Donations to NRA triple amid nationwide demands for gun control

By Kyle Perisic | The Daily Signal

Donations to the National Rifle Association’s political action committee more than tripled amid heightened calls for stricter gun control laws.

After a 19-year-old with an AR 15-style rifle took 17 lives Feb. 14 at a high school in Parkland, Florida, some Americans demanded more restrictions on gun ownership.

A retired Supreme Court justice, John Paul Stevens, used a New York Times op-ed March 27 to become perhaps the most prominent liberal to date to call for repealing the Second Amendment, which guarantees an individual’s right to bear arms.

The NRA responded to Stevens’ proposal, saying: “The men and women of the National Rifle Association, along with the majority of the American people and the Supreme Court, believe in the Second Amendment right to self-protection, and we will unapologetically continue to fight to protect this fundamental freedom.”

The NRA’s political action committee, the NRA Political Victory Fund, took in more than $779,000 in individual contributions in February, up from almost $248,000 in January, according to its most recent filing with the Federal Election Commission.

The Center for Responsive Politics, a nonpartisan organization that tracks political spending, said the number of contributors to the NRA in the two weeks after the Parkland shooting more than quadrupled from the two weeks before.

From Jan. 31 to Feb. 13, NRA’s PAC received 51 donations. From Feb. 15 to Feb. 28, it received 226 donations.

The PAC collected $93,963.04 in February, or double the previous month, in itemized contributions, which are donations of $200 or more from individuals.

Donations of $200 or more are required by law to be itemized and disclosed, including the donor’s name, occupation, employer, and ZIP code.

About 88 percent of donations to the NRA’s PAC in February came from unitemized contributions—individuals giving $200 or less.

The NRA increased spending on ads on Facebook and YouTube from $11,300 per day on average in the 24 days before the Parkland shooting to $47,300 a day in the next 24 days, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The Second Amendment Foundation, a nonprofit based in Washington state that supports gun rights, said it saw a “2,500 percent” increase in registration and support from 18- to 20-year-olds since the Florida mass murder, but the organization would not provide specific figures to The Daily Signal.

The increase in support occurred through “organic” internet searches, not through outreach efforts such as ads, the organization’s founder said.

“We normally don’t get that many members or donors in that age group,” Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb said, “since the gun-rights movement typically trends toward older Americans.”

Gottlieb said his organization never “specifically targeted” 18- to 20-year-olds, but added that it is “obviously alarmed” about politicians seeking to restrict gun rights.

“SAF did nothing special to make [the increase in interest] happen,” he said. “They have really done this on their own, finding us on the internet and following up.”

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9 thoughts on “Donations to NRA triple amid nationwide demands for gun control

  1. Remember in November !!!

    But becareful, I know that Governor Scott has turned his back on us but we need to remember
    that we’ll need a “Candidate ” that can get nearly 100% of the Pro Gun Voters, from what I have
    going to Montpelier for Gun Rallies , we only get a few thousand that show up ( why ) ???

    I believe the number is something like 100,000 registered gun owners in the state and we will
    need every one to VOTE every time !!. or next time we’ll be looking at Governor Zuckerman.

    Stay Vilgilant , take out state back from our Liberal Legislators !!

  2. Vermonters and Americans in general need to improve their long term memory. Remember in November. Needs to be spoken loud and often.

  3. We, the voters will need a list of the snowflake legislators. Not just the Chittenden and Addison county names but also those who chose to limit our rights from Bennington to Windsor counties. Now is the time to organize for the November election.

  4. Why do sheeple vote for idiots to Gov to take away their rights? There’s a MAJOR disconnect between the ears, resulting from Gov schools / eating Bon Bons on the couch watching dumbified TV? Most activity is to get their welfare check and buy drugs, the Vermont Way.

    The Law makers are from the couch scenario, not intelligent. They can’t read. Don’t know history. What is the US Constitution—Bill of Rights—VT Constitution? DUH! The VT Legislators are on welfare sucking tax dollars to survive (biggest industry in VT).

    These civil rights grabbers think they are safe and will be returned come election. I see the tide turning and the gun issue was the catalyst. They are too dumb to realize.

    Sheeple got what they voted for. Too bad there’s not a compensatory test required to vote. One question being who is the present President? Second question being, are you legally here?

  5. We all know the original intent of the 2A. To protect ourselves from an overpowering Govt. The Founders of our country inserted this amendment as a result of the brits attempting to remove our means of self defense at Concord. Without this enumerated right, we would all be cannon fodder for the ‘gun grabbers’. They are still active today, but as thinly disguised snowflakes. Lose the 2A, and we wind up like Adolphs Germany in the 30’s. Many of us fought for this right, and as stated ‘shall not be abridged’. The only amendment so stated. Then, there is Art 16 of VT constitution. If this bill is signed by our rino gov, I’m afraid all hell will break lose in our formerly conservative state. Ammo up and support our Constitution and the NRA.

  6. That’s great news. That says that the gun owners are really going to pay attention in the upcoming elections. New gun laws are an outright attack on the rights our fore fathers gave us and they need to be protected at all costs.

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