Dem wants to send teachers back to college to learn to African American history. Who would pay for that?

By Benjamin Zeisloft | Campus Reform

A Vermont state lawmaker proposed a resolution that would force all teachers to take an African-American history class while in college.

State Rep. Maida Townsend, a Democrat, introduced the resolution in January. If passed, the bill would require all teachers “seeking to obtain or renew a license to teach in a public elementary or secondary school” to “have completed at least one three-credit course in African American history at an accredited college or university.”

In Vermont, the median salary for a public school teacher is $56,704. The University of Vermont charges $683 per credit hour for in-state residents, meaning that the cost to fulfill Townsend’s proposed legislative mandate would be more than $2,000.

Photo courtesy of state of Vermont

Rep. Maida Townsend, D-South Burlington

Townsend stated in an interview with the local NBC affiliate station that Vermont “absolutely must deal with the matters of racial bias in our culture, and schools are always looked to for helping to remedy the problems of our culture.”

If passed, the resolution would require all teachers obtaining a license after July 2022 to conform to the policy.

Under Vermont statute, teachers are required to renew their licenses every three or five years. Townsend told Campus Reform that some licenses need to be renewed after seven years. Therefore, the legislation implies that every teacher in Vermont — including current teachers who did not take an African-American history course in college — will be forced to comply within the next decade.

Townsend confirmed with Campus Reform that the current version of the bill — which passed the House Education Committee in its original form — would not provide an exemption.

Campus Reform asked Townsend for clarification on what party would bear the financial burden of assisting current teachers with returning to school for a Black history class. She stated that in “virtually all, if not all, teaching contracts in Vermont there is language supporting professional development.”

“My bottom line on H.79 is that, at a minimum, it can serve as a catalyst for a deeper conversation regarding how to support all teachers in addressing bias and racial inequity across academic disciplines,” she added. “The bill has sparked much interest, and that in and of itself is good, at least from my perspective. If the bill ‘moves,’ whether including the three-credit course or on-going in-service or some other approach altogether, it can serve as an important ‘building block’ … and that, I firmly believe, is long overdue.”

Over the past several years, Campus Reform has reported on multiple instances of race-based liberal bias at Vermont universities.

For instance, the University of Vermont hosted a three-day retreat in 2015 so that students who “self-identify as White” could confront their “White privilege.” The university hosted a separate retreat for “women of color” which, instead of encouraging the confrontation of privilege, focused on building leadership skills.

Currently, the University of Vermont’s history department offers a class called “War Race Identity in America.” Students learn to apply disciplines such as “gender studies, critical race theory, anthropology and film studies” to their study of American race relations.

Image courtesy of state of Vermont

7 thoughts on “Dem wants to send teachers back to college to learn to African American history. Who would pay for that?

  1. Rep. Townsend is the same person that filed a lot of motions and legislation shenanigans to keep Rep Bob Fernier (Orange cty) out of taking a seat in the Legislature. She and company tried three times and cost the state mega bucks only to loose. This is a vile person not needed to dictate policy over people.

  2. More black propaganda and it probably would not be accurate. More white shaming. Do black teachers have to attend? To force them? Suppose someone refuses?

  3. Why not teach them about freedom, opportunity and personal responsibility. Teach them about the devastating effects of overregulation, high taxes.

  4. Seems Italian, French Canadian, and Scottish/Irish history would be more apt. Or just as irrelevant to the job of teaching.

  5. How about civics? Our constitution? The foundation of western civilization?

    How about math?

    To suggest that math is racist, perhaps the most racist thing anyone can every say. What they are saying is black and brown people are too stupid to learn math. Not sure how insulting people can be.

    How about learning how Vermont creates a poverty trap on purpose? We’ll oppress anyone doesn’t matter what color your skin.

    How about people learn that we are NOT a democracy, but a constitutional republic, the how and why that was chosen? See if you learned that….one would understand the constitution protects the smallest minority in our nation, a single person, regardless of color or creed…..

    Let’s get to the basic understandings….

    • If this required course centered around the work of Thomas Sowell and Walter E Williams, all of the above would be covered. These two men of color know of what they speak and write- and it’s not what’s currently perceived. However, because that idea goes against the socialist agenda Rep. Townsend wishes to advance- it won’t happen. Schools are less learning institutions than indoctrination centers. I’d bet this bill passes in this biennium, with the taxpayer picking up the tab- without any benefit to students nor the public.

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