College students to examine ‘abolishing whiteness’

Rob Shimshock

Students will examine the “possibilities” of “abolishing whiteness” in a fall 2017 course at Stanford University.

Stanford professor John Patrick Moran will teach the fall 2017 course, “White Identity Politics,” in which students will study concepts like “whiteness,” “white privilege,” and “white supremacy,” reported The College Fix.

“We will survey the field of whiteness studies, scholarship on the intersection of race, class, and geography, and writings on whiteness in the United States by contemporary public thinkers, to critically interrogate the terms used to describe whiteness and white identities,” the course description reads.

“Students will consider the perils and possibilities of different political practices, including abolishing whiteness or coming to terms with white identity,” Moran writes. “What is the future of whiteness?”

Moran also associates an alleged surge in “white identity politics” with the 2016 presidential election.

“‘Abolishing whiteness’ is a concept put forward in the 1990s by a number of white historians,” Stanford spokesman Ernest Miranda told The College Fix. “Their belief was that if other white people would, like them, stop identifying politically as white, it would help end inequalities.”

Miranda refused to provide a copy of the course syllabus to The College Fix.

“Just about any social category and subcategory has a ‘…ness’ to it,” Tomás Jiménez, a Stanford professor who has previously taught about “whiteness,” told The College Fix. “So, liberals and conservatives; men and women; Wisconsinites and New Yorkers are all social categories, and adding ‘ness’ to any of them is shorthand for the behaviors and outlooks associated with that category.”

The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out to Moran and Stanford for further comment, but received none in time for press.

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4 thoughts on “College students to examine ‘abolishing whiteness’

  1. What does “whiteness” even mean? We will not apologize for being white, or our ancestors conquering the world. Which allowed all of us the constitution and democracy we now have, for all people. If you donot like the past history create a better future for all of us and stop trying to subject all of us to your hatred and jealousy.

  2. And we wonder why there is racial hatred? And why it is growing? What’s their remedy to ‘whiteness’? Black men rape all white women? These people are sick. And our entire society is sick to allow this insanity to continue. The protest in Charlottesville is understandable (No…not the ultra right, the Nazis…they just joined in to cause riots with the Antifas, the Communists and the Black Lives Matter who were there to cause riots) The elimination of “Whiteness” is not the only goal of the left; erasing America’s history is also, and that is what tearing down the statues is all about. Obama’s goal of ‘fundamentally changing America’ is succeeding. We are destroying ourselves in the name of ‘sensitivity’ and political correctness.

  3. Why is genocide OK, only if the victims are white people? Why all the hate?
    Could Charles Murray (The Bell Curve), in spite of the protests and violence at Middlebury College, be correct after all, that white people are statistically the most intelligent people? There seem to be plenty of stupid white people, like Michael Moore, so what’s the problem?
    White people may have more compassion too, and are easily guilt-tripped into self-hatred and denial of this apparent superiority, and even the right to exist, it seems. Can people who are not white be racists?
    Nahh, I heard only white people can be racists. I guess all other races are downtrodden victims, so they bear no responsibility for their status in this world. If that ‘s the way God made us, can’t we accept it and just get along? Isn’t judging people by the color of their skin a wicked and unjust thing, that applies to everybody?
    This guy offers some insights:
    Let’s all drink some cyanide laced kool aid, and cure the world’s problems. Yeah that’s the ticket.
    First invite all the third-worlders to move in and take over. Like in Minnesota.
    We love our Somalis!

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