Vermont’s top election official seeking to hinder election integrity commission

Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos

Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos on Monday issued a series of statements saying he is weighing all options to resist a bipartisan federal commission formed to investigate voter fraud.

The statements by Vermont’s top election official come in response to a request from Election Integrity Commission Co-Chair Kris Kobach, which asked all 50 states for voter roll information publicly available under state law.

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Condos said the following about his intention to refuse to assist the federal commission:

Vermont will NOT be complying with the Commission’s request for Vermont voters’ private and sensitive information. Social security numbers, dates of birth and driver’s license numbers are all off limits. Protecting the privacy and security of Vermont voters’ most sensitive information is something I take very seriously, and I will not compromise the privacy of Vermont citizens to support the Trump Administration’s witch hunt for widespread voter fraud, which has been disproven many times over by non-partisan experts.

Over the weekend we discovered that the Commission’s email address for submission of voter data is unsecured. For Kris Kobach and Vice President Pence to think that having sensitive voter data sent in this manner is acceptable is baffling.

I replied to the Commission’s request for information asking how this data will be used, transferred securely and stored in a secure manner. I have not received a response, and I refuse to respond or comply with any part of this data request until I receive answers to these important questions. I am working with the Vermont Attorney General’s Office to understand all of our options, and we will take the full amount of time allotted to respond with what information that is already publically available, if any, will be provided.

The President has used social media to ask what states have to hide about voter fraud, revealing the true purpose of this commission: to rationalize the President’s unsubstantiated claims that 3-5 Million people voted illegally in the last election. The answer to his question is quite simple: Vermont has nothing to hide. Vermont has had no complaints of voter fraud in at least a decade. If we did receive one, I would seek aggressive investigation and prosecution under the law as a serious crime and an affront to democracy.

At best this Commission is a waste of taxpayer money, and at worst its true purpose is to champion the President’s false and baseless claims of voter fraud to aggressively pursue a campaign of voter suppression and intimidation.

I will not compromise the security of Vermont voters’ personal data, and my office continues to explore all options available to avoid assisting this sham Commission.


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7 thoughts on “Vermont’s top election official seeking to hinder election integrity commission

  1. It is time to require a photo ID to verify voter identity to register to vote and to vote.
    To allow people to register to vote on the day of elections is asking for problems. Town clerks need adequate time to verify voter legitimacy. Registration should have to occur at least two weeks prior to elections.
    Out of state students attending college in Vermont should have to inform the town clerk in their out of state hometown that they will be voting in Vermont while attending college in Vermont. Out of state college students wishing to vote in Vermont must present at the polls, a stamped, certified notice from their hometown clerk that the student will not vote by absentee ballot in their home state.
    Or, we could stop allowing out-of-state students from voting in Vermont.

  2. Didn’t Vermont Watchdog report their own investigation into voter fraud in Burlington, VT alone, showed that over 700 illegal votes were cast in 2012? No wonder the Democrats don’t want a thorough, state wide investigation. Because voter fraud exists!!!!!! Big time!!!

  3. Voter fraud , from what I see that’s the norm . I know in my location non resident students
    vote all the time, along with our progressive liberal leadership wanting all the votes they can
    get , including illegals . All you need is a name and a address, then vote …. Shameful .

    Two forms of ID for all voters should be the minimum requirement !! This will never happen
    as some need votes whatever it takes ( Hook or by Crook ) .

  4. Years ago over a business lunch my client recalled voting five times in Scranton, PA one election year. He talked of voting via absentee ballot for two uncles, his grandfather, a distant cousin, all, of whom were dead, and for himself. He was12 years of age at the time. Voter fraud is not a problem? Are you kidding me??? Often wondered about non-resident college students in Vermont. Do they take up residency during their college years and vote while at the same time maintain voting privileges in their home state and vote there as well? This exercise in cleansing the voter registration rolls will be a major step forward. Mr. Candos, what is your real problem???

  5. It’s amazing how hard the Democrats try to hide the fact that they have been cheating in all elections in recorded history.

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