Democrat House candidate in hot water over Facebook threat aimed at Trump supporters

A comment by state Rep. Annmarie Christensen saying she fears she might rip the heads off local Trump supporters has landed the Windsor-2 Democrat in trouble with her constituents.

Facebook comment

The remark, shared primarily between Christensen and Middlesex Town Clerk Sarah Strohmeyer, was visible to anyone on Facebook.

At one point Christensen posts, “I am getting ready to campaign door to door but am afraid if I run into a trumpet I will rip their head off. I need to calm down.”

In reply, Strohmeyer advises her to take panic disorder medication: “[Take a] Xanax + a driver.”

Since the exchange, other Facebook users have taken a screenshot of the threat against Trump supporters — “trumpets” — and reposted it on nearly every conversation thread on her Facebook page going back to at least Aug. 5.

A handful of users have responded to the state representative with their own angry comments.

“Run into any ‘Trumpets’ lately, smart a–? You’re a disgrace,” Matthew Masson wrote on Christensen’s Facebook page.

Another had this to say: “I am registered to vote in Weathersfield, VT but will not vote for Christensen again!!!” Karen Bradley Lewis of Woodstock wrote.

Facebook user John Mott called out the media for giving her a free pass because of her politics: “Substitute the word ‘jew’, ‘black’, or ‘Muslim’ for ‘Trumpet’ and this violent loon would be vilified in the local and national press, and social media, but bigotry is OK if you are a leftist. How very KKK of you Annmarie Christensen.”

Christensen, a Perkinsville resident, represents the towns of Cavendish, which delivered 252 votes for Donald Trump, and Weathersfield, which had 647 votes for the president.

She did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Friday.

Strohmeyer, a Dutton-Penguin author of more than a dozen books, including the Bubbles Yablonsky mystery series, did not post any inflammatory remarks on Facebook.

If the social media controversy ends up costing Christensen political support, she will join a growing list of public figures who have taken heat over regretful social media posts. Orleans County GOP leader Chet Greenwood was criticized last month for a mean-spirited sexual remark on Twitter about Christine Blasey Ford, the accuser of U.S. District Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Burlington Free Press executive editor Denis Finley was fired by Gannett in January for tweeting opposition to making a third gender option available on driver’s license applications.

Courtesy of Annmarie Christensen

SOCIAL MEDIA RAGE: Democrat Rep. Annmarie Christensen is facing a backlash after she made threatening comments against Trump supporters on Facebook.

Nationally, other public figures have landed in trouble. In 2016, Seattle Mariners catcher Steve Clevenger got in trouble for tweeting that Black Lives Matter is “pathetic” and that supporters all should be “locked behind bars like animals!”

Clevenger was suspended for the remainder of the season without pay.

The incident prompted sports editor Ryan Kuhn to write a commentary titled “Public figures should watch what they post on social media” for the Daily Record in Washington.

More recently, entertainer Roseanne Barr lost her spot on the revival of her hit comedy show “Roseanne” when she tweeted “Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby” in reference to Valerie Jarrett, a former adviser to President Barack Obama.

The enormous financial implications of that single tweet were not lost on one commentator. The show had made ABC Studios $45 million in advertising revenue for the year before it got shut down during the summer.

“One racist tweet cost Roseanne Barr her network sitcom, hundreds of people their jobs, and ABC its top-rated primetime anchor for Tuesday nights,” Meera Jagannathan wrote for

It remains to be seen how the comment will affect Christensen’s political career. She is currently running unopposed for re-election in the Windsor-2 district. She has not posted anything new on her page since Sept. 28.

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27 thoughts on “Democrat House candidate in hot water over Facebook threat aimed at Trump supporters

  1. Free speech DOES have consequences. If she cannot handle herself in the face of someone she disagrees with, she probably shouldn’t be holding her position. Simple stuff.

  2. We are fortunate to have 3 strong and qualified candidates running for Windsor County Senate. Wayne Townsend, Jack Williams, and Randy Gray. Make sure you get out and vote for them. Leave this woman’s spot blank or write in someone house. It’s time to end this insanity right now.

  3. We are lucky to have 3 strong Republican Candidates running for Windsor County Senate. If you really want to end this insanity then vote for them. If a Dem is running unopposed either leave it blank or write someone in.

  4. Ms. Christensen’s remarks are horrible and unacceptable and someone needs to run against her and remove this close minded hate filled bigot from office.
    I sincerely hope middle America rises up this November and throws out the hate filled left from their offices. They are the greatest danger to our freedom and prosperity.

  5. I haven’t voted in the past few years, But I am making it a point to come out and vote and. and you can bet your ass it will be republican, Dems are going to start getting violent and threatening people’s safety and get a way with it. Fienstien held on to information far longer than she needed too and in the end jeopardized Ms. Fords future as well as Judge Kavanaoughs future,

  6. I for one am really tired of the constant threats from the left. If they have so much pent up hate perhaps they should firstly seek mental help. Even with 8 years of Obama, the right never expressed such constant hatefulness on a daily basis. If these people dislike this country and the majority of voters so much perhaps they should just leave and take their resentment with them.

  7. She can be brave hiding behind a keyboard but let her make those remarks when is going door to door.Where are the Democrats finding all these mentally ill candidates?

  8. The Democratic Party does not have a history of being principled and holding to the words and spirit of our Constitution. We the people? Come on. What do they really care about us? Any objective review of their policy making will reveal we are merely the servers to the State. Look at the SCOTUS spectacle we all suffered through that was conceived and perpetrated by the Party. What a disgusting yet revealing display of anti-American behavior. Shame on our Senators. How can a 1 yr old cultural movemet like #metoo supplant the 200+ yr old fundamental right to Due Process? Really, what kind of mind does this? Trust me, no one will hold them, their character, or their personal code as fiduciaries of our God given rights accountable. That’s to high a bar and our Society doesn’t believe in high bars any longer. Its too complicated to teach at home, and too disadvantageous to the Establishment Over-seers of our Education system to teach in any civics course. Principles tend to skew real reality aka facts. Also, its too outdated, too male and too white. The contemporary Party, both male and female representatives, seemingly are emotionally challenged followers of a creed that is completely unaccountable and supremely single-minded. Need more evidence of where you fit in the scheme of things? They adhere to an ideology that excludes sound economic principles that floats all boats in exchange for a simple tax ’em till they drop socialist view because its simple and they get to give freebies to a select population that will likely check the right box in the booth. What have they ever accomplished that works for all of us? Why are we in a perpetual cycle of hope and disappointment? Every election cycle, they spout, we nod, they’re re-elected and the waste of more precious time and money begins anew. I think we, the People, deserve more than a few crumbs in return for the sweat and toil we hand over to the State.

  9. The response by John Mott is exactly right. Substitute any other groups name into Mizz Christensens hateful rant and the left would be foaming at the mouth. Liberals believe in “tolerance” and “civility” as long as you are one of their puppets, voice another point of view and you are immediately labeled as a greedy, predjudiced, hateful, ignorant scumbag. Most of the libs are just CNN watching, indoctrinated followers. Mizz Christensen has demonstrated she is not fit or willing to serve the public.

  10. “Violence never brings permanent peace. It solves no social problem: it merely creates new and more complicated ones. Violence is impractical because it is a descending spiral ending in destruction for all. It is immoral because it seeks to humiliate the opponent rather than win his understanding: it seeks to annihilate rather than convert. Violence is immoral because it thrives on hatred rather than love. It destroys community and makes brotherhood impossible. It leaves society in monologue rather than dialogue. Violence ends up defeating itself. It creates bitterness in the survivors and brutality in the destroyers.” Martin Luther King Jr.

    • We really need people like you in office. We need to judge a tree by their fruit. When the tree bears, poverty, drugs, broken families, hopelessness and hate we might want to question which tree we give our efforts toward

      People need to understand critical thinking and propaganda.

      Love and a good heart will win the day. Great post, great post.

      • Love and a good heart does not seem to have much influence in politics these days but thank you for your vote of confidence.

  11. The beauty of being a far left winger is no matter how badly you behave you still think you’re the good guy. This moonbat is probably surprised that anyone thinks what she wrote is unacceptable. She has made it clear beyond question she is unfit for state office.

  12. No,not a ulta tolerant inclusive warm and fuzzy Leftist,it just can’t be so.
    Actually after the recent S C hearings in the senate the :eft have proven themselves capable of many things none of which are warm and fuzzy.

  13. I find it amazing that these liberals can spew all the hatred they want and it’s perfectly acceptable to the rest of the socialist/liberals.
    She should be impeached……..

  14. The sad part is a lot of State Senators & Representatives agree with State Rep Christensen’s Statements & views with some who just ignore certain populations of Vermonters such as Conservatives, Vermonters who support the VT & US Constitutions, Peacetime & Combat Veterans. Contrary to the fancy pat each other on the back very utopia sounding Political Party names you will see on the ballot this year, & despite all the Lib Dem Progressive rhetoric & propaganda we hear the true story seems to be they are more Socialist, hateful, divisive, anti- USA anti Prosperity & Freedom, depressingly closed minded & un- open to opposing views of the constituency, un-responsive to emails, hand written or typed letters seeking a response to a specific topic. As was in my case I received some vague comment to do with something unrelated topic on the politicians radical leftist anti American agenda.

  15. Rep. Annmarie Christensen, just another Liberal DemocRAT spewing some rhetoric. Talk is cheap. I bet she’s not a real Vermonter, just another transplant! She should be careful on whose door she’s knocking on now.

    • They probably don’t bother knowing that the prosecutor (local, state, or federal) will laugh them out of the room.

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