GOP Senate Majority releases campaign video against Democrats’ socialist agenda

By Molly Prince

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) released a campaign video Tuesday illustrating the Democratic Party’s “race to radicalism” as the 2020 election cycle kicks off.

The more than two-minute video is the first of the NRSC’s “Last Line of Defense” series, which will highlight the Republican Senate majority’s role as the last line of defense against the socialist policies that were touted during the Democratic primary debates.

NRSC’s video shows excerpts of 2020 Democratic challengers promulgating positions on issues such as raising taxes, Medicare for all, immigration and climate change. The socialist policies espoused by the candidates pivot further left than the Democratic Party platform.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has positioned himself as the “Grim Reaper of the Liberal Agenda” and embraced the title.

“Think of me as the Grim Reaper,” McConnell says during the video. “None of [the Democratic agenda] is going to pass”

“Democratic Senate candidates across the country are running alongside presidential candidates whose promises of crippling tax increases, ending private health insurance, and racing toward radicalism threaten American prosperity and security,” said Jesse Hunt, NRSC’s communication director. “Now more than ever, America needs a strong Republican Senate Majority to be the last line of defense to ensure this extreme socialist agenda will never become reality.”

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Image courtesy of U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

5 thoughts on “GOP Senate Majority releases campaign video against Democrats’ socialist agenda

  1. Do your own math. I am presuming these readers know how many zeros! Progs have no idea !?!
    Divide that by the population of America, or by the number of wage earners – the debt is absolutely staggering, brought to the individual level

  2. Though the “Turtle” Mitch sucked at getting any progress on border/immigration/obola care/ in the early stages of Pres Trump it’s good to see him standing
    up to and having fun playing with the anti American leftards AOC, and the 2 click boom jihadie Isloboobs. I do think he really enjoys his job now…
    The grim reaper indeed

  3. Let them rave on. Not sure how these radical ideas will play out in “fly over” country. Thank heavens for the Electoral College.

  4. Loud-shouting, multi-millionaire, SOCIALIST Bernie Sanders, getting close to 80 years old, with three houses, and a $70,000 Audie (supporting the GERMAN worker), and

    – Flying FOR FREE on private planes spewing CO2, for spouting his SOCIALIST rhetoric nationwide on some else’s dime (his foundation is buying carbon offsets, a cost of “doing business”; a PR gesture!), and

    – Not liking a proper barrier to protect the US southern border (purposely enticing unskilled illiterates, not successful in their own country, to easily enter the US, because they will ultimately become Democrat voters!), and

    – Having his own tax-exempt foundation (don’t pay me, as I would have to pay federal and state income taxes, pay my tax-exempt foundation!), and

    – Promising more and more goodies to his favored supporters, including free health care for everyone, including 11 to 15 million illegals, and forgiveness of student debt (setting a poor example for their future behavior) to raise his poll numbers, and

    – Campaigning for even more US-style Socialism to benefit his foundation, a la Clintons and a la Gore, all smooth-operating, self-serving hucksters!!

  5. 2020 the choices are pretty simple Capitalism ” GOP ” or Socialism ” DNC “.

    Does our Country have problems, of course, but if you want to ” destroy ” our Country
    follow the fools like ” Socialist Sanders ” and his rhetoric !!

    We have a Debt of $22 Trillion just wait until these 2020 DemocRATs pass their socialist
    programs ……twenty-two trillion will be peanuts..

    Vermont, your Senator Sanders made his money the old fashion way with Capitalism, but this
    Buffoon keeps pushing Socialism, what a hypocrite ……………….. Wake up !!

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