Fast food workers spent Labor Day on strike for a $15 minimum wage

By Henry Rodgers

Workers from various fast food chains as well as other restaurants across the U.S. spent their labor day on strike demanding a $15 an hour minimum wage.

Protesters from across the U.S. gathered in “Fight For $15” rallies where workers pushed for $15 an hour union rights for fast food workers as well as paid medical leave.

The Labor Day protests were held in states across the U.S., some rallies reportedly had crowd sizes of several thousand workers.

Organizers said they have seen some progress over the summer. In June, Minneapolis adopted a $15 an hour minimum wage, and mayors in Cleveland and Atlanta said they plan to do the same.

The protest is part of a nationwide demonstration. The large organization “Fight For $15” has smaller groups based and ran out of each state.

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Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Fibonacci Blue