Georgia announces full, hand recount in presidential race

By Jason Schaumburg | The Center Square

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said Wednesday the state will do a hand recount of the ballots cast in the presidential election.

Raffensperger said the current margin between President Donald Trump and presumptive president-elect Joe Biden stands at 14,111. Because it’s so close and almost 5 million votes were cast in the race, a full hand recount of every vote is statistically necessary to correctly determine the winner, Raffensperger said.

“This will help build confidence. It will be an audit, a recount and a recanvass all at once,” Raffensperger said. “It will be a heavy lift, but we will work with the counties to get this done in time for state certification.”

Georgia’s deadline to certify election results is Nov. 20.

Raffensperger said his office will continue to investigate specific claims of illegal voting.

“If you know of a case of illegal voting or suspected illegal voting, bring that to us,” Raffensperger said. “Anecdotes and stories doesn’t work. We need something we can actually investigate.”

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2 thoughts on “Georgia announces full, hand recount in presidential race


    I watched a Twitter 6-part video on my iPhone, showing a woman poll worker talking about three trucks and a Ferrari, arriving at her polling station in Detroit, Michigan.
    The trucks delivered more than 138,000 ballots all marked for Biden.

    She was talking for about 20 minutes about what she and other people saw.
    A psychologist, specialist in facial movements, attested she is speaking the truth.

    This is a huge bit of news.
    Organized fraud on a large scale, to deprive Trump from being re-elected.
    It is just unbelievable
    And the same thing happened in Wisconsin!!

    This major fraud, on a large scale, just had to be prepared in advance, and in secret.

    Here, on TWITTER, is the 6-part video of a poll station worker talking for about 15 minutes
    I recommend you watch all 6 parts to get a democracy-in-action education.

    She, said: She and others, saw 3 trucks arrive about 4 AM Wednesday, Nov 3, with more than 130,000 ballots, all filled out for Biden, ready for counting.
    She said: Poll workers were astounded all the ballots were marked for Biden.
    She said: We were told to scan/count them, even though none of them had been verified.
    She said: Poll challengers/poll watchers were barred from observing the scanning/counting.

    NOTE: Here’s another fascinating perspective that simply does not agree with normal reality.
    Votes appear from nowhere for Biden in traditionally Republican districts. Entire such districts were flipped to Biden.
    It is easy to do. Just google to find examples.
    Just give party operatives access to the ballot envelopes, to replace any Trump ballots with Biden ballots, and reseal the envelopes.

  2. Would the FULL hand count be able to distinguish between legal votes and illegal/pilfered votes?
    Would the FULL hand count be able to determine if a voter was properly registered, i.e., if that voter had:

    1) Photo ID and
    2) Birth certificate (or citizen papers), and
    3) Proof of residence on file with a Town Clerk?

    I very much doubt it.


    Ballots should be numbered, similar to lottery tickets.
    All ballots must be run through a machine by pre-selected neutral people on Election Day.
    No universal mail-in of ballots. That clearly overloads the US postal system.
    No same-day registering and voting.
    All registered voters must be US citizens, and have valid signatures, up-to-date photo IDs, and proof of residence on file with Town Clerks
    All registered absentee voters must request ballots.
    No harvesting of ballots from anywhere, including from nursing homes.
    If absentee, no ballots are valid, unless properly notarized and post-marked before or on Election Day.

    With a proper computer system, immediately after the polls close, it will be known which ballot numbers were not used, such as someone died, moved away, or did not bother to vote.
    Those numbers would immediately be declared void, to avoid them being used for nefarious purposes, as happened in Michigan, Wisconsin, Philadelphia, etc.

    There would still be many smaller ways to game the system, but at least the barn door would be closed before the horse got out.

    Before the present election, ballot envelopes were opened by Democrat-party operators. If Biden, they were resealed and counted. If Trump, the ballot was replaced with a for-Biden ballot, resealed and counted. This likely was practiced in Democrat-dominated cities, such as Detroit, Mich.; Philadelphia, Pa.; Atlanta, Ga.; Milwaukee, Wis.; and Las Vegas, Nev.

    Any Trump litigating likely would not catch enough fraud to make a difference.
    Changing the rules?

    Will never happen, because power and control folks like losey, goosy rules “for flexibility”.

    They want “same-day” registration and voting.
    They want criminals to vote
    They want illegals to vote
    They want “same-day” registering and voting

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