Critical race theory is cultural Marxism, has no place in classroom

By Ralph Norman

Critical race theory is a twisted and vile concept.

It’s the belief that our nation’s somber history of slavery can only be redeemed by erasing every institution and person that took any part in the nation’s founding.

Just as Marxism before it, critical race theory eliminates our individuality and instead divides us into groups of the “oppressor” and the “oppressed.”

Where Marxism divided people according to economic status, critical race theory divides people based on the color of their skin — just like the very racists that its proponents claim to oppose.

And, just as with Marxism before it, the goals of critical race theory will only be achieved by means of a full-scale revolution to rewrite any trace of American history.

Those alarming teachings have spread into almost every corner of American society—our culture, our military, and our government, but most urgently, our classrooms.

I’m adamantly opposed to any attempt to infuse critical race theory into our communities.

Recently, I wrote letters to each of South Carolina’s three most prominent academic institutions—Clemson University, the University of South Carolina, and Winthrop University. I expressed my sincerest concerns about critical race theory being taught on their campuses.

Those teachings have no place in our society, let alone in our curriculums. The Center for Renewing America says it best: “The ramifications of an unchecked cultural Marxism and state-sanctioned racism will be nothing less than the abolition of the American idea, with Americans divided and bitterly turned against one another based on the false gospel of ‘social justice.’”

I won’t stop at sending letters to these universities, because divisive teaching like this cannot go unchecked. It’s imperative that the donors, the parents, and the boards of trustees know exactly what’s happening on the campuses of these institutions.

Black or white, red or blue, we are all created equal under God. We should spend our energies celebrating what unites us rather than exaggerate what divides us.

Our classrooms should paint an accurate picture of our past, but never under the premise that one race is inherently better than—or inferior to—another.

Critical race theory is a dangerous way of looking at our complex history and our path forward. It needs to face strong and bold opposition everywhere it rears its ugly head. It’s time for educational institutions to be held accountablefor what they teach.

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17 thoughts on “Critical race theory is cultural Marxism, has no place in classroom

  1. My (Jim’s) thoughts run along the line of what best to do now with CRT? If people disagree, they can say why rather than launch into ad hominem attacks. I’ve made my case that the best way to move toward any sort of ‘reparations’ is to attack drug violence and the destruction of neighborhoods through the drug trade. Nothing else, it seems to me, is close to workable or justifiable. But I doubt anyone cares or that CRT would even consider this; no doubt they’d say that it’s just some sort of white supremacist solution. But it’s practical and it aims at real, concrete harms against young POC that are perpetuated every day, and that wastes lives every single day.

    I don’t agree with CRT; I think it’s an insidious doctrine. That doesn’t mean that, as with almost any theory, there isn’t a grain of truth in it. I disagree 100% with how it’s presented and insisted upon, and in my view if they don’t attack the new slavery and the new chains that are the American drug trade and that destroys young lives every day, then they’re just blowing smoke.

    No, instead they tell us that the real problem is that Suzie in grade school is a racist and needs to get her mind right.

    Definitely not John

  2. Per usual offer Mr Johnson offers no proof that 1/2 of Republican Party are “Rinos” but pretty sure Dem supporters love to hear this refrain but kindly prove it and name them if ya can’t it’s just more smoke-blowing. And as you must know by now – party members on either side cannot be “thrown out” another straw-man to attack Republicans – kindly prove this also and show us how it’s done – if ya can’t it’s just more smoke-blowing and Republican Party bashing – an ongoing project and specialty.

    The way to support anything including political party is to add – not subtract. And – it just happens to be Republicans and other conservatives who are the overwhelming opposition to CRT and you do not know how many Rinos also support the party on this could it be all or most. All who care about the party should be supporting and or recruiting, not tearing it down which is the real litmus.

    At very least a Rino vote is still better than a Dem vote bc at least vote Republican position some of the time the Democrat Party votes R *none* of the time. And the primary cause of the rot and abject evil which manifest vast majority of the problems in our state and nation.

    And no I don’t think you’re trashing your own party bc I don’t believe you’re actually a Republican if you’re still trying to unite both parties into your failed Green Mountain Party and with Pavlovian gusto never miss a chance to ankle-bite exclusively Republicans. Just advised in last WOT commentary Republicans should be more friendly to Dems, but never the other way around lol – just like the CRT theorists we need to be “less white” – and stated goal per own words is we need to be ‘less Republican’ lol

    • Hi Stardust, I guess somebody has to stand up for Rinos. They are great animals in Africa, not a big fan of them in Vermont politics to each his own.

      I’m ankle biting with 45, to each his own.

      • Obfuscate much lol. Failed to back up *any* of your wild-eyed assertions such as proclaiming in paragraph of all-caps 1/2 of VT Republicans are Rino but then refusing to name them bc obviously unable to do so, then declaring we can get rid of every one by imposing a litmus – then kicking them out of the party for failing to do so which is laughable on its face, nor were you able to answer how this can be done bc it also is pure bs.

        Once again more selfrighteous heroics – not that you do it but why and how much. And I’ll take a Rino over a Dem any day but you claim that makes me a defender by doing so while routinely taking Dem over Republican. As JC says ‘strain at a gnat yet swallow a camel’.

        Routinely attack and/or derail threads authored by John Klar, Deb Billado and Bob Frenier – none of which are Rinos – for the high crime of daring to rebuke the ongoing evil deeds of your Dem friends.

        If there’s a thread that praises Republicans or critiques Dems – you’re there to defend Dems and position – when mildly calling out positions always add a silly mama-bear excuse for behavior whilst churching it and proclaiming we are required to love them by invoking divine diktat. Personally call out hypocrisy on routine basis bc it begs to be – right and left.

      • Project much lol. May I suggest rather than continuing ongoing assault on Republican Party, proven political failure Mr Johnson take a different approach as there are no successes to emulate or bank account with *any* money in it – much less anyone even remotely interested in failed party or his plans for Republican Party.

        Only the cravenly ungracious kick an entity when down rather than offering support. And why should anyone who wishes to succeed take seriously the ideas of anyone who is not even a member whose ongoing trashing of party renders as a Dem lol. Republican Party is doing much better than vanity-project Green Mountain Party ever did 😀

  3. School Board Recall Efforts to Combat Critical Race Theory Teachings Surge: Report
    By Charlie McCarthy | Tuesday, 06 July 2021 08:15 AM

    By Charlie McCarthy | Tuesday, 06 July 2021 08:15 AM

    A A

    Republican efforts to ward off critical race theory in education have led to an increase in attempts to recall school board members nationally, Ballotpedia reported.

    At least 51 local recall efforts targeting at least 130 elected members on K-12 school boards have been initiated in the first six months of this year.”

  4. CRT has some valid points and yes, we do need to acknowledge the harms of slavery and of ongoing prejudices. But this is stuff that adults should be discussing and hashing out, not something we should be ramming down children’s throats and demanding allegiance to without further discussion, and with no dissent allowed.

    As I’ve mentioned before, a good target for ‘reparations’– assuming that any such thing is justified– might be to build opportunities for young people to become responsible and productive citizens in neighborhoods ravaged by drug violence. Isn’t this the real issue for communities of color? Is the problem really that any person of color can become a lawyer, a doctor, a college professor, a football star, an entertainer, a senator, or even the president, if they work hard and do what’s expected to achieve excellence in a field? The ‘system’ seems to be rewarding achievers. Are there roadblocks and prejudices that need to be addressed? Yes. But is the real problem a vague set of pronouncements about white supremacy and privilege and spirit murder and white fragility– sounds good on paper– or is the real and pressing and concrete problem that children in drug-ravaged neighborhoods hardly have a chance in the first place before being consumed by that fire? So what are BLM and CRT doing about that, except saying that it’s all your fault? You want power? Here you go: work toward fixing a real problem and doing some real good. You’ll find that you’ll have plenty of help but also a huge, huge fight because lots of money is involved in this drug slavery, and the people perpetuating it don’t bother about dividing people over race, either. Black, white, brown, it’s all the same to them.

    That’s the hard work. Maybe that’s why CRT prefers writing books explaining their narrative and attacking school children.

    • Mr Freitag name the “valid points’ pls imo there are none. And why do “we” need to acknowledge slavery and supposed “ongoing pejudices” – its been done – it’s just another Marxist ploy to cause division by favoring black and other minorities to cause a race war and to create new laws governed by racial equity commissions to punish all who reject you and your ilk’s routine foolishness. It’s racist in and of itself white ppl are the new target of racism as are orientals by blacks.

      And no – adults do not need to “discuss” this we need to end this abuse of our children by shaming them for being white and claiming they are the cause of the problems in our society and world. Shame on all who support this in any way for abject hatred as only hate could poison our youth and conjure such evil .

      Tho you red-pilled self didn’t last long did it.

      • I really don’t think I need to respond to anyone who believes that I’m really Mr. Freitag when I’ve repeatedly denied it, and so has he. I don’t even know the man and have never spoken with him. But thanks for continuing to spout that line that contributes exactly zero to any conversation. If you don’t have any proof for your allegation– which you don’t– then please stop operating on pure assumption and wild speculation. It only makes you look like a full-blown nutcase.

        The only person making this nutty and completely irrelevant assertion, and persisting in it no less, is you.

        • Uh huh. So iow Mr. Freitag – red-pilled John has “repeatedly denied it and so has” blue-pilled John – very funny. Proof is in past comments inadvertantly outing self sir.

          Truth is the truth whether a committee or a majority agree or not.

          Equivocating is a very Bluepilled-John trait lol

  5. “In the class room?”

    How about no place everywhere?

    Let’s bring back Shumlin
    He is a good old-fashioned real estate operator.
    Socialism would really cramp his style.

  6. So what are we going to do about it. Our party is filled with 1/2 of the problem….and guess who’s saying this?

    Just asking simple question, you can even give the representatives the answers ahead of time. There is no need to fight. Only throw out those who vote for this garbage.

    Now….this is where it gets interesting. We may have trouble getting rid of some marxists in the Vermont Democratic party. Ok that’s understood, because we’ve litterally indoctrinated 2 generations in Vermont.



    Now I’m sure there are Republicans that will say I’m trashing my own party, i’m a traitor, etc. I’m an American. See the comments from #45.

  7. CRT is Marxism. Just another packaged way to divide the country. It’s most evil becaus it’s now being taught to our children who will grow up with hate in their hearts instead of knowledge and love.

    If you don’t believe it you should watch this to learn what’s being done to our country and how YOU should get involved.

    • Or it is Nazism! Born with original sin, we white people have become the equalivalent of Jewish people in Nazi Germany.
      We are teaching our 8 and 10 year olds that they are hateful sinners, Who can never make it up to the BIPOC
      populations. Original sin, found guilty without trial or evidence “Mark of the X” for life ?!?!
      Now 170 years since the North freed the slaves, We have not yet had time for the Black, Bipoc, races to all rise to their highest potential, then as a group, we white people will be guilty forever, no matter our efforts.

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