Justice Department jumps into legal battle over campus attacks on free speech

By Rob Shimshock

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Department of Justice filed Monday a statement of interest against the University of Michigan in a lawsuit alleging the school’s speech policies violate students’ free speech rights.

The department alleges that the University of Michigan, which was sued in May by free speech nonprofit Speech First, has an “unconstitutional” statement of student rights and responsibilities.

“The United States’ Statement of Interest argues that the University of Michigan’s Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities, which prohibits ‘harassment,’ ‘bullying,’ and ‘bias,’ is unconstitutional because it offers no clear, objective definitions of the violations,” the department asserted. “Instead, the Statement refers students to a wide array of ‘examples of various interpretations that exist for the terms,’ many of which depend on a listener’s subjective reaction to speech.”

Sessions’ Justice Department also cited University of Michigan’s bias response team that, according to Speech First, has conducted over 150 investigations into allegations of bias over the past year.

University of Michigan is the fourth school to have the pleasure of receiving a statement of interest from Sessions’ Justice Department. The DOJ previously filed statements in cases involving University of California, Berkeley; Georgia Gwinnett College; and Los Angeles Pierce College.

The school made headlines earlier in 2018 when union-backed professors at its Ann Arbor campus demanded a nearly 200 percent salary increase. University of Michigan also denied a degree and transcript to a student accused of sexual assault, but would not grant him a hearing either.

“Contrary to the Department’s statement, the university’s Bias Response Team does not ‘ha[ve] the authority to subject students to discipline and sanction,’” University of Michigan spokesman Rick Fitzgerald told The Daily Caller News Foundation, linking to a clarification of the definitions. “Rather, it provides support to students on a voluntary basis; it does not investigate claims of bias or discipline students in any way.”

“[University of Michigan] prohibits ‘harassing’ and ‘bullying,’ but the definitions of those terms have just been streamlined and are based on provisions of Michigan law that have been upheld by the courts,” Fitzgerald said.

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  1. It shocks the Snowflakes to find out there is another side to every opinion. Since they cannot refute other ideas, they have to squelch them.

  2. Freedom Of Speech, it appears it’s only for those on the left you know the Liberal
    Colleges that indoctrinate year after year and those minions follow, Educated Idiots.

    Any of the Colleges that are caught up in this Biased Position against Free Speech
    should have any Federal funding of any kind removed ASAP .

    Then you have the BLM mob, these cowards have to hide there faces when they
    protect ( spineless ) .

    I hope the DOJ , holds there feet to the fire

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