Dartmouth College admin cancels Andy Ngo event one hour before it was scheduled to start

The following article by Steve MacDonald has been republished with permission from GraniteGrok.

An hour before Andy Ngo was set to speak to the Dartmouth College Republicans the college administration canceled the event.

The head of the Dartmouth College Republicans was notified by administration but no reason was given at that time. But yes, I have a theory.

Journalist Andy Ngo

They are squishy left-wing cowards, which they are and we knew that.

Ngo has documented Antifa’s antics extensively. His street reports have shown time and again that they are the very thing they claim to be fighting. They use violence and intimidation to suppress speech they oppose and then claim this is justified because they say it’s fascist.

But this is Dartmouth. A few years ago visiting Professor Mark Bray published a book justifying the use of violence by Antifa that was supported by at least 100 Dartmouth professors.

Ngo’s presentation, Extremism in America, is about Antifa. Antifa was expected outside the event.

And I just got an IM suggesting that there were threats made against Ngo on Reddit. Really? This is andy Frikkin Ngo. He gets threats daily if I had to guess, and before every event that he’s ever done.

This means that the Dartmouth go-to response will be security. We didn’t think we could keep people safe. We never planned to either. Translation: We didn’t want him here and we couldn’t find a reason until an hour before the event. Yeah, that’s probably it.

Not that free speech or truth was ever something Dartmouth cares about. Not anymore.

7 thoughts on “Dartmouth College admin cancels Andy Ngo event one hour before it was scheduled to start

  1. I’d love for someone to fully expose the level that our education here is being influenced by China.
    It’s always “Follow The Money”.
    Everyone knows that college enrollment is down.. the colleges will take what they can get for money from wherever it’s coming in from.

    What we are seeing here is “Anti-Americanism”, what this college is doing is not American values and certainly not NH Values at all. That mentality is coming from somewhere, it’s time to fully know where and whom, what is making this go on.

    These colleges today are becoming cesspools and nothing but Socialist hive mind creators..
    It’s disgusting, a college education is not even necessarily anything to be proud of anymore.
    Half the country is appalled by what they’ve turned into and when we meet college educated people we are not impressed at all that they signed up to be robbed and brainwashed. They certainly don’t look very intelligent if they chose that path.

    • If you are not a Dem/Prog, you belong to the “ despicables”, which are to be sent into oblivion, so Dem/Progs can take over the government and implement THEIR version of centralized, socialistic command/control of every thing, in the name of their lates foil, i.e., COVID, and FIGHTING CLIMATE CHANGE

      It is many years overdue to vote out those folks, by going en masse to the voting booths in November 2022.

      Do not let Dem/Progs steal your future for their self-serving games.

  2. I certainly hope that any pro-freedom alums who normally donate to Dartmouth will “de-fund” them and do so publicly. Starve the beast. In a normal world, we could count on law enforcement agencies like the FBI to investigate threats of offering monetary inducement to commit violence…that is if the FBI were not in fact acting as the praetorian guard of the democrat party. The extreme left/antifa love to throw around accusations of racism, intolerance and homophobia at their political opponents. Their treatment of Mr. Ngo, a gay man and immigrant of Asian descent exemplifies their true hypocrisy .

    • They are all part of the Borg now, contributing to it and giving it its go juice.
      In other words, their paychecks depend on NOT knowing, or at least being corruptible.
      Notable exceptions like alum Dinesh De Souza are embarrassments to this college whose beginnings were founded on ‘free enculturation into the NWO for Native Americans (Indians)’, another liberal white patriarchal idea that OUR culture is or was somehow better than theirs.
      Ngo has a unique perspective that points out the communist machinations in our culture.
      And Dartmouth can’t have THAT narrative floating around.
      Next thing you know… FREE SPEECH might break out.

  3. This makes me lose any respect I had for Dartmouth. Their students should be smart enough to let someone speak from a different view without getting violent. Sad.

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