Deb Billado: Following the science?

Editor’s note: This commentary is by Deb Billado, chairwoman of the Vermont GOP. 

Vermont has weathered the COVID-19 pandemic far better than most states. And now that so many Vermonters have been vaccinated, Governor Scott made the right decision to lift the mask mandate for vaccinated individuals — consistent with CDC guidance.

Deborah Billado, chair of the Vermont GOP

But, after a year of lecturing others to “follow the science,” it seems Vermont Democrats and Progressives are on the wrong side of the issue.

The Burlington City Council voted against rescinding the city’s mask mandate, delaying consideration of the issue for another three weeks. Some prominent progressives — like former Act 46 architect Rebecca Holcombe — have taken to Twitter to express their frustration with mask mandates being rescinded as we move through a common-sense reopening.

It seems that progressives like to follow the science — but *only* when it pleases them or their views.

They’d rather make Vermont shut down, lock up, and pay folks to stay home instead of return to work. In their reality, science is only viewed through the lens of a progressive ideology—not what’s best for Vermont, or what the experts actually agree on.

It is time for us to embrace the science, which says it is safe to reopen, it is safe to meet without a mask among vaccinated individuals, and that we don’t need more COVID lockdowns.

It’s time to do what’s right for Vermont.

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6 thoughts on “Deb Billado: Following the science?

  1. It is safe to circulate in public minus a mask WITHOUT receiving any of the genetic modification experimental injections.


    An interview with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, a lawyer working in Germany and the US and part of an international coalition of hundreds of lawyers filling lawsuits against governments for, essentially, using fake science to herd and abuse the population.

    This hour-long video interview is well worth the time as he explains what’s happening on a large stage with the WEF and the Great Reset people.

    Some might recall the controversy about the cycles of amplification with the PCR test, and how if one goes above 24 cycles then the test spits out false positives. But the PCR tests for Covid-19 are running in the neighborhood of 35-45 cycles of amplification. Why? So that they could spit out false positives and declare a world-wide pandemic and set lockdowns and other measures in place, destroying small businesses and waging psychological warfare against the people.

    My contention is that we need to stop thinking that this is all wild conspiracy theory and see it for what it is, because this is the only way to stop the abuse of the population in the name of a largely fabricated disease. The time to see and act is now. Yes, it’s a real disease, but not nearly as devastating or all-pervasive as we’re told it is (and we have treatments that have been deliberately suppressed.) Look at Florida, Texas, and Sweden. Fuellmich does an excellent job of explaining what we’re up against, so please have a listen. Those who are on the fence or who just can’t bring themselves to accept what’s happening need to think long and hard about the future for their grandchildren.

    Fuellmich states that the only thing the people doing this care about is money and power. This is a key understanding. There are people in this world who put their consciences and compassion in a deep freeze because this is necessary to acquire power at the highest levels. Most of us can’t even begin to understand this. But if you want to know the motivation for what’s happening, there it is. Loyal to these people are a lot of more-or-less decent people who simply do what they’re told and don’t ask too many questions, and as a consequence are taken care of. This is how it works.

    The 32-minute mark might be the money spot for those who want to get to the heart of the matter.

    It really is up to us to see this and stop it. We don’t have to get out our guns, we just have to see what’s happening and stand together to just say “no.” We’re seven billion strong, and more and more people are beginning to see.

  3. I like the science of Florida and Texas much better than I like the science of Vermont.

    Florida is thriving, people are moving there in droves, businesses are moving there. The housing market is going crazy. People act normally. Covid-19 isn’t killing everyone.

    Covid-19 has been blown way out of proportion and worse, effective treatments have been denied to the American people for unscientific reasons, such that if we’d have followed science and common sense, then we’d have been back to normal long ago. That these treatments were denied is treasonous, and the people at the top who did this– which includes the medical organizations, the CDC, the WHO, and especially Anthony Fauci– need to be held accountable.

    Fauci and the gang keep invoking science to say we need more trials of this or that, more confirmation, etc., etc. But this is a smokescreen to hide what they’ve done. They deliberately withheld effective and safe treatments for Covid-19 from the American people, for reasons that only they know. Either they’re grossly incompetent or traitors to humanity: there are no other alternatives. Doctors have been pleading with them to use these treatments.

    They didn’t do endless trials for penicillin. Doctors just saw that it was effective so they used it. This is how science works, too.

  4. I hate the way “science” is invoked, without evidence, as dogma. It’s idiotic and has nothing to do with actual science.
    What politicians and other tyrants like to call science is their own projections.
    At best they are using an hypothesis, which comes from their imagination.
    They may be morons, but they count on people not knowing what “science” means, to scare them into submission to their irrational mandates.
    It’s a power trip. Too bad actual “scientists” are too chicken to stand up and debunk this propaganda that harms their credibility and reputations, and the very process which can work pretty well when not tainted with bias.
    You can probably get better information from a witch doctor these days. Certainly not from politicians or worthless cowardly “scientists” who will not stand up for the principles of science.
    I say, “science, schmience”! Quit lying and pimping a once honorable profession.

  5. What would you expect from Burlington’s City Council!

    Of course, they voted against rescinding the city’s mask mandate just look at the other procedures they have implemented that made no sense just agenda-driven BS, they won’t follow the science, they just don’t understand it or they are just stupid.

    Wake up Burlington, you use to have a thriving downtown the Jewel on the lake, now you have homeless camp that persists and a downtown with a big dirt pit as the main attraction. Yup, this is what you get from Burlington’s City Council, what a gaggle of fools.

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