CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin says Kavanaugh accusations could be ‘all lies’ yet have ‘a ring of truth’

By Nick Givas

CNN senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said it’s possible the new sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh are “all lies,” then flip-flopped and said there’s a “ring of truth” to them.

Journalists Ronan Farrow and Jane Mayer showcased a second sexual assault accuser who studied at Yale with Kavanaugh in The New Yorker on Sunday, but the accuser, Deborah Ramirez, said her memory contained gaps and admitted to drinking alcohol during the time of the alleged incident. She claimed Kavanaugh exposed himself to her at a “drunken dormitory party,” The New Yorker reported.

“What’s striking about the allegation, it is similar in atmospherics to the high school allegation,” Toobin said on CNN’s “New Day” Monday. “The excessive drinking, the coercive relationship with young women.”

“If you read Mark Judge, the alleged accomplice in the first assault, the world he describes at Georgetown Prep of really absurd amounts of drinking — weird hostility towards women,” Toobin continued. ” … it’s all consistent with one another. Are they all lies? Perhaps, but it certainly has the ring of truth to me.”

After leaving room for doubt, Toobin vouched for Farrow and Mayer, and said the idea the allegations against Kavanaugh are false is “preposterous.”

“Ronan and Jane are colleagues of mine. They have impeccable reputations for accuracy and honesty,” he concluded. “The question is what are people going to do with this? The idea that it’s all made up seems sort of preposterous at this point.”

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4 thoughts on “CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin says Kavanaugh accusations could be ‘all lies’ yet have ‘a ring of truth’

  1. Has no one ever heard of the ninth commandment, Thou shalt not bear false witness. Lying is a sin and there is consequences for sin. Pray that God will sort it out which he will.

  2. Toobin, you’d make a great parent. If your kid says he was at the library all evening studying with four friends – then each one of them denied being at the library with him or even at the library at all you’d still consider the boy’s statement “to have the ring of truth.” The Democrats didn’t even go to the trouble of lining up corroborative witnesses for their assigned “victim.” And they shouldn’t keep using the same tactic over and over. It gets predictable.

  3. What it rings of is CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin is in the Leftist tank,of course the network he pontificates for is the Commiecrat/Clinton news network.

  4. Yeah, Yeah this is nothing more than a scam to derail the Kavanaugh Confirmation for two
    reasons #1 It’s Trumps Nominee and cannot get over he’s POTUS. #2 The DemocRATS know
    one more conservative on the Supreme Court their free reign on foolish decisions will come
    to a halt so they will try to delay, delay hoping for a change in November PP game plan !!

    So in today’s political environment, you are Guilty until you are proven Innocent ( shameful )
    but again Liberal DemocRATS have no shame when it comes to there agenda they don’t care
    who gets ruined in the process.

    The DemocRATS are so sleazy I cannot believe they haven’t found a ” Blue Dress ” yet.

    Also when CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin says Kavanaugh accusations could be ‘all lies’ now that
    has a ring of Truth ………CNN they see what’s happening

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