Gov. Scott gets ‘100 percent’ score from Planned Parenthood

Republican Gov. Phil Scott has received a perfect 100 percent score from Planned Parenthood after filling out the abortion provider’s 2018 candidate survey.

A perfect score, according to Vermont Right to Life Director Mary Beerworth, essentially means he endorses every major policy initiative of Planned Parenthood — including abortion.

“That is what it means. … Once upon a time Phil was in favor of parental notification and some other issues, but I guess he has backed all the way down,” Beerworth told True North Reports.

Gov. Phil Scott official Facebook page

MIXED MESSAGES: In 2016 Gov. Phil Scott indicated he was “pro-choice” but with conditions regarding public funds, parental notification and late-term abortions. But after receiving a new perfect score from Planned Parenthood’s latest survey, things are not so clear.

The survey included 18 questions, and about half come with further explanation, leaving little room for misunderstandings.

One question on the survey was, “Do you support legislation that would guarantee full, unrestricted abortion rights into state law?”

Scott answered “yes.”

If so, that does not appear to match his position on the issue in past years:

“Because of my beliefs, I find it impossible to answer the questions in [the Planned Parenthood] survey with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no.'”

“I do support a woman’s right to choose; however, I do not believe it needs to be a ‘blank check’ in order to be effective,” he said. “I do not support partial-birth abortion, because I believe there are many options available to terminate a pregnancy well before that stage of development.”

Another question from this year’s survey reads, “Will you support laws that stop discrimination in health care based on sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity, meaning health insurance companies and others could not refuse to allow a person to participate in a program or access health care because of their gender identity?”

The explanation reasserts that public funds must support “transition-related surgery.” Beerworth said the notion of publicly funded transgender surgeries is an area where parental consent should come into play.

Beerworth reminded of Scott’s previous reservations regarding taxpayer dollars for abortions.

“I am very aware that not all Vermonters share my pro-choice views; therefore, I do not believe that abortions should be funded with taxpayer dollars,” Scott said in 2016. “Just as important as protecting a woman’s right to choose, is respecting others’ right to oppose abortion for religious or personal reasons.

“Using public funds to support something that many people strongly disagree with is not an appropriate public policy. But I would not support cuts directed specifically and only at family planning services.”

But in this survey, Scott answered yes to two questions that might suggest otherwise.

“Will you oppose efforts to eliminate or reduce Title X family planning funding, as well as oppose efforts to undermine or weaken the Title X family planning program? … Will you defend PPNNE against efforts to eliminate federal or state funding for our health centers?”

Beerworth said that currently here in Vermont taxpayer money is used for abortions.

“By court order, we already pay for a third of the abortions in the state for income-eligible women under the Doctor Dynasaur program,” she said.

She noted an ironic part of the program is that pregnant women, for purposes of receiving public money including for abortions, are counted as “a family of two.”

Beerworth said based on this new survey, it’s not clear if Scott still supports parental notification.

The Phil Scott For Vermont 2018 campaign not return True North’s requests for comment.

Beerworth said Scott did not return Vermont Right to Life’s candidate survey, which asks if you support the current status quo on abortion in Vermont.

Beerworth noted how parental notification can be crucial to put an end to sexual abuse.

“The number one question that a father asks when his daughter comes up pregnant is ‘who’s the father of the baby?'” she said. “Right now, with no parental notification, the father is just slip-sliding away under the radar screen and [an abuser] may be continuing to assault other women or be in inappropriate relationships.”

In 2016, Planned Parenthood ran aggressive attack ads against Scott, recommending that voters elect Democrat candidate Sue Minter instead.

“Two very different choices for Vermont’s next governor,” an ad stated. “Phil Scott supported restrictions on a woman’s right to choose. And Vermont Right to Life, which opposes all abortion — even for rape and incest — recommended Phil Scott.”

Planned Parenthood has also been aggressive with its political advocacy budget in recent years, even while they spend less on other services such as PAP tests and breast exams.

From 2011 to 2016, PPNNE money spent on activist recruits went up 22 percent, from $24,871 to $30,362. And for the years 2010 to 2016, PPNE’s total expenditures on public advocacy went up from $175,883 to $646,340, or 268 percent.

Vermont currently has no laws restricting access to abortions. Although rare, across the nation abortions happen up until the final month of pregnancy. The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention reports that 1.3 percent of abortions happen after 21 weeks.

Beerworth said her organization is currently busy monitoring tensions at UVM Medical Center where three late-term (second trimester) abortionists were hired recently.

“This thing about UVM engaging in late-term abortions … I have never seen people so angry about something,” she said. “They are just mad.”

Michael Bielawski is a reporter for True North Reports. Send him news tips at and follow him on Twitter @TrueNorthMikeB.

Image courtesy of Gov. Phil Scott official Facebook page

11 thoughts on “Gov. Scott gets ‘100 percent’ score from Planned Parenthood

  1. Why does Scott even run as a republican. Is it because the republicans can’t find anyone better? He’s more democrat that many of the democrats and his choices especially over the last year truly reflect that.. I wish Don Turner would have run against him in the primary. I’m getting to really dislike him but the alternative is worse.

  2. How is a supposed Non Profit getting away with sending politicians political surveys then publicly rating them?? This is blatent violation of rules pertaining to the IRS 501c3 designation.. I hope Vermont Tax payer money isn’t going to this race based murderous organization complicit in damaging America. Not that a FOIA request on this issue will be successful with the corrupt SoS Condos Office who regulary denies & delays such documents WE have a Right to they are ours. Yet Condos has no problem spending State resources defending radical leftist anti 2nd Amendment laws that violate the Constitutions of VT & the USA. I would have let these laws crash and burn and file State briefs on the side of pro 2nd Amendment Vermonters, current laws and the Constitutions of VT & the USA. Where are Vermont Sheriff’s at during this crap show unless they are apart of and agree with these corrupted partisan politicians?

  3. So what is the alternative.

    Who does the state GOP have standing by in the batters box to replace Scott?

  4. He said in a debate that he has been a Republican longer than I have been. Obviously he has never read the Republican platform or knows what being a Republican means.

  5. Gov. Scott,RINO Leftist of Vermont gets ‘100 percent’ score from Planned Parenthood

    Fixed the title for you to a truthful one.

  6. I am in complete agreement that all parent hood should be planned, but my percentage was different.

    Huh, I scored 0%, explained we didn’t want PAC money, which they said was available if you got 100% agreement. So many questions were the DNC platform, just like Vermont Digger questions and the questions from the teachers union. My question is who own’s who?

    I’d love to see my results….

  7. Well, Governor Phil ” Flip Flop ” Scott is at it again can he stick to anything he says !!

    I believe in women’s rights and what she does with her own body. I don’t have a problem
    when an abortion is needed due to a medical condition, rape or Incest.

    Where I have a problem, is that they use this procedure for ” Birth Control ” If you get
    knocked up in this day an age, your an IDIOT, maybe your next procedure should be
    sterilization ……………….because you have no morals !!

    I have a problem if Tax Dollars being used for abortations because your an IDIOT !!
    Apparently, our Governor doesn’t see an issue, but he did get their votes.


    • Vermont’s Latest “First” !

      Vermont has yet another first, a pro-life politician who scores a “perfect” 100% on the Planned Parenthood fitness survey ! We surely have entered the “never-never land” of political ethics where up is down and wrong is right !

      I guess it’s hard to play to your audience when you have forgotten who they are !

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