Dear TNR readers

Dear TNR readers,

It has been a lot of fun being “The Other Side of Vermont’s News” these many years.

Thanks are due all around. Bruce Parker, editor, was a jack of all trades, building and maintaining an online web site and seamlessly managing daily operations. He also recruited and mentored contributing writers and, when the local talent was thin, expertly assembled an array of articles from around the country that he sensed our liberty-loving audience would enjoy. He thoughtfully and helpfully fielded the suggestions of his publisher. Michael Bielawski, our steady and often lone reporter, was nimble on his feet and always growing his journalism skills. He was a joy to work with.

Our many other commentary writers and past reporters also delivered expert insights to keep our readers engaged and informed. Among them, John Klar needs special mention. He provided our readers with a dependable stream of provocative and timely information.

Most of all, we thank our loyal readers. Their monetary contributions were welcome tokens of support, and their insightful comments have been so very important in our efforts to keep media and government honest and promote civic engagement.

It’s hard to say goodbye.

Lenore Broughton