‘Gay agenda’: Disney employees reportedly reveal effort to inject ‘queerness’ into kids shows

By Laurel Duggan

Walt Disney corporate employees were reportedly caught on camera discussing efforts to include more LGBT content in the company’s programming during company meetings discussing a Florida education bill, according to videos shared by Manhattan Institute senior fellow and activist Christopher Rufo.

A woman Rufo identified as Latoya Raveneau, an executive producer at Disney, reportedly boasted about injecting “queer” content into children’s shows and said the company made no effort to stop her during a meeting discussing Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill, according to one of the leaked videos. The legislation, which bans instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten through third grade, was signed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Monday.

Raveneau reportedly said she had heard rumors at other studios that the company restricted LGBT content and that they “won’t let you show this in a Disney show,” but her experience while working at Disney was “bafflingly the opposite,” according to the video. The woman added that leadership was very welcoming of her “not-at-all-secret gay agenda.”

“I don’t have to be afraid to, like, let’s have these two characters kiss,” Raveneau reportedly said, according to the video obtained by Rufo. “I was just, wherever I could just basically adding queerness … no one would stop me and no one was trying to stop me.”

A man Rufo identified as production coordinator Allen March reportedly said the company’s “Moon Girl” team was “really open to exploring queer stories,” according to another video, and said he used a tracker to make sure shows had enough LGBT characters to accurately reflect modern day New York, where the show takes place.

Disney did not respond to multiple requests for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

In another video, a woman Rufo identified as Disney corporate president Karey Burke reportedly said Disney has “many, many, many LGBTQIA characters in our stories, and yet we don’t have enough leads and narratives in which gay characters get to be just characters.”

“I’m here as a mother of two queer children – actually, one transgender child and one pansexual child – and also as a leader,” she said, according to the video Rufo obtained.

Another employee reportedly said Disney dropped gendered greetings such as “ladies and gentlemen” and “boys and girls” last summer in favor of “dreamers of all ages,” according to another video shared by Rufo.

Staff members also appeared to discuss Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill and Texas’s efforts to prosecute those who participate in medical transitions of transgender children, according to one video shared by Rufo.

“When they can erase you, when they can criminalize your existence, when they can demonize who you are, the next step is to criminalize you and take your kids,” a woman Rufo identified as Disney’s activism partner Nadine Smith of Equality Florida, an LGBT rights organization, reportedly said in another video. “And we’re already seeing that in Texas.”

Disney came out against Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Bill on March 9, with CEO Bob Chapek saying he was “disappointed” in the legislation after facing pressure from LGBT activists.

“Disney built a legendary brand as a family friendly company that creates wholesome entertainment for children. It is a tremendous mistake to throw that away in order to advocate for sex and gender ideology in grades K-3,” DeSantis’s press secretary Christina Pushaw told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Disney’s California ‘values’ do not get to determine policy in Florida.”

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9 thoughts on “‘Gay agenda’: Disney employees reportedly reveal effort to inject ‘queerness’ into kids shows

  1. The gays use to claim it wasn’t their fault, that they were born the way they are. Now they want to teach kids to be abnormal like they are. — I don’t have the politically correct opinion, but I pretty much think the world was a safer when we called a spade a spade, and let the lumps fall where they fall.

  2. The employee’s need a “sick day” ( like the “blue Flu” that police did) for about 3 days or so..call it the POO FLU..anyway H.R. can’t retaliate bc it’s within the employee rights and now the message is clear “we do not agree” …upset the work chain, so much that Disney feels the pain. The small minority is once again is making the majority suffer..btw, the polls in FL say that well over 60% of Disney employee’s support the FL bill to limit sex “instruction” to children under grade 4. MOst ppl have not even read the bill, NO WHERE does it say “don’t say gay” it simply reads children K-3 should not be getting sexual instruction etc from schools, teachers. But that the parents should be the one’s deciding when to teach sexual orientation, etc.

  3. If only we could tap into that source of limitless, renewable energy: Walt Disney spinning in his grave.

  4. Disney has been doing this for a least 10 years now and people are just starting to get clued in?

  5. Freedom-loving individuals who care about…dare I say it: “Family Values”…need to stop patronizing
    the segments of the entertainment industry that threaten them. That now most certainly includes all Disney products. Stop the use of ALL social media will also help to starve the beast. “Email” is all the social media a decent person needs. Let the demoKKKrat party promote the freedom to sexualize
    young children in public schools as part of their platform and see how that works out for them.

  6. Sounds like “Dopey” is now in charge of the Disney personnel department; and I’ll bet you can’t say Snow White anymore. I’m glad I took my kids to Disney Land when it was still meant for the kids. Wouldn’t take my grand kids there now. Who are these creeps who are making it LGBTQDODADODADAY World instead of Disney World? Walt must be rolling in his grave…

  7. She needs to be fired as not conforming to good ethics and morals — just like Walt would have dumped her as an employee.

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