Dayton shooter’s now-suspended Twitter had pro-Antifa, gun control comments

By Shelby Talcott

The shooter identified in Sunday’s Dayton, Ohio, attack had a now-suspended Twitter account filled with far-left rhetoric and comments about guns.

Connor Betts, 24, opened fire in downtown Dayton early Sunday morning. He killed nine people, including his sister, and injured 27 others. This attack came 14 hours after 21-year-old Patrick Crusius allegedly murdered 22 people and injured over two dozen others in an El Paso, Texas, shopping area Saturday.

The Twitter account, called “@iamthespookster,” included retweets about attacks against fascists, comments about guns and support for Satan.

Photographs from the Twitter match those circulating identifying Betts. One picture tweeted out is of a new tattoo, which can be partially seen from a photo used in articles about the shooting. He had references about Dayton and apparent family members had commented on some of his tweets.

The photo on the left, taken from Betts's mother's Facebook page, matches the one on the right, taken from the Twitter account. (Facebook Screenshot Moria Cofer Betts/Twitter Screenshot @iamthespookster)

The photo on the left, taken from Betts’s mother’s Facebook page, matches the one on the right, taken from the Twitter account. (Facebook Screenshot Moria Cofer Betts/Twitter Screenshot @iamthespookster)

An image tweeted out by the now-deleted account appears to match part of a tattoo showing in a photo circulated by media. (Screenshot Twitter, @iamthespookster)

An image tweeted out by the now-deleted account appears to match part of a tattoo showing in a photo circulated by media. (Screenshot Twitter, @iamthespookster)

Betts tweeted out about Dayton, Ohio, which is where the shooting occurred. (Screenshot Twitter/@iamthespookster)

Betts tweeted out about Dayton, Ohio, which is where the shooting occurred. (Screenshot Twitter/@iamthespookster)

Betts identified himself as “he/him / anime fan / metalhead / leftist / i’m going to hell and i’m not coming back,” according to his Twitter. He tweeted about gun control and commented on past mass shootings.

In one from Aug. 2, Betts retweeted a comment about video games. The tweet commented on rounding up hostages and shooting “them all in the head, one after the other.”

Betts tweeted in 2017 talking about video games again and wrote that a particular game was “underrated.”

“No filler, no bullshit, just ‘Find problem, Kill problem, repeat until no more problem,’” the tweet read.

The account also had pro-Antifa rhetoric and spoke out against fascism. In one, Betts retweeted a photo identifying alleged KKK members attending a rally in Dayton in May. “Know your enemies,” Betts wrote in his tweet.

“This is America: Guns on every corner, guns in every house, no freedom but that to kill,” another tweet from 2017 read. (RELATED: Liberals Blame Trump, Fox News Following Weekend Shootings)

In another, Betts retweeted a photo about “Cold Boy Winter,” which showed people attacking what appears to be KKK members.

The Twitter account re-tweeted photos and comments about anti-fascism. (Screenshot Twitter/@iamthespookster)

The Twitter account retweeted photos and comments about anti-fascism. (Screenshot Twitter/@iamthespookster)

The account also showed support for 2020 Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren, a Massachusetts senator, as well as tweets supporting Satan.

“Hail Satan,” one tweet read. Another noted that “Warren has a decent shot.”

“I want socialism, and i’ll not wait for the idiots to finally come round to understanding,” Betts wrote according to Heavy.

Betts was killed within a minute of opening fire Sunday morning as he attempted to enter a bar, according to video footage. His now-suspended Twitter account shows a contrast from the alleged shooter Saturday, who is believed to have had an anti-immigrant agenda. That shooter gave himself up to police and is currently in custody.

The FBI and the Dayton Police Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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13 thoughts on “Dayton shooter’s now-suspended Twitter had pro-Antifa, gun control comments

  1. Google, Facebook, Twiter, etc. all have absolute mountains of data on almost every human on the planet. They have used that data to profile people with extreme accuracy and then sell that information to advertisers, social casinos, etc. The FBI has been analyzing and profiling mass murderers for decades. Why can’t social media work with the FBI, local and state police to figure out who is most likely to commit these horrific crimes? Anyone intent on murder will not be stopped by more gun laws on top of the 23000 already on the books. There has to be another way to get these pathetic and cowardly little piss ants off the streets.

    • Dave, yes if they already have felonies which forbids them from possessing guns. Other than that we are investigating people for possible future crimes as in shades of the movie Minority Report where people were prosecuted for thought crimes. This is why the kid here in Vermont who caused gun control was not prosecuted, he hadn’t acted out his threats. Red Flag laws will eventually be challenged also, they are unconstitutional. You can’t arrest and seize property for thinking about something. Restraining orders are also useless. If someone has the mindset to kill they will find a way to do it. Disarming the population will not work.

  2. Too much hate all around. The far-right nutjob wants to kill immigrants, the far-left nutjob wants to kill racists but apparently killing anybody will do. We need some real gun control to prevent all nutjobs from killing anybody. For once, instead of everybody blaming eachother, I don’t know, let’s actually try to prevent this from happening yet again! Nah, that’s crazy talk.

    • Well Biskit, it is crazy talk. Perhaps you could enlighten us as to what gun control would stop crazies from killing people. There are two people responsible for these murders, the two who prepared, planed to kill and are the ones who pulled the triggers. I believe the Chicago gun murder rate is up to 293 this year with 3,000 shot in a city with as strict gun control laws as California, Baltimore, New Jersey, Connecticut and New York. Which proves that gun control laws do not work. It is illegal to shoot and kill already. We have serious problems in this country but it’s not guns. There are 300 to 400 million guns in private responsible hands and trillions of round of ammunition. You tell me what can be done because banning guns isn’t going to happen and the second amendment is not going to be repealed. And even if it was criminals and crazies are not going to turn in their guns.

      • PS, the people killing people in these cities are criminals who probably are already forbidden by current law from possessing firearms just like all the shooters here in Burlington.

    • Great solution – collectively punish everybody who did nothing wrong. I won’t accept that, just as you wouldn’t accept being punished at your workplace/school if one of your colleagues/fellow students erred.

      You could just as easily say ‘Every shooter’s parents, siblings, teachers and doctors should be prosecuted if it’s determined they should have known that person could commit a violent act.’

      • Ok, have it your way; more guns, more hate, more murders. Whatever, this world’s screwed anyway, right?

      • I never said anything about taking away the guns of law-abiding citizens or abolishing the 2nd Amendent. That’s just conservative paranoia. But what’s wrong with background checks and waiting periods? Why do people need assault rifles, bump stocks, silencers? What if there was accountability to those who knew things but did nothing? Obviously, if bad people want to do bad things, there’s usually a way but what if one background check or one waiting period stops one nut from murdering one person? Wouldn’t it have been worth it? Would it be worth it if that one person saved was the most important person in your life?

        • Our forefathers bequeathed to us a Bill of Rights, not a Bill of Needs. Sadly, some folks just don’t understand this.

        • Here’s that tired old ‘if it saves just one life’ line.

          So what if ir’s at the cost of personal liberty to the large majority. Ir’s been said already but bears repeating: “Some people just don’t get it.”

          You’re only paranoid if they really ARE out to get you. Even Blind Pew can see what is happening. The anti-gun pro-regulation>>confiscation are deliberately blind.

          • cranky, I believe it is worth it. And I agree with you that “some people just don’t get it.”

          • And props to Trump for promoting “red flag” laws. It’s a start. Maybe people will start waking up, finally.

  3. Read this article and then read it again and fully absorb what was written about this
    ” Nut Job “………… signs were everywhere, tweeter account, following leftist rhetoric
    how easy it was to “Kill “in video games …. yup, all good training tools for a person
    with ” Mental Illness ” and ” No” moral compass…………

    The Liberal Left always point the finger at the weapon as the issue, as they ” never ”
    blame the perpetrator of these horrific deeds.

    Wait and listen to the upcoming barrage of reason on why ” All ” firearms should be destroyed
    and they’ll never mention the ” Perp” as it’s not in their agenda. The issue is Mental Illness and
    Legislators refuse to address it !!

    Last but not least, he supported Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Satan …….. ??????

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