Former Republican state auditor urges write-in campaign for Democrat

By Guy Page

Republican state Sen. Randy Brock, a former auditor for Vermont, says a fiscal conservative and experienced auditor like Linda Joy Sullivan is a better choice for state auditor than incumbent Doug Hoffer, even though both are Democrats.

Since no Republicans are running for the office, Brock wants Republican voters to write in Sullivan’s name in the Aug. 11 primary.

Linda J Sullivan (left), incumbent auditor Doug Hoffer

“As a former State Auditor, I know how important it is to have that office occupied by a person who is competent, technically savvy and independent. It is an office where partisanship and political agendas have no place,” Brock said in a statement published by the Sullivan campaign. “That’s why today I am heartily endorsing Linda Joy Sullivan to become Vermont’s next State Auditor.”

He continued: “Linda is a Democrat and I am a Republican. Although I do not agree with every vote she has cast, I know from her work in the House of Representatives that Linda is her own person. She is someone who can leave party politics at the doorstep of the Auditor’s Office and act as Vermont’s independent non-partisan watchdog,” he continued. “She is a Certified Public Accountant, an experienced independent auditor, and she holds both an MBA and a Master of Laws degree.”

Incumbent Doug Hoffer is endorsed by both the Progressive and Democratic parties and has long been an ally of first Burlington Mayor and then Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Sullivan is also a fellow Bennington County legislator and compatriot of Rep. Cynthia Browning (D-Arlington), who is running as an independent in the November election after her own party decided to run candidates against her in the August primary. Browning publicly opposed House Speaker Mitzi Johnson on several issues this session and has announced she will run for Speaker of the House if re-elected.

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9 thoughts on “Former Republican state auditor urges write-in campaign for Democrat

  1. If this guy can’t find a Republican to endorses, he’s a Democrat in disguise and should be ignored.

    • There are no Republicans running for State Auditor. Can we write Ms. Sullivan in as a ‘Republican’, even though she’s a registered Democrat?

      • the state GOP has been endorsing Democrats for decades and it’s reflected on the ballots. That Republicans would endorse Democrats is beyond tragic, it’s unconscionable. How many Democrats are truly against abortion and for sticking absolutely to the Constitutions without any reservations whatsoever?

        • Head and shoulders above Hoffer who is a Progressive – the most Marxist element of the Democrat Party.

  2. WAIT-A-MIN. — aren’t we Republican’s supposed to be party hacks??? You mean to say we’re to vote for competence over party affiliation??? HERESY!!!! Oh wait — this is a trick, right?…The Dem./Prog. will think we’re trying to confuse them so we can steal all their Gov. stuff? Bless their heart, they’ll never catch on, competence rules…lets go for it. Linda S…you are now a mole for the legions in the a-cross-party Good Sense Vermont underground.

  3. Randy, I never vote for any Democrat, but if you feel that Linda Joy Sullivan is
    a step in the right direction for the state, I will make sure she get’s my vote.

    Maybe we still have some blue-collar democrats in the state, instead of these
    socialist liberals……. what a disgrace !!

  4. Thanks senator she has my vote. Hoffer is a Progressive who worked for Comrade Sanders and is deeply dishonest about true condition of our state claiming exodus from VT were ‘older workers retiring’ but had to have known all along b’bye Mr Hoffer.

  5. Auditor Hoffer also promised to report on the EB-5 fiasco. But with the involvment of former governor Shumlin, Sen. Leahy. Sen. Sanders and Rep. Welch in the scheme, all we hear are crickets. I’ll be writing in Ms. Sullivan.

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