Covid crisis opportunity to create long-term change, Dems say at caucus

By Guy Page

The Covid-19 crisis is an opportunity to accomplish longterm economic development and legislative goals, Vermont Democratic lawmakers said in a Dec. 5 caucus meeting.

The discussion occurred 5 hours, 18minutes into the House Democratic Caucus meeting, held on Zoom and available on YouTube. Lightly edited by Vermont Daily below, Williston representative-elect Erin Brady and veteran Springfield lawmaker Alice Emmons are reporting to the caucus about their small group’s discussion:

Brady: “We had a very similar discussion….the same idea of short-term recovery springboarding to long-term economic development plan. So many of these issues” – citing broadband, childcare, state colleges, natural resources protection, racial and social equity – “are not new issues or Covid issues but they are amplified by Covid….We have this opportunity that I think [Woodstock Rep.] Charlie Kimbell said you don’t let a crisis go by without taking advantage of the opportunity. What an opportunity we have right now for so many important policies.”

Emmons (to Brady): “You summed it up well. It was good. All the individual pieces that are listed there, the first step is dealing with Covid recovery and doing it in the context of a longterm economic recovery solutions act. Your medium and longterm involve all of these subsets of what we are dealing with with Covid.  You set the foundation of that with the Covid recovery. Then over the years, you build on that.”

Observing the discussion on YouTube, 2020 Republican Rutland County Senate nominee Terry Williams of Poultney told Vermont Daily that Brady seemed to be referencing a statement attributed to Rahm Emanuel, former Chief of Staff for President Barack Obama: “You never let a serious crisis go to waste.  And what I mean by that it’s opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

“The legislature plans to carry on with what they did in 2020, using Coronavirus and Zoom to push out more intrusive and expensive state government,” Williams said. “The Vermont Legislature will be returning for the 2021-2022 biennium in just a few weeks. Ready for more big government?”

Other lawmakers and lawmakers-elect visible on the Zoom call and presumably listening included: likely House Speaker Jill Krowinski (Burlington), Sarah Copeland-Hanzas (Bradford), Tristan Toleno (Brattleboro), Carol Ode (Burlington), Martin LaLonde (South Burlington), Maida Townsend (S. Burlington), John Gannon (Wilmington), Sarah Coffey (Vernon), Scott Campbell (St. Johnsbury), Kristi Morris (Springfield), Caleb Elder (Starksboro), MaryBeth Redmond (Essex Junction), Mike McCarthy (St. Albans), Tom Stevens (Waterbury), Jana Brown (Richmond), Robin Scheu (Middlebury), Barbara Rachelson (Burlington), Jessica Brumstead (Shelburne), Robert Hooper (Burlington), Curt McCormack (Burlington), Sarita Austin and Curt Taylor of Colchester, Emilie Kornheiser (Brattleboro), and several others.

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Image courtesy of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

21 thoughts on “Covid crisis opportunity to create long-term change, Dems say at caucus

  1. Thanks to Guy Page for alerting TNR readers to VSSR iteration of the newest diabolical Democrat evil plot it’s what they do best bc it’s all they do – complete with newest double-speak. Although this is certainly nothing new serves to show how top-down lockstep they all are and who’s giving the marching orders – Red China.

    They want us masked and under house at their whim, not attending church or owning own businesses as they’ve been essentially seized by the state and closed. Subjected to state-sponsored medical tyranny via home-confinement if suspected of having flu symptoms. Forced vaccines. Pre Nazi-ized before conquest and have even had Party discussions of their superiority over Nazi Germany and where they fell short in quest for world domination.

    The Democrat Party is the US and State sponsor for their planned enslavement and why I pray they fall into the grave they are digging for us – one can only hope.

    • Chancellor Scott is not a Republican and should be kicked out of the party for creating a Tammany-like alliance between Dems, Progs and Republicans solely to stay in power iow not representing the party or its stated mission. Also believe elections are rigged and this is the source of Democrat control of our state. Until there’s an independent reveiw by someone who is an expert in fraud detection I will not trust our election system. Clearly enjoying role as dictator – clearly compromised and considered by Chinese Communist Party as “friendly”.

  2. That ‘The Covid-19 crisis is an opportunity to accomplish long-term economic development and legislative goals’, indicates that the crisis may have been intended. Never mind the negative consequences of the shut down to the economy, the increase in drug use and over-doses, or the increase in suicides. Despite the characterizations of some, that such claims are mere ‘conspiracy theories’, there is more here than meets the eye.

    Try not to be intimidated by the ‘conspiracy theory’ shamers (and we know who they are – right Mr. Freitag). This entire circumstance is being orchestrated and Vermont Democrats and RINOs are but the tip of a massive iceberg. You owe it to yourself and your family to at least consider the evidence put forth by investigative reporters who are not controlled by this cabal.

    At least watch this documentary. Yes, it’s over an hour in length. But what do you have to lose? … other than an hour of your time and, of course, your liberty and freedom.

  3. Dem/Progs decided to REMAKE Vermont during their party-platform-planning Caucus.

    If Dem/Progs win more control of the Vermont Government, the Vermont future, and the Vermonter way of life, the soul of Vermont, would be changed towards a Socialist direction.

    Schumer: “If we gain Georgia, we can remake America”
    It is all about power and command/control, pure and simple

    They would have power to lord it over Vermont and tell Vermonters what to do, how REAL AMERICANS are to live their lives.

    That power would damage/destroy Vermont’s private enterprise to enable a SOCIALIST agenda, a la Bernie and the QUAD.


    • Dano: That our politicians require push back is a given. That conservatives are fed up with this nonsense is to state the obvious. We can fall on our swords, if we choose to do so. But I need to know the details of this tyranny so I can do more than make ‘proclamations’. Please check out the Epoch Times documentary linked above. Know thine enemy.

      • Jay,
        The Dem/Progs have been getting away with all sorts of perverse practices during the Obama years.

        Trump and many other people, want to put an end to it, but run into all sorts of opposition.

        Here is a SCOTUS decision regarding Trump Removal of Illegal Aliens From Census Count.

        SCOTUS ruled the federal government may remove illegal aliens from the 2020 Census count, which eliminates that population from the process of allocating congressional seats and Electoral College votes that officially determine the presidency.

        This is a very straightforward case, i.e., deciding to follow the US Constitution.

        Traditionally, Dem/Progs have been getting away with UNCONSTITUTIONALLY included illegals to have more Congressional seats and more Electors; California and New York are among the main culprits.

        They likely know:

        Illegals, with and without documents, are not allowed to vote, per US Constitution.

        Legals US residents (who are not citizens), with green cards, are also not allowed to vote, per US Constitution.

        The Dem/Progs “Remaking America/Vermont” strategy is to ULTIMATELY have EVERYONE VOTE, dead or alive.

        To make that happen, a state, such as Vermont, would, without blushing, enlarge its registered voter lists with:

        1) Dead people
        2) People moved to another state
        3) Non-citizens (with documents, or not)
        4) Temporary residents, i.e., less time in state than required by law
        5) Convicted felons (in jail or not)
        6) Underage people
        7) Out-of-state students, etc.

    • Long read but well worth it. Encapsulates what John Klar has been informing us of.
      From link:
      “We have watched as people who hate us call for our destruction while they openly steal the 2020 election and then tell us that it’s all honest and fair.”

  4. In the world of subverting a country as outlined by Soviet KGB agents who were trained in the art, as also outlined in Sun Tzu…

    You destabilize a country on purpose, create chaos and fighting.

    Then you ( the one who created all this chaos and destabilization ) come in for the “normalization” of the the country. That is a euphemism for take over. Below are a couple of videos that show how they operate.

    1st – about governance form for many the first is review, but the ending is extremely relevant for now.

    2nd – is a lecture from Yuri Bezmanov, it’s long but well worth the study. He talks about exactly what these people are doing. They are knowingly or unknowingly (useful idiots as Yuri says) doing the bidding of foreign entities.

    They are not party of a political party that loves America. Like Bernie they are hiding undercover of what was one time a party filled with people who love America and it’s ideals. They want us fighting.

  5. After they “weatherize” all the homes and build all the solar, what next? If we don’t produce products and services that are ongoing the “green economy” will stall. Without a serious and long term plan to attract and keep those businesses with ongoing revenue models that include substantial growth where will that model leave us in 5 years, 10 years? And hold onto your wallets, because once they realize how expensive this whole Covid event has been and the effect it will have on our state budgets the tumble down to property and income taxpayers will be a shock even before paying for . Maybe a large enough shock to wake them up to elect a government that will shelve the GWSA until we can get a handle on our financial issues and develop an economic growth plan to keep our kids here, provide job stability and income growth.

  6. These people are not democrats.

    They are globalists.
    They are New World Order Pimps
    They are CCP lemmings.
    They are socialists
    They are communists
    They are marxists
    They are disciples of Saul Alinsky

    And like Bernie Sanders they are hiding in what was once many, years ago a group of American loving people.

    We have a similar problem in The republican party, called rino’s.

    We allow groups to infiltrate political parties that should be inherently American loving parties. We have a uniparty of globalists and corporate sell outs. We need to define the borders of our homes. There doesn’t need to be a great fight or rancor. They want American fighting American, they win.

    For example.

    Our American ideal might be two American political parties modeled after the perfect family unit, made out by God, and also proved by science.

    One party is more like Mom
    One party is more like Dad

    They have the same goals a strong family/country.
    They are inherently different.
    Their goals are the same.
    Their jobs are different.

    We as a state and country would be arguing about paint colors, school choices, discipline and such rather than are we a family.

    But we are currently a subverted family/state our current family more likely resembles below:

    We can’t have a big happy family/country when Mom is getting shopping money from her Chinese sugar daddy and letting him run Vermont Digger as a model of Chinese propaganda. We can’t have a big happy family when Dad is sleeping with the waitress at the NWO diner. Mom and Dad need to shape up.

    Perhaps it’s the kids who have to say. They are acting up….writing, etc.

    I don’t want this waitress in our house anymore.
    I don’t’ want this Mr. Fang Fang coming over to visit Mom all the time.

    We are a subverted state. We don’t have to be. We need to get our house in order. We simple need to keep Mr. Fang Fang and the NWO waitress away from our parents and home.

    If we don’t change our family will become more dysfunctional and eventually fail.

  7. They must be referring to Klaus Schwab’s “Great Reset” script that has been parroted by political puppets the world over. Did they mention UBI? Covid tracking apps? Digital IDs and forced vaccinations? Oh, the wonders that are soon coming . . .

    • Planned in detail!
      Global virus from China – with zero apology or cure, China doesn’t even apologize for lying!
      Shelter in place, wear masks, no free speech, no travel, no religion, no holidays. Public shaming of offenders, corrupt elections accepted.
      We are allowing and following all this like a flock of sheep already!

      What better time to just ease us into Brave new World, Animal Farm, 1984, Atlas Shrugged?!?!

  8. Crisis is the Fascists’ friend. Or Progressives’ friend. No significant difference – same goal: Consolidate centralized government power and control over all aspects of society and economics, cost to be borne by the productive elements of society, social equality achieved by eliminating the reward incentive and reducing the citizenry to equal penury. They are methodical, they are effective, they are driven by a fanatic dogmatism. They are pathological controllers who wear down the otherwise peaceful productive sector with their tireless persistence. They are why the Founding Fathers wrote a Constitution delegating limited powers to government; it is why we have a Bill of Rights. It is why we are a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy. If, as Benjamin Franklin warned, we can keep it. Recall: The French had a revolution, too: The Leftists seized power and we know how that worked out.

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