EAI Roll Call: How your senator voted on permanent universal vote-by-mail

By Rob Roper

S.15, an act related to correcting defective ballots, passed the Vermont Senate on March 18 by a vote of 27-3. The purpose of the legislation is to make election policies and procedures adopted during the Covid pandemic emergency permanent features of Vermont elections.

Analysis: The name of this bill is somewhat misleading. Although the bill does contain a provision allowing for elections officials to notify a voter if there is a correctable problem with a cast ballot and offer an opportunity to correct that ballot, the more important aspects relate to codifying into law the policy of having the Secretary of State’s office mail a “live” ballot to every active voter on the voter checklist without the voter having to request the ballot.

More important than what is in the bill is what is not: any meaningful security measures that would allow election officials to verify that the absentee ballots counted were actually filled out by the persons to whom the vote is being attributed. Other states that conduct elections either primarily or entirely by mail incorporate such safety measures as signature verification (matching the signature on the return envelope with a signature of the voter on file to confirm the identity of the voter), bans on “ballot harvesting” (the controversial practice of campaigns and special interest groups collecting ballots directly from voters, sometime crossing legal lines in order to influence election outcomes), and robust processes for removing no-longer-eligible voters from the rolls. S.15 has none of these or any comparable safeguards.

Point of fact: During testimony before the House and Senate Government Operations Committees town/city clerks and the Vermont Director of Elections admitted that under this system there is virtually no way for vote counters to differentiate fraudulent from valid mail in ballots.

Those voting YES believe that mailing ballots to all voters will reduce barriers to voting and increase voter participation in elections.

Those voting NO believe this is an invitation for voter fraud on small or large scales that cannot be detected, traced, prosecuted, or remedied.

As Recorded in the Senate Journal, Thursday, March 18, 2021: “Thereupon, the bill was read the third time and passed on a roll call, Yeas 27, Nays 3. Senator Clarkson having demanded the yeas and nays, they were taken and are as follows.” (Read the Journal, p. 245 – 246 and view the floor debate on YouTube.)

How They Voted

Becca Balint (D-Windham) – YES
Philip Baruth (D-Chittenden) – YES
Joseph Benning (R-Caledonia) – YES
Christopher Bray (D-Addison) – YES
Randy Brock (R-Franklin) – YES
Brian Campion (D-Bennington) – YES
Thomas Chittenden (D-Chittenden) – YES
Alison Clarkson (D-Windsor) – YES
Brian Collamore (R-Rutland) – NO
Ann Cummings (D-Washington) – YES
Ruth Hardy (D-Addison) – YES
Cheryl Hooker (D-Rutland) – YES
Russ Ingalls (R-Essex-Orleans) – NO
M. Jane Kitchel (D-Caledonia) – YES
Virginia Lyons (D-Chittenden) – YES
Mark MacDonald (D-Orange) – YES
Richard Mazza (D-Chittenden-Grand Isle) – YES
Richard McCormack (D-Windsor) – YES
Alice Nitka (D-Windsor District) – YES
Corey Parent (R-Franklin) – YES
Chris Pearson (P-Chittenden) – YES
Andrew Perchlik (D-Washington) – YES
Anthony Pollina (P/D-Washington) – YES
Kesha Ram (D-Chittenden) – YES
Richard Sears (D-Bennington) – YES
Michael Sirotkin (D-Chittenden) – YES
Robert Starr (D-Essex-Orleans) – YES
Joshua Terenzini (D-Rutland) –NO
Richard Westman (R-Lamoille) – YES
Jeanette White (D-Windham) – YES

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6 thoughts on “EAI Roll Call: How your senator voted on permanent universal vote-by-mail

  1. Here is a list of NWO Pimps for the world to see.

    Yes = Pimp
    No = Not a Pimp, thank you kindly.

    So the minority could vote their conscience, full well knowing it would not make a difference, but look what they do!

    Yes = I love and support corruption
    No = No, no thank you Vermont has enough corruption!!!

    Yes look this list over.

    This is why Vermont is where we are. This is why common sense is all but gone in Vermont. We have to admit, to fully appreciate our position politically to understand how we are going to move forward. This is but ONE example of the heavy lifting ahead of us .

    It can’t be won by conventional frontal stand off. Clearly the number are not in our favor. It is truly a David vs. Goliath story. Might we have his grace and mercy at our backs.

    This is why they say we must be more clever than snake and more innocent than doves.

  2. How is it that these people are so irresponsible (except for the wise ones that voted no) to vote in mailing live ballots to everyone with NO checks against fraud. It is unbelievable. Please take the time to e-mail/write/call these people and ask them why they would do such a thing. Elections HAVE to have security in order to be trusted by the population. I certainly do not have confidence in our elections.

  3. Bob Power,

    Indeed many aspects of election rules and regulation were not paid attention to by the Senate.
    I am surprised so many Republicans voted for universal mail-in ballots, which was the main reason for the shenanigans of the past election.
    See URL


    Dem/Progs likely know:

    – Illegals, with and without documents, are not allowed to vote, per US Constitution.
    – Legal US residents with green cards (who are not citizens), are also not allowed to vote, per US Constitution.

    Dem/Progs aim to have every one vote, dead or alive, a la Tracy Adams in Georgia.
    To make that happen, Dem/Progs in Georgia, or any other state, want “inclusive” registered voter lists.

    Anecdote, i.e., my personal experience

    An “unlikely” voter shows up to vote, in person.
    Poll worker: You already voted.
    Voter: How could that be! I never received a ballot?
    Poll worker: Let me see. Our records show you did. OK, here is a spare ballot. Please sign this affidavit, (to “classify” me for the next time)

    Purifying Registered Voter Lists

    Vermont Secretary of State Condos, and his counterparts in other states, should focus on:

    1) Cleaning up their registered voter lists
    2)) Rectify their loose-goosy, permissive, voting “requirements”, instead of using them as election weapons to flout the will of the people.

    Manipulating voter lists provides corrupt election officials more names to “play” with, to enhance Dem/Prog power and command/control.

    Secretaries of State and Dem/Prog legislators want to keep “their registered voting list weapons” by:

    1) Not deleting dead people
    2) Not deleting people who moved to another state
    3) Enabling non-citizens and illegal aliens to vote
    4) Enabling temporary residents to vote, even if they would reside less time in state than required by law. That requirement should be at least one year to avoid shenanigans
    5) Enabling convicted felons to vote (in jail, on parole, or not)
    6) Enabling under-age people to vote
    7) Enabling feeble-minded people in nursing homes to “vote”, by “proxies” filling in their ballots, without telling them; the epidemy of “absentee” voting.
    8) Enabling out-of-state /foreign students, citizen or not, to vote. They should vote in their own state/country at all times, no excuse.
    9) Enabling “motor-voting” to all comers, documented or not.
    10) Enabling ballot drop off boxes that are unsupervised 24/7, not monitored by video, a major fraud opportunity. A continuity of custody issue.
    11) Enabling indiscriminate mail-in voting (taking advantage of COVID conditions), a major fraud opportunity, as President Carter predicted a few decades ago, and was proven in 2020.
    12 Placing in service Dominion, etc., voting machines that are:

    1) Programmable, i.e., they automatically switch votes from non-favored to favored candidates, as demonstrated on videos.
    2) Wirelessly connected to state-owned servers, enabling the:

    – Observation of real-time counting by official state entities.
    – Observation by unofficial entities by: 1) hacking the servers, and 2) by having received passwords from corrupt counting officials.
    – Sharing of real-time counting with US and foreign media for their election coverage.
    – The active “observation/participation” by foreign actors, such as China, etc.

    NOTE: Condos would say: “Vermont’s counting machines are old-fashioned. They merely read ballots”
    Feeding “extra” ballots of dead people, and moved people, into the readers, to favor a candidate, at opportune times, is not possible?

    Counting Abuses

    In Democrat-run Vermont cities and towns, feeding fake ballots (stuffing the ballot box) is a common practice, as is feeding the same ballot multiple times. Poll workers talk about shenanigans, but almost never in public, for fear of retaliation, such as loss of a job.

    In Georgia counting centers, such fake ballots and multiple-feeding was recorded, on surveillance videos, unbeknownst to counting folks.
    Remarkably, not one of about 10 perpetrators was charged/arrested by local police, local courts, the FBI and DOJ!!!

    Trump lost Georgia,, and other states, as ordained/orchestrated by Dem/Progs and allied entities.

    Unfavorable Counting Trends

    If counting trends are unfavorable, due to unforeseen, landslide-voting for a not-favored candidate, election officials in Dem/Prog-run cities:

    1) Merely stop the counting to reassess the situation (with supporting comments from the Dem/Prog-controlled Media)

    2) Hussle up additional already-filled-in “mail-in” ballots, in envelopes or not, with creases or not, from undisclosed storage areas (as revealed by counting spikes shown on TV, etc.)

    3) Run the same ballots through counting machines multiple times during off-hours, with no observers (on surveillance video in Georgia), and during regular hours, with observers far away from the actual counting, and with blanked-off windows to preclude observation by anyone else.

    NOTE: The Legislature of New Hampshire became Republican, because the activist “student vote” was absent.
    They likely voted in their own states as well, as part of “every vote must be counted”.

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