standing up to this: Texas, Arizona, Florida, etc. There are organizations fighting this, and a lot of Americans understand what happened and are mad as hell, but they’re not nearly as violent (yet) as the mainstream media paints them. There are good hats out there. It’s not hopeless … but Vermont, that’s another story. Vermont is the land of holier-than-thou busybody pseudoscience followers who believe that if they don’t tell the rest of us what to do, the planet will burn up, and that Fauci is a real scientist when he’s just spouting science-speak.

  10. For the liberal idiots; No guns were found on Jan 6. And your hero, the Speaker is the one who controls the Capitol Police and they opened the doors for the protesters to come in. — Facts matter, even if you hate them.

  11. The only insurrection you’ll ever see at the Statehouse will be from the same Antifa &
    BLM fanatics that caused the mayhem in DC, so all our senators like Baruth can rest
    assured Vermont Gun Owners are not the problem, but foolish legislation is !!

    Maybe our elected officials can take some time and do some legislation that will keep
    the state from going into utter collapse from Debt, over taxation, drugs, just to name a

    But remember, most of us took an oath to defend the Constitution, and we will, maybe
    our elected officials should think about the oath they also took, but we didn’t take it as
    photo op ………. pretty sad !!

    Wake up Vermont

  12. Case in point, today WCAX picked up the Associated Press article of the Bolder, Colorado shootings. Not once was it mentioned in the article that the 21 year old murderer is a Muslim radical and Trump hater from Syria. His facebook page was full of radical musings and he was known as such by the FBI.
    He purchased the firearm 6 days before his slaughter.

    The Vermont media wants you to think he was another white extremist, Trump follower. As long as the media is in concert with the democrat/progressive carpetbaggers/politicians, the public buys into there censored crap. Until the media is fair and free again, if it ever was the voting public in Vermont will remain ignorant. And remember, ignorance can be fixed but stupid can’t. I think we have a large mix of both voting here. Why else would intelligent people continue to vote for misery and junk science. We have a Biden voter for governor and this explains some of the problem. Does anyone think that America is better off now with an unqualified, chackling VP and an Alzheimer patient?

    • “chackling VP and an Alzheimer patient?” Hilarious – what a pair of incompetent numbskulls. No wonder Chinese officials exclaimed his lackeys had ‘no standing from position of strength’ – a wakeup call imo. They along with the rest of the world know his own party wants to or has removed him from the nuclear code chain.

      Beijing Biden looks worse with each passing day – failing fast and routinely falling down on the job since taking office – Strom Thurmond much lol.
      His walking cued laugh-track earning single-digit approval numbers during campaign is about to be installed courtesy of Manchurian Hussein – along with Comrade Sanders calling the shots from behind their sheer curtain.

    • Came across this explanation about the media which I believe into your comment:

      “It should be borne in mind that the first step taken by any potential authoritarian or dictatorial regime is to gain control of communications, particularly the delivery of news. It is fair to conclude, therefore that one-party control of the press and media is a threat to a viable democracy. It may even give rise to countervailing extremism. The First Amendment guarantees a free press to foster a vibrant trade in ideas. But a biased press can distort the marketplace. And when the media has proven its willingness—-if not eagerness—–to so distort, it is a profound mistake to stand by unjustified legal rules that serve only to enhance the press power.
      Here’s the concluding paragraph about our leftist media’s “willingness — if not eagerness” to distort. Wow.
      Also take away citizens right to bare arms, restrict where they can and cannot go (Covid) without Fox News The New York post and the Epoch Times America is becoming the Land of the Un-Free and home of the Totalitarian State… huh Comrades”

  13. Unfortunately, Vermont has been invaded by zombies who believe that we have nine more years to save the world from CO2 and that a summer or rioting and burning was peaceful protest while a day of protest with no fire at all was an insurrection that threatens everything good in America. Oh, and Joe really did win the election.

    Texas and Florida are looking mighty good. Arizona. South Dakota. South Carolina. Mississippi. I was in Florida in November and even then, I can’t tell you what a relief it was to be able to walk into a store without a mask on. I didn’t even have to quarantine when I got there!

    You’re outnumbered by the zombies. Way outnumbered. Vermont seems pretty lost to me. A few pockets of sanity, but by-and-large this state is lost.

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