Did Biden really promise Beto O’Rourke would run national gun control policy?

By Guy Page

Yesterday on Twitter a prominent liberal Vermont pundit (OK, it was Kevin Ellis) asked if anyone really believes a President Joe Biden would appoint Beto “we are going to take away your AR-15” O’Rourke as his national gun control czar.

I picked up the gauntlet. Edited slightly for brevity, the thread appears below:

Page: “Biden said he’d make Beto his gun czar. Beto has said people shouldn’t own AR-15s. Taking them at their word, it’s reasonable to think owning and operating America’s most popular .22 will become problematic.”

Gage Skidmore/Flickr

Former U.S. Congressman Beto O’Rourke speaking with attendees at the 2019 National Forum on Wages and Working People hosted by the Center for the American Progress Action Fund and the SEIU at the Enclave in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ellis: “Please. Do you really believe that Joe Biden would appoint Beto gun czar. Stop watching Tucker Carlson. Biden has to fix the economy and virus. He doesn’t have time for silly fake fights like this…..Please show me where Biden said this about Beto. And Fox doesn’t count. Give me Reuter’s, NY Times, WashPost or someone reputable.”

Well, that was easy.

I reprinted a Biden quote from the large, liberal daily newspaper Dallas Morning News March 10, 2020 in which he tells O’Rourke in front of an adoring crowd, “you’re going to take care of the gun problem with me.”

Here’s the quote: “I’m going to guarantee you, this is not the last you’ve seen of this guy,” Biden told a raucous crowd at Gilley’s, his arm on O’Rourke. “You’re going to take care of the gun problem with me. You’re going to be the one that leads this effort.”

There. He said it. So unless Biden is just another dishonest politician making empty campaign promises, under Biden it’s reasonable to expect so-called “mandatory buybacks” of the nation’s most popular firearm. It’s reasonable to expect because it’s what Biden and Beto have already told us to expect.

Not that there is anything inherently reasonable about mandatory buybacks, even in the term itself. The government can’t “buy back” what it never owned. And the word “buy” usually implies consent.

Kevin Ellis is one of my favorite liberals. He wrote a terrific essay this week about paying it forward across the cultural and political divide. But he and other gun-hatin’ liberals should take note: gun confiscation is becoming less politically “reasonable” or at least advisable. Between March and June Americans bought a record 8.3 million guns, 40% of them new gun owners, as big city rioters smashed, threatened and sometimes killed with little resistance from local police and politicians, and politicians threatened to defund police. These new and repeat gun owners (and presumably voters) now have a large financial and emotional investment in keeping their guns.

If Biden loses the election, it will be interesting to see how the new gun owners voted, and how they would have voted had not many prominent Democrats pledged gun seizure, stood silent while cities burned, and espoused police defunding.

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8 thoughts on “Did Biden really promise Beto O’Rourke would run national gun control policy?

  1. Don’t matter what joe said he’d lie about it anyway… That’s been his

    MO for the last 47 yrs.. also It wouldn’t be him making the decisions, it would
    be the puppet strings of his handlers. He can’t even remember where he is or what he was saying. How’s he going to make policy? The prog left wing will
    have a huge number of those strings and his number 2 won’t be afraid to pull

  2. For a number of years, the official platform of the Democratic Party indicated that the 2nd Amendment was an Individual Right.

    That stopped in 2016 and 2020, and it is not happenstance.

    Between Nov 1998 and June of 2020, over 572,302 background checks were run for firearm purchases right here in Vermont. It can be assumed that an equal number of firearm already existed here prior to Nov of 1998, and as an aside the AR-15 first became available in 1956.

    All those guns; and second safest state in the nation for Violent Crime per FBI.

    The whittling of firearm rights here in Vermont is alive and well, it is more active than most folks know, when Democrats vote in the Legislature they usually do so along their party lines, and that Party Line has moved away from Firearms being an Individual Right.

  3. Biden is getting creepier and creepier! Another reason to re-elect President Trump and I don’t own a gun or plan to.

  4. Yes Biden did, his words, what he is proposing thru whatever method is and would be unConstitutional. What was once known as the Democrat party has most un democratic Marxist and thus antithetical to the Constitution and the republic.

  5. Well, it appears that even blue collar democrats took Biden on his word,
    if he remembers saying that…….

    Gun sales and ammo sales are through the roof……. Thank you Joe !!

    Even if Biden didn’t say that ” But ” he did, DemocRATs have been trying
    to remove the Second Amendent for years with a zealot like Bloomberg and
    other fruitcakes, if they think ilaw-abiding gun owners will stand for this they
    have another think coming………..

    If you like the Constitution and you’re freedoms……….. Joe’s not your man !!

    Get a Mask, hand sanitizer and your own pen and head to the polls…………

  6. Gun sales are up because the Democrat led cities and states have failed their citizens in protecting them and their property from intimidation, destruction and ensuring quality of life. Red states and cities are not experiencing the same debacle, or if they have, they stopped it posthaste!

    Citizens are taking their plight into their own hands and are arming themselves in an unprecedented fervor.

    Mr. Zuckerman, being a steadfast Progressive, is still pushing, in his bid for Governor, for a firearms waiting period on Vermonters even when there is not a shred of evidence that another gun law would make any difference, period! It is tough to make things better when you are one of the two safest states in the nation when it comes to gun crimes. The more laws you enact, the less safe this state will become, just like our neighbors to the west and south with all of their draconian, restrictive gun laws. Their crime rates are about 350% higher than VT.

    Just like Obama tried, when he said, “If we can’t ban guns, then let’s ban ammunition.” He attempted, and failed.

    • I can order a complete AR 10, AR 15, or Sleepy Joe’s favorite, an AR 14 with an 80% lower receiver without a background check or a waiting period. A few hours later, with a few simple tools, they’re fully operational.

      Nobody in the State of VT can change this. Free Americans have always been able to manufacture their own firearms.

  7. The Democrats have sold so many guns for us that we should send them a Thank You Card.
    The NRA Tweeted the other day that ammo sales are up 136%..

    People have gotten the message loud and clear that they might be shooting their way out of Socialism obviously. Then seeing our cities burning down while they defund the Police sure hasn’t helped them either.
    So have fun with this idea- and guess who is buying all these guns, women and Blacks, first time gun owners too.
    No one is giving up their guns.

    Michael Bloomberg has sure wasted a lot of money.

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