Fake news mania: Democrats say Putin has damaging information on Trump following summit

By Julia Cohen

Senate Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer joined the chorus of Democrats claiming that Russian President Vladimir Putin has damaging information on President Donald Trump following the two world leaders’ joint press conference Monday.

“A single, ominous question now hangs over the White House: what could possibly cause @realDonaldTrump to put the interests of Russia over those of the United States?” Schumer tweeted. “Millions of Americans will continue to wonder if the only possible explanation for this dangerous behavior is the possibility that President Putin holds damaging information over President Trump.”

House Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi echoed Schumer’s sentiment, tweeting “Every single day, I find myself asking: what do the Russians have on @realDonaldTrump personally, financially, & politically? The answer to that question is that only thing that explains his behavior & his refusal to stand up to Putin.”

“Why did Trump meet 1 on 1 with Putin? What might he be hiding from Bolton, Pompeo, Kelly, & the American public? How will Putin use whatever Trump could be hiding to advantage Russia & hurt America? Trump’s total lack of credibility renders spurious whatever explanation he gives,” CIA director under former President Barack Obama John Brennan also tweeted Monday.

“I wish I was surprised by Trump’s deference to Putin, but it’s been clear that the President would rather trust his Russian “friend” than the US intelligence community – the question that remains is why. The Mueller investigation is no witch hunt & that’s why he’s so scared of it,” New York Democratic Rep. Carolyn Maloney tweeted.

So far, there has been no public evidence that the Trump campaign worked with Russia to interfere in the 2016 election.

“President Trump’s priority seems to be protecting himself over protecting the nation. There is no other explanation for siding with Putin over his own intelligence agencies & continuing to denounce the Special Counsel investigation,” Connecticut Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal tweeted.

Putin denied having any incriminating evidence on Trump.

“I did hear those rumors that we allegedly collected compromising material on Mr. Trump when he was visiting Moscow. Let me tell you this: When President Trump [visited] Moscow back then, I didn’t even know he was in Moscow,” Putin stated at the Monday press conference.

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3 thoughts on “Fake news mania: Democrats say Putin has damaging information on Trump following summit

  1. The US intelligence agencies were united about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
    It turned out they were wrong.
    The US invaded Iraq, even though dissident Saudis had orchestrated and led and financed 9/11, and had fled to Afghanistan.
    About $5 trillion later, Iraq is destroyed and ISIS is rising again.

    East Germany is united with West Germany.
    South Korea should be united with North Korea.
    South Vietnam is united with North Vietnam.

    Why all these wars?

    It is obvious, POLITICAL solutions are required.

    Talking with foes is better than war.

    Trump is right. The EU is a grossly unfair foe regarding trade.

    Norway was going to pass an anti-Tesla law that would have imposed an $8000 on-time weight tax on Teslas, because they are heavy and wear out the roads. Fortunately, the law did not pass. Nice trading partner”

    Germany just passed an anti-Tesla law that provides subsidies for EVs costing less than $60,000.

    Teslas do not “qualify”, because cost about $100,000 in Germany. Nice trading “partner”

    Italy has an effective 100% tax on Harley-Davidson imports to protect its own industries. Nice trading partner”

    The EU has been at these games for over SEVENTY YEARS.

    That, and its higher tariffs, has tilted the trade table in their favor.

    The US charges 2.5% for an imported car, the EU 10% and China 25%.

    They are fully aware of this, but the US people are not.

    It is shameful the US government allowed them to get away with it for so many decades.

    Foreign economists and countries love their trade surpluses with the US. Only US economists rationalize, by contortionist reasoning, decades of US trade deficits are just fine.

    The US went from a $6.8 billion trade surplus in goods in 1964 (the last surplus) to an $810 billion deficit in goods in 2017; the deficits are mostly with industrialized nations. Each $1 billion in goods deficit means about 8000 less goods-producing jobs in the US. Foreign entities earned about 10%, or $81 billion on their export surplus in 2017.

    US budget deficits are mostly financed by foreign entities. They obtained the funds from 1) the earnings on their trade surpluses with the US and from 2) the earnings of their US assets. This and other factors changed the US from being the largest creditor nation in the world to the largest debtor nation in the world. The 50 years of growing US budget deficits and trade deficits led to the value of US assets held by foreign entities becoming about $8.3 trillion greater than the value of overseas assets held by US entities by end 2016, a very large percentage of US GDP. The US was a creditor nation from 1910 to 1988. Foreign entities earned about 5%, or $415 billion on their net assets in 2016.

    NOTE: In a Wall Street Journal op-ed in March 2017, Navarro argued that “running large and persistent trade deficits also facilitates a pattern of wealth transfers offshore” He warned “foreigners will eventually own so much of the US that Americans will wind up working longer hours just to eat and to service the debt.”

    NOTE: The EU, not as pre-occupied with world peacekeeping as the US, quickly outmaneuvered the US, and took commercial advantage of the Iran nuclear deal; the US was left in the dust. The value of trade between the EU and Iran increased from $9.2 b in 2015, to $16.4 b in 2016 after the deal was signed, to 25 b in 2017. No wonder Europe does not want the Iran nuclear deal to end.

    NOTE: Dutch Royal Ahold and Belgium Delhaize Group merged to own and operate Stop and Shop, Giant, Hanneford, Food Lion, Bottom Dollar, Harvey’s, Reid’s, Martin’s, Peopod, Sweetbay Supermarket. They carry a multitude of European food products: cheeses, jams, cookies, etc. The US has no such equivalence in Europe, due to a multitude of rules and regulations and other obstruction tactics in each country.

  2. They wish, hope and pray this is true. These demonrats are true psychopaths. Armageddon is fine with them, just so they can say “told you so”.
    There aren’t enough words to properly describe these despicable fools.

  3. “Putin holds damaging information over President Trump” – From the people that believe Putin has ALL of Hillary’s emails? Like maybe the thirty thousand she had Bleach Bitted out? And they weren’t then making the point that Putin holds damaging information over Hillary Clinton? Why would the Russians even need to hack Hillary’s servers – she was so totally careless of security. “Damaging information”? Weiner had ’em on his cell phone. Talk about people the Russians could have had damaging information on….

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