WaPo: Clinton campaign lawyer, DNC money behind salacious Russian dossier on Trump

By Henry Rodgers

Clinton campaign lawyer Marc Elias completely denied his involvement in the anti-Trump dossier that has made up a majority of the Russian collusion allegations in a report released Tuesday, but complained about the “proof” in late August on Twitter.

On Aug. 29, Elias shared a Washington Post op-ed on Twitter entitled, “What more proof of a secret Russian connection do we need?” The piece suggests that President Donald Trump colluded directly with the Russian government to influence the 2016 presidential election, an allegation which is currently under investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Elias’s denial appears to have been intentionally misleading in light of a new Washington Post report that says Elias hired opposition research firm Fusion GPS on behalf of the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. Elias reportedly hired Fusion to find dirt on Trump, which lead to the Trump dossier.

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The former Clinton campaign lawyer who was positive that sufficient proof existed linking Trump with Russians in their efforts to influence the 2016 presidential election claims he had no involvement with the hiring of Fusion GPS, according to New York Times reporter Ken Vogel.

Former Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon defended Elias Tuesday night, even though Elias denied these claims, and any evidence supporting the allegations has yet to be found.

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2 thoughts on “WaPo: Clinton campaign lawyer, DNC money behind salacious Russian dossier on Trump

  1. The Clintons have more baggage then most will ever understand !! So it’s no surprise that
    the DNC and the Clintons have there hands in this FISCO …….but you’ll never get the truth.
    There will be more roadblocks and denials from now until Trump is out of office in 2024 !!

    The old Adage ” Live By The Sword , You Die By The Sword ” .. this is going to bite them.

    I still turn on you-tube and watch the liberal Democrats ” Melt Down “when Queen Hillary
    didn’t get the nod to become President ………. I’m still smiling , as they are still in turmoil !!

    • C,

      Trump will launch his own investigations of the Clinton’s, dig up so much dirt, the Democrats will have to beg for a cease fire.

      That would be the only way to shut them up, and get some of their votes to pass laws to get this country and Vermont growing again.

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