Deb Billado: Vermont Democrat agrees to ‘dismantle private property’

Editor’s note: This commentary is by Deb Billado, chairwoman of the Vermont GOP.

Yesterday, liberal activist Shane Rogers of Williston sent out a tweet in response to an op-ed supporting the posting of land, stating that:

“We need a Right to Roam. Allow access to all land to walk and recreate, forage, and fish with rods. Sure, carve out an exception to limit firearms or traps. But until we start to dismantle the idea of private property, we’re not going to make much process.”

Rogers’ radical proposal is to essentially eliminate the concept of private property, making all land communal in nature. While one obscure tweet from a lone progressive Twitter profile normally wouldn’t warrant attention, in this case the tweet was “liked” by a Vermont state representative.

Rep. Emilie Kornheiser, D-Brattleboro, is a member of the Vermont House of Representatives, who endorsed Rogers’ tweet by “liking” it on Twitter. Importantly, Kornheiser is vice-chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, one of the most powerful committees in the Legislature and the principal committee involved with advancing tax and revenue changes for the state.

Her legislative record echoes her far-left ideology, having introduced legislation to bring back Peter Shumlin’s failed “Green Mountain Care” experiment and legalize prostitiution, in addition to voting to double the tax on home heating fuel (as well as voting in support of several other tax increases).

However, this latest endorsement of the dismantling of private property is beyond extreme, even for Vermont liberals.

Bear in mind that a year ago, then-Democrat Rep. Cynthia Browning was removed from the very same House Ways and Means Committee by the speaker for calling lawmakers back to the State House in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.

Now, the vice-chair of this powerful committee is implicitly endorsing the abolition of private property in Vermont — with no repercussions from Democrat leadership.

I call on Speaker Krowinski to either remove Rep. Kornheiser from such a powerful committee assignment and position in light of her recent endorsement of the abolition of private property in Vermont; or, if the speaker fails to do so, to clarify the speaker’s own position on the concept of private property, whether she shares Rep. Kornheiser’s views on the issue, and explain to Vermonters why she feels it is appropriate for the second-highest ranking official on the Ways and Means Committee to advocate for taxes on property that Rep. Kornheiser apparently doesn’t believe should exist in the first place.

You can let the speaker know how you feel about this issue by emailing her by clicking here.

Image courtesy of state of Vermont

73 thoughts on “Deb Billado: Vermont Democrat agrees to ‘dismantle private property’

  1. I agree with Jay 90% of the time.

    Earlier in this many lists of back and forths, he said …… is unconstitutional. The only comment I have regarding that response is:.Where was he last fall in the aftermath of election 2020?
    We have to get it right next time, so right in fact that there will not be a needle’s space between the ballots and all the other supporting efforts of free and fair elections that have been the rule for centuries.

  2. First of all I want to thank Deb Bilodeau for doing a wonderful job in the state of Vermont trying to protect all vermonters.

    Deb you are a strong voice in the state of Vermont and you are backed by many people that remain silent and watch what’s going on in our state.

    When Deb speaks it is an attempt to preserve our beautiful state from the destruction of those on the left.

    I find it disturbing that this wonderful woman is attacked on Facebook for merely stating the facts. If you don’t agree with her you don’t agree with her but to attack her is disgraceful.

    I don’t care what side of the aisle you are on if you don’t come to the defense of the state of Vermont and stop this socialist destruction we are going to lose our state.

    This is a statement that Joay made and I think it proves everyone’s point that this is just the beginning not the end..

    This happened in the 1960s as he states in his comment.

    It is worse today than ever because of cancel culture.

    It is no longer someone in college getting a bad mark because they refuse to cave in to the ignorance of those on the left…

    Now we have students being punched in the face on campus and property being destroyed.

    We have gone far beyond that in society today.

    A hint at stealing your property today means it is definitely in their scope and they will do everything they can do to achieve their communist goals.

    We are in trouble in the state of Vermont as we constantly have folks online claiming marxism is the answer. Are we really that uninformed in our wonderful little state.

    Anyone that doesn’t believe communism is alive and well in the state of Vermont hasn’t been paying attention.

    Have our schools finally achieved their goal of indoctrination?

    And I find it amazing that you speak of the protections of our constitution… This is the same constitution that has been attacked several times by Senator phil baruth and others that would be happy to destroy it… And that is at the level of Vermont politics.

    Look what is taking place in the United states of America today at the hands of the socialist left who are now fighting with tooth and nail to destroy freedom of speech and to destroy the integrity of our elections while trying to pack the supreme court.

    Our elections are in trouble and the people that claim there is no fraud in our elections send hundreds of lawyers to prevent recounts. Why would they do that?

    If anyone on the left, and that includes our own secretary of state james condos, believe there has been no fraud in any of the elections that took place they should be calling for recounts across the country.

    Everything that makes sense in America that made us the country we are is under attack today at the hands of the very people you would like to protect.

    The latest attack is the attack on our second amendment…. What don’t the socialists understand about shall not be infringed?

    I cannot believe the people are so weak minded today they can’t see through the smoke screen of destruction being pushed by the socialist lefties.

    Jay, the statement below was copied from one of your previous statements on this page.

    “Comparing China in 1949 with the United States in 2021 is simply a non sequitur. A better comparison is to the late 60s and early 70s when the Vietnam War was full tilt. I was in college in Ohio when the Kent State shootings occurred. I knew people who were ‘on the hill’. I knew people in the SDS and Weather Underground. I had Leftist professors who rewarded ‘woke’ compliance with good grades while descent was met with bad grades. I watched as three days of violent rioting closed my university. And I’m also a student of history. “

    • More gems lol:
      “My point is this. Rather than proclaim that our friends and neighbors are coming for our homes with pitchforks and torches (that’s leftist hubris), simply take the opportunity to discuss the virtues of private property (and there are many) whenever the subject arises. To panic, as is often the case these days, is to appear to not trust in our system and the common sense that prevails in it….”

      “…Self-determination has proven to be humankinds most productive and egalitarian philosophical tenant over and again. God forgive the ignorance of Marxists, for they know not what they do. Take every opportunity that arises to explain the virtues of private property in a free market and the most amazing governance ever conceived by humankind – the United States Constitution.

      Carry on with the ‘conversation’, not the continuance of divisiveness for political gain.”

      • Marxists absolutely know what they do! They have a goal that if nobody owns anything” –
        Then Socialists,THEY, will OWN and CONTROL EVERYTHIN”G !!

        They don’t mind ownership, they just do NOT want YOU to own anything !

        Too simple to recognize?

  3. Private property is just that but if you want ur neighbors to subsidize ur taxes thru land use reductions in ur taxes it should be open to hunting fishing hiking and such as ur neighbors make up for the taxes u don’t pay .the state still needs those funds and wether u admit it or not they get it from ur neighbors and all state property owners to subsidize ur private land . So therefor it should remain open to public use . I do believe if they are violating your property thru bad behavior you should still have the right to tell them to vacate ur land but to wholesale post it against all that subsidize you should not be lawful .

    • U R an odd thinker.

      Who is subsidizing the land that people won. The land you want to walk on is open land.

      The taxes paid on this open land owner, helps pay for your 3 kids in school
      and the paved road in front of your home.

  4. Prop 9 has been shelved (for now). But as you can see by Shane’s tweet and Emily’s “like” there is a thirst in the dem and Prog party to dismantle private property rights.
    Kid yourself if you want but it’s coming and it’s a matter of time.

    • I’m addition to the attempt to dismantle private property rights, what also is coming in a matter of time is the attempt to ration the use and distribution of energy and the attempt to ration vehicle transportation.

    • Thank you for your response, Deb. And that progressive leftists thirst for dismantling private property rights is no surprise. That’s what Marxism is all about. Marxists will do anything to avoid personal initiative, responsibility, and accountability. But the philosophy collapses on itself when even one individual succeeds. Always has, always will. Some things never change.

      But I disagree that ‘it’s coming’. Consider the shift in reasoning by these Marxists, from the focus on class struggle to racial dissention. There are simply too many low- and middle-income people who own stuff these days to justify Marx’s traditional proletariat vs. bourgeoisie justification for revolution. And there are too many reasons that justify and support the concept of private property to panic, just because a handful of confused souls publish their ‘likes’.

      My point is this. Rather than proclaim that our friends and neighbors are coming for our homes with pitchforks and torches (that’s leftist hubris), simply take the opportunity to discuss the virtues of private property (and there are many) whenever the subject arises. To panic, as is often the case these days, is to appear to not trust in our system and the common sense that prevails in it.

      No. Democrats will not ‘dismantle private property’. First, it’s unconstitutional. The 14th Amendment takes precedent. Second, it’s a stupid idea. From the debates between Plato and Aristotle on the issue, to the Magna Carta, to the Pilgrim’s epiphany in 1623 when William Bradford, Plymouth Plantations Governor, exclaimed:

      “The experience that was had in this common course and condition, tried sundry years and that amongst godly and sober men, may well evince the vanity of that conceit of Plato’s and other ancients applauded by some of later times; that the taking away of property and bringing in community into a commonwealth would make them happy and flourishing; as if they were wiser than God. For this community (so far as it was) was found to breed much confusion and discontent and retard much employment that would have been to their benefit and comfort.”

      While at first it was an experiment, an innovation necessitated by a ‘starving time’ – little did these colonists realize at the outset of their decision to establish ‘private property’ (the innovative convention that saved their individual and collective souls) that it would, 150 years later, fertilize the seeds of our Independence.

      Self-determination has proven to be humankinds most productive and egalitarian philosophical tenant over and again. God forgive the ignorance of Marxists, for they know not what they do. Take every opportunity that arises to explain the virtues of private property in a free market and the most amazing governance ever conceived by humankind – the United States Constitution.

      Carry on with the ‘conversation’, not the continuance of divisiveness for political gain.

      • Jay tells us: “…..leftists thirst for dismantling private property rights is no surprise” and then he goes on to say: “But I disagree that ‘it’s coming”.

        Well that’s what the Chinese property owners believed when Mao Ze Dong started his Communist revolution in the 1940s……..And they were wrong…….More than 20 million Chinese were dead wrong before Mao was finished.

        Mao took the property from everyone including poor small farmers and turned it over to the landless peasants and in time took the property away from the peasants and turned over to Communist Party run communes.

        Look at all the things that are going on in this country today from open borders, burning cities, burning police departments, looting stores, taking portions of cities hostage, no bail, defunding the police, prosecutors refusing to prosecute criminals, the unbelievable behavior of our elected officials including our own Bernie Sanders, the run up trillions of dollars of national debt and more…….All things that no one would have considered possible only a few years ago…….But now, it’s all happening.

        • Conflating the recent so-called Leftist ‘thirst to dismantle property rights’ and Mao Zedong’s Communist revolution in the late 1940s is absurd. The average lifespan in China, then, was in the mid 40’s, illiteracy was common, remote tribes practiced slavery, there was a civil war, and China was as underdeveloped as a country can be.

          So, today, a liberal activist (Shane Rogers in Williston, VT) sends out a tweet advocating for the ‘right to roam’. Rep. Emilie Kornheiser, D-Brattleboro, ‘liked’ the tweet, and Proposal 9, one of nine motions to amend Vermont’s Constitution, advocating State control of certain aspects of one’s real estate under the guise of protecting the environment, is ‘shelved’.

          And still, Henny Penny says the sky is falling and a piece of it hit him on the head. That’s not what I call ‘happening’.

          Let me ask you this. Do you agree that the U.S. Constitution’s enumerated power protecting personal property to be a substantial form of governance?

          Can you explain how the Left’s ‘thirst to dismantle property rights’ can possibly come to fruition? Be specific.

          Do you believe in individualism and self-determination? And if so, do you trust that individuals will, more likely than not, make reasonable decisions in this regard?

          Or do you honestly think we’re all mindless sheep headed to the slaughter? And, if so, explain why you bother, then, to express your opinion?

          • So what’s absurd about looking at and learning from history? History has a record of repeating itself over and over again across the globe for thousands of years.

            What’s going on in this country goes well beyond Shane Rogers in Williston…..It goes to the objectives of growing national organizations such as BLM and its avowed former Marxist leader the Patrisse Cullors, to what’s been being taught in our educational systems from grammar school to college, to the growing number of far left politicians, both locally and in Washington who are dividing this country along both economic and racial lines while calling for equity……Just take a look back at the number of so called social justice bills marched into the Vermont legislature by activists groups this year……Bills, and now laws, that attack guarantees provided by the Constitution.

            The people of China also though that having their property taken was absurd and at first failed to believe it would ever happen. But it slowly did happen from the time of the Chinese Communist Party founding in 1921 until its take over of the entire country in the late 1940s. …….It took a while, but it happened…..Private property gone, families broken up and Mao making all the decisions while sending people to labor camps and re-education facilities for years.

            As for the US Constitution, it only provides protection if the people in power elect to maintain those protections. We know from what has occurred in the past year that the left has no problem in attempting to pack the Supreme Court, do away with the Second Amendment, abolish the filibuster, convert Washington DC to a state and more. This year they were only a vote or two away from doing so in the US Senate. Do you think that AOL and her growing and ever more radical squad would hesitate for a second to take your Constitutional rights away if they gained enough power?

            As for individualism and self-determination, those too are at risk. By today’s far left standards, individualism is deemed to be a product of “white supremacy”, a racist characteristic to be eschewed.

            As for self-determination let’s see what the work product of the Vermont Climate Council will allow us to determine……Will we be able to heat our homes with natural gas or oil? Drive a gas powered car? Sell our home if it has an oil fired furnace?…….What will our ability to self determine allow us to do once the Climate Council gets done?……And this is only starters.

            I hope that I’m wrong and know that I’m no Henny Penny…….I do know that history is filled with examples of once powerful Nation- States that no longer exist because something absurd happened to them……..In the case of China, something happened there more than 20 different times over the millennia as multiple dynasties came and fell, the Nationalist Chinese Party fell to the Communist Party and soon we may see Taiwan and Hong Kong also fall……About 5000 years of massive governmental and societal changes in China alone.

            If history is a guide…….Bad things can also happen to this country if current trends continue. To not be concerned with what’s happening in this country at this time is to be absurd.

          • Self-Determination Theory and the Facilitation of Intrinsic Motivation, Social Development, and Well-Being
            Richard M. Ryan and Edward L. Deci University of Rochester

            “Perhaps no single phenomenon reflects the positive potential of human nature as much as intrinsic motivation, the inherent tendency to seek out novelty and challenges, to extend and exercise one’s capacities, to explore, and to learn.”

        • So, instead of answering my questions, you falsely accuse me of not caring about our future. WTF.

          Comparing China in 1949 with the United States in 2021 is simply a non sequitur. A better comparison is to the late 60s and early 70s when the Vietnam War was full tilt. I was in college in Ohio when the Kent State shootings occurred. I knew people who were ‘on the hill’. I knew people in the SDS and Weather Underground. I had Leftist professors who rewarded ‘woke’ compliance with good grades while descent was met with bad grades. I watched as three days of violent rioting closed my university. And I’m also a student of history. Did you happen to read my comment to Deb Billado and its historical context? Apparently not. Perhaps, if you would take the time to answer my questions, you would have a more accurate perspective

  5. I’ve asked some serious questions. And, to date, the response I get is nothing more than adolescent school yard ad hominem antics. If Mr. Licata, Mr. Dano, and Mr. Stardust (whoever the last two commenters are) are the best Vermont’s Republican Party has to offer to justify its political standing, it’s little wonder why its so ineffective. Maybe it’s time for some real Republicans to speak for themselves. How about it, Ms. Billado? Do these guys speak for you?

    • Jay, I speak for myself. Ms. Billado speaks for herself. You are a self professed libertarian, You are not a republican nor a conservative. And how do you know anything about what my party affiliation is or even if I have one. I am a born and raised Vermonter and that is my affiliation. My opinions are as valid as yours. You don’t get to chose you likes what. We all express our thoughts from our perspective and that’s what freedom of expression is.

      If you feel bruised from being verbally confronted for your thoughts, who is the schoolboy here? No one has done anything to harm you except for your ego. Crying to Ms. Billado won’t help. This is a forum of free expression.

      My name is not important because I’m not looking for notoriety. I’m just another opinion like millions of others. I study people for a living and have over 40 years of experience and you are no conservative. If you are a republican, it’s my opinion that you are the type of republican that has failed to understand how serious this threat to our freedom and way of life is and you are a RINO. That being said, that’s just my opinion and I could be wrong. I’ll probably never know. If you step down from your pedestal and listen as well as talk, I think you have valid points. When I disagree, again that’s my opinion. Done

      • Re: “My name is not important because I’m not looking for notoriety.”

        …and also avoiding personal responsibility and accountability for your opinion.

        And no, I’m neither a Republican nor a Democrat either. And only time will tell how valid either of our opinions may be.

        But, one thing is certain, I’m not telling anyone how to think. I am for continuing the ‘conversation’, as opposed to instigating a ‘fight’ – which was the basis for my original push-back in this regard – an opinion that was lost along the way and that has, hopefully, been re-established.

    • Jay, I’m not a Republican. I’ve run several times for various political offices as an Independent candidate. If you’re seeking to categorize me, classical liberal would probably be the best categorization.

    • Anger management much lol Mr Eshelman can give it in spades but carry on like a child – even running to mommy (Deb) to take sides when called on your own dishonesty and sneaky subliminals as well as attacks on others. If she accepts Scott and Douglas pretty sure I will not be removed from lowly position of donor and supporter. With each tirade display pure folly, and it’s a shame bc you do make great contributions then ashes ashes it all falls down when you display abject arrogance and dismiss the opinions of other thoughtful contributers – just for drill.

      And display behavior of a bully – I challenge you and the others who attack users of screenames to attack each user who does not use first and last as they are also using a forbidden screennames – but you won’t bc those who act thusly are cowards as all bullies are. Have chosen to single out Dano and myself calling me “Mr Stardust” as insult, just as fellow traveler Mr Freitag did – misogynist much Howard Jay, if you’re called Mrs Eshelman, and as a gamma, pls don’t cry too hard sir.

      You nor anyone needs a map to my door and access to my family and friends – and with the Nazi nutjobs who can blame *the vast majoritu of TNR and internet users in general* who, unless public figures are not stupid enough to use name. If that’s all ya got go big or go home sir.

    • Exactly. Agenda 2030. Anyone who thinks that private property is protected by the Constitution is apparently unaware of three things: 1) The Constitution will not protect us 2) The US is a corporation and we are its collateral along with our private property and 3) The Marxist globalists (UN, WHO, WEF), etc. are calling the shots, literally and figuratively. .

  6. Naysayers with long-winded jeremiads are unhelpful, add nothing and are here primarily to demoralize and arrogantly dis conservatives under assorted guises and strawmen, as much a part of the problem as a solution – seethe w/quiet rage.

    A contribution from Deb that doesn’t result in unecessary nitpicking critique or insulting comment is rare. It is my understanding VTgravedigger and VPR allow comments on stories via FB – anyone who wishes to consort with Communists need not consider TNR as the only place to vent.

  7. Where does Shane hang his hat? I’d like to hang out at his digs, eat his food, use his cell phone, take a hot long shower, and borrow a few bucks until I feel like paying it back, maybe. Can I borrow his electric car and use it until I feel like bringing it back? Any one that likes this way of thinking, I wanna show up and hang out at those digs too – ya know – free to roam…share the wealth brother…it’s all about unity dude. Let’s all chill and share all our stuff – mutual usury – should be no problem with that is there dude?

  8. Appreciate Deb Billado’s caveat that this was only a like on tweet by one Representative as well as the more worrisome information regarding Senator Bray’s proposed Constitutional amendment. Good to keep an eye on extreme measures.

    One thing I have considered that might be worthwhile is for those who choose to put their land in current use and thereby gain substantial benefits paid by all Vermont taxpayers should not be allowed to post their land to exclude hunting and hiking. This would not be a taking since the program is optional but perhaps a fair trade off. Of course there would be no landowner liability in regards to those who use their land in this way and actual hiking trails would have to have landowner permission.

    • Of course you think this way Mr Freitag – as all Communists do. Landowner is agreeing not to develop property and placed in a different bracket which serves to discourage development via lowered taxes – but a Marxist such as yourself is all about what’s yours is mine too so no surprises lol.

      • One of the things that definitely will keep more Republicans out of office in Vermont is if people instead of trying to find common ground around opposing some of the more extreme and impractical ideas and fiscal irresponsibility coming from the legislature, choose instead of discussing issues, to simply label those we disagree with as being “Marxist” or “Communist” or try to restrict what people say because it does not fully agree with our own opinions.

        We need to do better than that. The primary goal should be at this point in Vermont electing more legislators in 2022 to provide Governor Scott with a solid way to sustain his many vetoes and force all legislation to have to come to terms with needing to be more rational, responsible and less ideological.

        • Congrats Mr Freitag – another full load and steaming pile. Have no proof for the sh** you shovel. If you must whine and cry each time you are called on support of DemocratMarxist family values on a conservative site pls don’t be surprised. Yours is but one of the several voices on TNR attempting to take down Benevolant Anarchy TNR by making it accept views contrary to Judeo-Christian ethos, values and beliefs which oppose Constitutional Conservatism, Patriots and Republicans who are not Rinos.

        • IOW – If ya do not wish to be called on carpet. kindly find a comment platform that welcomes Leftism, DemocratMarxist/Maoist Communism, Atheism and all that Hell has to offer – lotsa luck sir

  9. Korny wants to let 13 year olds vote to set tax rates in municipal elections. She also moderates the Dems’ secret kitchen cabinet (with full Dem quorum). Disclosure: I vote mostly Dem but think Korny has no business being on powerful money committees such as Ways and Means.

  10. You will own nothing and you will be happy about it.
    Klaus Schwab, DAVOS 2021

    Chinarmont in full swing. Lets not question our lily white squeaky clean Dominion dominated and tabulated votes and the subsequent audit by…who was it again…in bed with which countries and companies???

    Communist Vermont has already arrived.
    The thought police and ‘you will be be happy about it’ jack booters are signing up now to come to your door to be sure you fit into the acceptable thoughts and actions.
    Don’t forget to pay into the kitty to be sure this is done to your friends, neighbors and families…

    And please…this is for ‘the other people’… it won’t ever affect me.
    I’ll be quite happy in my ‘smart’ home and driverless car I won’t own plugged into the Borg.
    Because the Borg is soooooo much better than the life we imagined living here in Vermont.
    Because the Borg HAS no imagination…just ones and zeroes…which cancels out…imagination.

    Oh don’t even get me started.
    Achtung baybee… Chinarmont by any other name…

  11. Property Rights are the foundation of The U.S. Constitution. We fought The War for Independence for Property Rights. Told ya this was going to happen.

  12. Once again, this issue is one of constitutional ‘due process’. Specifically, the 14th Amendment – “No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

    Deb Billado has every right to say what she wants to ‘stir the base’, as does Emilie Kornheiser. But I find it disappointing that Ms. Billado doesn’t mention that a Vermont Democrat (or a Vermont Republican for that matter) CAN’T agree to ‘dismantle private property’ in the first place. The ‘right to roam’ isn’t enumerated in the Vermont or U.S. constitutions and Billado ought to know better – whether or not these progressive leftists do.

    Yes, to be fair, Speaker Krownski should clarify her position too – not that the Speaker can ‘dismantle private property’ either. I mean, who is Shane Rogers anyway? And what authority does he have – other than the same freedom of speech everyone enjoys. This is all trite hyperbole. Now that I think of it, I don’t know why I bothered commenting, except for the fact that I already spent the time to type this missive this far and might as well press [Post Comment] and go to bed. It’s late.

    • Jay,

      Thank you for your very wise comments.

      Vermont need many more sane people like you.

      Billado is just stirring the “decisiveness pot”, just as Pelosi, Bernie, Biden, etc., for political reasons

      They know full, well open, walk-through borders is divisive, and harmful to the US, as it make the US look like THIRD WORLD Greece, Italy, etc., which have had out-of-control influxes of undocumented, unhealthy, unskilled, uneducated, inexperienced people from a mix of backward cultures. The world has 3 to 4 billion of such people.

    • Jay,

      You write “ Deb Billado has every right to say what she wants to ‘stir the base’,…” Two or three decades ago you’d be saying the same thing if Deb wrote a similar piece on how two men would be able to marry. Even more so, how two men would dress themselves in pantyhose’s and dresses and be allowed to toilet and shower in your daughter’s locker room.

      Your dismissiveness displays a gullible attitude that the Left prey’s on. Do you own your property if virtually ever aspect of its use is controlled by the State, even though you retain title, which is their end game?

      “Parchment barriers” such as the 14th amendment won’t stop these people. And naive people like you merely help them along.

      • Amen, Jay sees monsters everywhere in the conservative party but doesn’t recognize the giant monsters on the left. They are here to destroy our customs, freedoms and individuality. We have allowed the left to take over all of Vermont’s institutions, the media, the government and our lives. If anyone is searching for a leader to correct the mess the left has made of Vermont freedom, Libertarians like Jay will just reason out some more appeasement and the progressive destruction will roll on our us until there’s nothing left to fight for. People need to politically TAKE BACK VERMONT or surrender to the insanity.

      • Geesh, I must say, Mr. Licata, that your political petty coat is showing (with the emphasis on ‘petty’). And while you have every right to dress the way you choose, I hope readers recognize the liberties you and Mr. Dano take in presuming to know what and how I think. Suffice it to say, you both couldn’t be more misguided with regard to my sensibilities. After all, if “Parchment barriers such as the 14th amendment won’t stop these people”, what remains of our options? What are you trying to instigate? Again, if you’re going to shoot, shoot. Don’t talk.

        • Project much Mr Eshelman. As you arrogantly attack those you sneer at and look down upon don’t be surprised to discover own petty-coat is showing…and a really low road to take the conversation imo.

          It goes before a fall as well as our self destruction. Vast majority of your commentary qualifies as propped upon the ‘take heed when fighting monster – don’t become monster’ hill that you so frequently consign to well, pretty much whoever. Staring into the abyss is a mirror – it also looks back, and a circular trap as quote has ability to make hypocrites of it’s professors.

        • And the “Shoot-Don’t Talk” faux bravado edict applies to self also – a time for everything lol

          • Jay must have missed my last sentence in his zeal to respond. So, I’ll repeat, “People need to politically, TAKE BACK VERMONT or surrender to the insanity”. Emphasis on Politically! So, does Jay set up Tom and I as radical terrorists by inferring there’s nothing left, short of listening to him pontificate that we are the monsters ready to shoot? What a crock! No Jay, I don’t know how you think but I can see what you write in which you had to think of before you wrote your comment. No one has suggested shooting anyone except you! So go ahead now and get your last word in. I will close by saying that I am for engaging the left in a war of ideas no violence, got it?

          • I am convinced it’s all about the voting machines – if it were not we would see Commissar Condos and creepy deputy – both on record as calling those who question election integrity “conspiracy theorists” happy to have an outside independent audit of our machines which would exclude LHS ‘oversight’ lol…but that would show that Dems have been losing and we aren’t really as blue as the mythologists claim imo. And they would be out of a job.

            And unfortunately avoided by those who despise the GOP, conservatives and most of all Patriots – see how each Op-Ed Deb puts up is either derailed or attacked and the insults fly out of woodwork despite the couched terms and honey-coated horse**it.

          • But then again, I’m not the one hiding behind a pseudonym. Would you care to step out in the open where I can see you?

          • No, Mr. Dano, whoever you are. You and Mr. Licata are the one’s claiming this is no longer a ‘conversational’ issue. So, what’s your point. Are you willing to converse (i.e. substantiate whatever claims you’re making), or are you going to continue to take pot-shots from behind the curtain?

          • Oh poor intelluctually bankrupt Mr Eshelman…soo is that all ya got…omg you poor thing you, who refuse any support no matter how small from any and all who support Constitutionalist Conservartives …kindly bring it sir 😀

    • Billado’s intentions are obvious but not relevant to the issue at hand. If one has an emotional response to Billado’s warning, that’s okay-. It is far more important to be aware of the reaction of Kornheiser. Ideas such as this, while appearing unconstitutional have a way of being circumvented by the Vermont legislature and courts. It does not seem a stretch that the public trust doctrine could be manipulated and that environmental regulation bastardized to begin the process. We’ve experienced this in health care, education and environmental legislation and are about to be forced into unknown territory by the GWSA Council, as they appease the religion of climate change.
      Krowinski will not take action on Kornheiser, as it does not suit Krowinski’s agenda…and this idea will get filed away until it’s added to some innocuous piece of legislation.
      Deb Billado is but warning of the future, should we keep electing people whom refuse to represent us.

  13. “Rogers’ radical proposal is to essentially eliminate the concept of private property.” – Really? Your house is your property. Your car is your property. The socks you’re wearing are your property. Western society emerged from Feudalism with the concept of private property, supplanting a world in which the monarch controlled as much land as he could seize and defend and the peons paid rent for their holdings. Ownership and the reward incentive of keeping what you make and profiting from it changed the world. Now those Progressives want to change it back. I propose an experiment: We do to the politicians – and they alone – what they want to do to us. Their property is made public and open to all. After a decade, we’ll find out how well it works for them. Fishing? Why just fishing? Why not hunting? Why not with firearms? If you catch and kill fish…

    • Shane probably doesn’t own anything just another idiot. He can roam wherever he wants to but not on my property. Williston activist says it all. Another social justice warrior here to spread the misery of his life. These people have to be miserable because they live in a bubble of fake intelligence and the faux enlightenment of the woke cult. He and Emilie should marry and live happily ever after in a commune in Seattle. Please, just leave Vermont! Both of you.

  14. This is a move right out of the Communist playbook. In Communist doctrine, private property is the major contributor of the oppression of the masses. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that movement like this should start in VT.

  15. The Fish and Wildlife Dept is advocating for that also. That will never happen because this gov’t loves all the money pouring in from property taxes.
    Nothing is ever going to change in this state, or the nation for that matter. Too many Liberals are in denial of what is going on, and still support these type of idiots. Heck, someone on Twitter is blaming Trump and his family for destroying the economy.

  16. If property is not ours to own, why would we pay property taxes to the state? Who to hell are these people? There must be some kind of chemical leak at the Golden Doom in Montpeculier turning these trustafarians into brain dead progressive zombies. On second thought, maybe they are experiencing oxygen depletion from wearing their face diapers too long. Then again, it must have spread to the voters who put these mental midgets in office. After living in the real Vermont prior to the carpetbagger infestation, life in the green mountains has taken a turn for the worst. I don’t know how much more of this insanity I can take. After the last reasonable person moves out of this state, the progressives can have their Venezuela and the state will crumble into another failed experiment.

    • ” why would we pay property taxes to the state” – Very valid point. You’ll be paying rent to the state instead. The land may belong to “The People” but it’s managed and administered for them by the state – and you’ll be renting the small fraction of it on which you live. Plant a garden on it? You’ll need to apply to the state for permission – and the produce belongs to the state.

  17. Vermont state Senators from Wndsor County, Dick McCormick, and Alison Clarkson are staunch advocates of forcibly relocating rural Vermonters into compact urban centers. Their intent is to reduce carbon emissions by putting Vermonters into energy efficient ghettos. Same kind of crazy progressive thinking as eliminating private property.

    • Just think, if our property isn’t ours, then their property isn’t theirs. There will be no trespassing so calling the police won’t help. Maybe some unfortunates can camp on their property and there will be no zoning laws. I always had a desire to be a pig farmer and these rep’s properties will look mighty inviting. With all this roaming that Shane is calling for allows us to roam onto any property and apparently do whatever we want to. Yeah, not a bad plan on paper but the reality will bring unintended consequences. The road to hell is paved with good intentions!

    • Who could they possibly get to enforce anything this insane? In a State with more deer hunters per capita than most, this wouldn’t be a prudent course of action.

  18. This is no coincidence or one-off. Last year State Senator Chris Bray was the lead sponsor to a Constitutional amendment that would effectively eliminate private property. The Ethan Allen Institute’s Rob Roper wrote of this, a portion of which is below along with the link to his full article:

    “Amendment Would Eliminate Private Ownership of Real Estate
    February 21, 2020

    by Rob Roper

    PR.9 is a proposed amendment to the state Constitution that would essentially and in effect ban the private ownership of real estate in Vermont. It’s short. You can read it all (except for Section 3, the effective date, which I cut for some brevity) here:

    PROPOSAL 9. Sec. 1. PURPOSE This proposal would amend the Constitution of the State of Vermont in order to provide that the citizens of the State have a right to a clean environment. Sec. 2. Article 23 of Chapter I of the Vermont Constitution is added to read: Article 23. [Right to a clean environment] That the people have a right to clean air and water and the preservation of the natural, scenic, and cultural values of the environment. The State of Vermont’s natural resources are the common property of all the people. The State shall conserve and maintain the natural resources of Vermont for the benefit of all people. …”

    • In this regard I ask, what is the current disposition of Proposal 9? Has the question been put to Vermont’s voters?

      If I might paraphrase some of the wording in Benjamin Franklin’s address to the 1787 Constitutional Convention:

      There is, after all, nothing in the U.S. or Vermont Constitutions guarantying that an assembly of a number of men and women will have the advantage of their joint wisdom, because you inevitably assemble with those men and women, all their prejudices, their passions, their errors of opinion, their local interests, and their selfish views.

      Franklin went on to say:

      ‘In these sentiments, Sir, I agree to this Constitution with all its faults, if they are such; because I think a general Government necessary for us, and there is no form of Government but what may be a blessing to the people if well administered, and believe farther that this is likely to be well administered for a course of years, and can only end in Despotism, as other forms have done before it, when the people shall become so corrupted as to need despotic Government, being incapable of any other.’

      So, again I ask, what is the current disposition of Proposal 9? Has the question been put to Vermont’s voters?

      Are we to trust our Constitution (if not the parchment on which it is written), and the prerequisite decisions cast by our friends and neighbors? Or is despotism inevitable? Again, it has been said that ‘despair all too readily embraces the ills it perceives, while hope imagines the good that can be’.

      I remain hopeful and dread the day my sentiments change, knowing full well the lessons of our history.

      • I have little idea of what you’re talking about, Jay.

        BANG! I shot. You’re dead.

        Does this mean we’ll no longer be hearing from you?

        • Good Lord. I asked a straightforward question.

          What is the current disposition of Proposal 9?

          You know, the proposal to amend Vermont’s constitution. The proposal about which Rob Roper opined. The proposal you just referenced… “Amendment Would Eliminate Private Ownership of Real Estate, February 21, 2020 by Rob Roper.

          And you have little idea of what I’m talking about?

          Enough said.

      • The lessons of our history gave us a free country. It’s our job now to keep it. That’s the only lesson you should be concerned with!

      • Would appear from facts detailed in Debs commentary the Communists are angling for a conversation…so-called innocuous *tweet* notwithstanding. These ppl are well chaptered and versed in how to keep the “quiet part” on the QT as well as amplifying what they wish to bring to the fore while controlling the tictoc. I

        MHO Deb was right to call what she decided to call – and holding feet of the usual but newest subjects to the matches lol – how much support this gets will determine if and when fire is needed – however it’s a start from a person who is seemingly holding GOP up nearly singlehandedly.

        As such – would encourage TNR readers to get involved with perhaps the best conservative game in town & make it our own – for as little as $3.00 debited monthly can become a member…swag is extra – I drink my Bloody Marys in a GOP glass – you can too! For an additional $10 – can support the effort to recruite.

        There are some smart ppl on TNR – think of what we could do if supporting the VT GOP and local committees 😀
        Disclosure: Am new to this and not fully involved…at this point offerings are meager finances, voice and prayers, point being we can all do something…so can you! 😀

        • Further Disclosure: Am not an agent or accessory of VT GOP…have never met with Ms. Billado or any party leaders

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