Government contractor blows whistle on radical ESG policy appearing in schools, businesses

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SOUNDING THE ALARM: Christine Stone, who a former Essex resident as well as a government contractor, says that highly politicized agendas from large global institutions are working their way into Vermont public education and business.

ESSEX, Vt. — Christine Stone, a former Essex resident and government contractor, came to Holy Family Parish Hall on Wednesday to discuss policies that promote partisan political agendas on climate and other matters within the school and business sectors.

About 75 Vermonters attended.

The event, attended by about 75 Vermonters, was hosted by SPEAKVT —  Students, Parents and Educators for Achievement through Knowledge. The organization is comprised mostly of parents concerned with political material appearing in local education policy.


Stone was adamant that her concerns are bi-partisan. She avoided language such as “left,” “right,” or “conservative” because, she said, the issue is relevant to all families across the political spectrum.

She emphasized that the ESG agenda (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) originates from white papers published by global institutions such as the United Nations, UNESCO, the Ford Foundation, among others. The objective of ESG is “to facilitate the right political understanding of those concepts and concerns.”

Michael Bielawski/TNR

ESG OR NO CONTRACT?: With ESG policies, governments may begin to issue contracts based on political views.

According to Stone, ESG has crept into Vermont in the form of agendas advanced by school boards as well as legislators.

She also noted that President Joe Biden also has stated that advancing equity, civil rights, racial justice and equality opportunity is the responsibility of government. However, she said “racial justice” should not be viewed as part of the civil rights movement.

“I just want to note that racial justice is not a protected right,” Stone said. “It’s not in our Constitution, it’s not in any of our civil rights, that is a completely different element altogether.”

Stone said integrating ESG concepts into education and business will result in a personal credit score system that would pertain to both organizations and individuals, and even tie in to digital currencies. One danger in that, she said, is that those rankings could then be used to control the ability to use money freely.

Debating ESG supporters

Stone shared a story about a debate she had with a prominent ESG supporter over whether Americans should be paying for events that happened generations ago.

“I’ve had many conversations,” she said. “I spoke to the Essex racial equity director and I asked her, I said, ‘I don’t understand how I could be labeled as responsible for slavery? … I wasn’t born yet.'”

She said the response she received was that events from the past “created a system that you benefited from.” Stone noted that her own family wasn’t in America during times of slavery, and that in Sicily her family was persecuted in political conflicts.

Stone was then asked to go read “White Fragility” to help address her concerns.

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9 thoughts on “Government contractor blows whistle on radical ESG policy appearing in schools, businesses

  1. I think the value of what Christine has done is to remove all doubt that this phenomenon, that is happening everywhere, has been driven from the top down and control of all humanity is the undisputable goal. Instead of this uncomfortable niggling that something is not right in our schools, now makes perfect sense and is based on the published documents of the elites putting these practices in place.

    Well done, Christine.

  2. Part and parcel of the large scale plan brought to us by the WEF, aka Klaus Schwab and his merryband of nihilists. The destruction of civil society by means of race wars, culture wars, class wars, gender wars, civil wars, and endless conflict across the globe. The doom loop continues until all is under complete control of a few elite eugenist death merchants. The Western nation governments have drank the poison, taken the money, and set forth in lockstep to destroy humanity. Those who follow are the lemmings racing toward the cliff. Who is going to stop them? End of times indeed.

  3. Everyone is talking about racial equality, however, does everyone realize that Black people sold their own kind? It was a lucrative business back in the day before the whites got involved so who will be paying repartitions to blacks or whites this happened years ago when most of us were not even alive. They should be no repartitions, it happened it’s over it’s done move on grow up and let the past be the past and learn from it. My grandparents came from Italy where they were persecuted for whatever reason they never talked about it however, they did not or their family grandkids, children, whatever great grandkids did not look free partitions , we grew up in America. We went to school in America we graduated we learned we got jobs. We raise families and never looked for free handouts. Deserves a free hand out but what happened hundreds and hundreds of years ago.

    • Hi Joy,

      There is much more to my presentation than ESG. I present research and source documents that conclude DEI and Social Justice are United Nations agendas. The UN document I reference dated back to 2006, so this agenda has been in the works for a long time. I also define equity. The UN provided a clear definition about redistribution policies in line with the socialist contract.

      • I was at your presentation. It was complex and a lot to unpack. Very difficult to get into one article, if not impossible. I’m sorry to say it but, this piece does not do it justice. I hope there will be more written about.

        I do have the notes and I will read them, probably more than once.

        I appreciate all the work you put into it. It opened my eyes.

        I still hope readers here will check out Vivek Ramaswamy on YouTube.

        • Thank you Joy for looking at the presentation. I apologize for the complexity and large amount of information. There is a lot there to unpack and digest. I am going to do another presentation, and consolidate some of the data points. My goal is to inform the public about what NGO initiated Social Justice, provide a concrete definition equity, show how equity runs contrary to individual rights, the Constitution and Civil Right, provide insight into liberation theology and Paulo Freire’s political education being instilled through school SEL programs. In addition to global NGOs planning to use SEL as a governance program to manage the population politically and economically: meaning today’s children, the future society. They are programing children to comply with the Social component of ESG using SEL.

          • Your commitment to exposing this kind of info is remarkable and much appreciated. I too, am interested. I listen to a great deal about it on YouTube.

            I can’t recommend Vivek Ramaswamy enough. Although, I suspect you are aware of him and listen to his interviews as well.

            I would say though, that again, if you are planning on presenting all of that information you mention above, it might be too much to capture in one article in TNR.

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