‘Defund the police,’ former Clinton campaign spokesman says

By Kaylee Greenlee

The former National Press Secretary for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign tweeted late Wednesday night advocating to defund the police.

Brian Fallon Jr. was previously the National Press Secretary for Clinton’s presidential campaign, Fallon heads the organization Demand Justice as the co-founder and executive dtirector.

The tweet came after the sixth day of nationwide protests over George Floyd’s death. Floyd’s death occured after a Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck for several minutes, according to video of the incident.

Fallon also retweeted an article titled “Defund Our Punishment Bureaucracy,” published by The American Prospect. The article claims that the single policy issue capable of addressing the “emergencies” caused by coronavirus and protests of “unaccountable police” is the permanent decline of established policing and incarceration infrastructure. “It is time to start defunding our punishment bureaucracy.”

Demand Justice is an activist organization that describes itself as progressive and “fighting to restore the ideological balance and legitimacy of the federal courts by advocating for reform and vigorously opposing extreme nominees.”

Fallon previously worked as Director of Public Affairs for the Department of Justice  during the Obama administration, he also served as a top aide to New York Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer.

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8 thoughts on “‘Defund the police,’ former Clinton campaign spokesman says

  1. Defund the police? How about this? Let’s furlough all of the police for 30 days. Let them go on unemployment plus get the $600 per week. Let the good people of this country take matters into their own hands. I guarantee these liberal whine ass nut jobs will welcome the police back in 30 days. Where are the common sense people out there? Why are we allowing these crazy bastards to overrun our society?

  2. It’s so easy to think this way when one was born yesterday and hasn’t a clue. Nobody likes getting in trouble with the law, and not all laws seem just. But anarchy is much worse! We need something like what we already have, continuous improvement, that long arc towards a more just society, which I have seen evidence of, having lived in this world and now in my seventh decade.
    Radicals want to fix everything all at once, and don’t understand or care that it’s been tried before, and never works, only makes things worse.
    Idealism is good, but must be tempered by reality. Cops have a job to do, and most of them are a lot better than they get credit for.
    Candace Owens has something to say about this, worth seeing and sharing, if truth is important, however “inconvenient”:

    • Gordon,

      “Radicals want to fix everything all at once, and don’t understand or care that it’s been tried before, and never works, only makes things worse.”

      Radicals want power and control, the same as Lenin in 1917.
      Throw out the Tsar, murder the entire family, and thousands others, terrorize and destroy all over, to get their way.
      And what did it lead to?


      Bernie and his Socialist, Communist ilk still have not learned that lesson.
      Bernie loves Castro of Cuba, and Chavez of Venezuela
      Bernie loves the USSR so much he had his honeymoon there, hobnobbed with Party Operators in the “Sister” city.

      Many US universities are breeding grounds for socialist/communist, new world order, radicals.

  3. For all the sore losers who cried over Clinton’s election debacle, I suggest you pay close attention to the words of Mr. Fallon’s. Wordschave meaning. It’s this kind of crazy thinking we dodged when Princess Hillary was a defeated.

  4. So, if they remove police forces from society, who are we suppose to call to remove the body when some ass breaks into your house? Can we just dump the body in any convenient place?

    The liberals are really calling for a civil war; moral people against the nut jobs that need to be in an institution.

  5. It would appear that those with the means to hire their own private security forces would like to defund security for the rest of us.

    Hope they don’t mind if we test their defenses – every single day.

  6. Bear in mind they in NO WAY actually mean this. It’s only to score political poiints with their base. NO political party doesn’t want enforcers.

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