Roper: Climate strike illustrates lack of support for climate agenda

By Rob Roper

On Friday, a hoard of mostly public school students, arms twisted to skip algebra class to go outside on a beautiful day, spilled into the streets in order to block traffic and generally disrupt to the extent possible the daily lives of hardworking citizens. This protest was organized by lobbyists and special interest groups such as Bill McKibben’s 350VT and VPIRG. The idea is to give the impression that a majority of Vermonters demands bold action on climate change now. But it really illustrates the opposite.

Michael Bielawski/TNR

Protesters sit down in the road, shutting down traffic along Main Street in Montpelier.

Yes, a few thousand people took part in the protests (again, mostly school kids given the chance to skip class), but this represents a very small percentage of Vermont’s 620,000 residents.

This strike is a grand temper tantrum raging at the fact that most people do not, in fact, agree with the protesters’ alarmist views on climate. If a majority, or even a respectably large vocal minority, did agree, the highly sympathetic Vermont Legislature, with supermajorities in both the House and Senate, would have passed the package of demanded reforms faster than you can say “Al Gore.” They didn’t. Not because they don’t want to, but because they know that if they did, the overwhelming majority of voters would skin them alive at the polls come November 2020.

The questions for tomorrow and beyond are A) if the sane majority of Vermonters can be intimidated and/or duped by this display of mob outrage, and B) if the sympathetic legislature will attempt to use this as cover for passing an agenda most Vermonters want no part of.

The answers to both questions lie with the silent majority. Personally, I think the strike and following week of action will backfire on the protesters. Making somebody wait in traffic for however long as they are trying to get to work, make it to an appointment at the DMV or the doctor, or go to the post office, is not going to inspire affection. Moreover, Vermonters have historically been proud of “The Vermont Way” of conducting politics, which is civilly and respectfully. There is nothing civil or respectful about “disrupting” daily life.

Rob Roper is president of the Ethan Allen Institute. Reprinted with permission from the Ethan Allen Institute Blog.

Image courtesy of Michael Bielawski/TNR

9 thoughts on “Roper: Climate strike illustrates lack of support for climate agenda

  1. Yeah looks like reults of insider polls are predicting dire election results as evidenced by the leftwing crazy. Its a long way to 2020!
    As unhinged radicalized fringe of Dem/Prog party becomes ever more delusional – appears they’re finally awakening to reality that public sentiment clearly is not on their side – as sane normal ppl cringe in horror at the ongoing sheer madness.

    We can expect coinciding childish antics as its pretty clear the handwriting is now on the wall for all to see – it says “Four more years”. Hence the increase in plague of Trump-Derangement Syndrome victims. *Imus Scream*

    Dozens of Failed Climate Predictions Stretch 80 Years Back
    By Petr Svab September 25, 2019

    – Also includes more recent anti-propaganda climate news postings.

  2. If you study the hand book, they tell you, you don’t have to be right, you dont’ have to win every argument, you have to be in the press. You have to frame your opponent.

    So they can frame their opponent, the evil Republican as anti- environment, anti science with them not supporting these stupid protests.

    The argument is framed for two out comes once again which leads to the constant stale mate and frozen government and conversations. It’s almost like rinos run the counter argument on purpose so we lose every time.

    There are many third options that take away all fire power from the eco Nazi’s.

    Some examples.

    1) We’ll supply financing for intelligent weatherization
    2) We’ll allow the import of small trucks, Subaru’s,, Toyotas that get 4ompg and cost less than 8k
    3) We’ll provide financing options for geo thermal.
    4) We’ll promote more electricity from Canadian dams.

    You could go on and on……any conservative want to protect the environment, so say it! Any conservative will conserve fuel…..because it puts more money in their pocket for other things, which is the exact opposite plan of the Marxist, give us all your money and we’ll save the world!!!

    Lord help us,, sometimes I think we’re put on this planet to trigger Marxists and get nothing done.

    You don’t invite someone to your house for dinner and call them names….

  3. “This strike is a grand temper tantrum”

    That would would describe to a tee the entire leftist population, if you put
    foot stomping snot nose in before the temper tantrum…..they never have facts only
    only their truths which arn’t…hence all they can do is scream like they did as kids to
    get their way…

  4. They apply the same tactic to gun control: “The majority want this!” When the statehouse is filled with opposition every single time 10 to 1.

    • Yet they are winning the fight! They are destroying our constitution. How? Why? This site doesn’t reach the rest of Vermont. Vermont Digger does. You are so right they apply the same tactics to everything, everything, and if we don’t change our plans and recognize what they are doing and how they are winning the elections for the last 20+ years in Vermont, we are doomed. We are struggling across the entire U.S…..

      If Vermont can break the code so to speak, with no money or support, we’ll be the code breakers for the entire United States. It’s a problem worthy of study, we can do it if we work together, if the spirit helps us.

    • You are so right about applying the same tactic. How does,the DNC win every year in election year in Vermont with lies? How? The same way timeshare salesman sell good for nothing timeshares, by framing the conversation and taking advantage of people’s emotions.

      1st the DNC frames themselves as savior of the environment by saying they are saving the world, they are pro environment by they regulations they are trying to get passed. The big key is they don’t even have to pass the regulations and they still win! They can blame the republicans for not passing the regulation ( the carbon tax which is the most stupid idea on the planet, give me all your money and you’ll have saved the world). See it win for them if they lose and win for them, heaven for bid of they pass the carbon tax.

      #2 the Vermont republicans frame themselves as anti environment every time to the entire citizenry by saying No Carbon Tax!

      Republicans lose 80% of the vote by telling the truth and the DNC wins the election with a lie, by framing the argument on most every topic just like this. They do this EVERY TIME!

      3) With simple,actions ( see above) Republicans could be seen as pro environment without giving up any ideals, then they can frame the conversation and shed light, calling the Green New. Deal for what it is, a scam, a path to socialism, crony capitalism for the Tesla crowd.

      Rinos love things the way they are, the stay in power and don’t have to do anything, just keep doin what they are doin and Vermont keeps gettin what we’re gettin. Many of us in Vermont are completely sick of this dysfunctional dance we are stuck doing every two years.

      Vermont Republicana are for clean air and not spending all their money on fuel, why not say it? Why not back it up with science and common sense legislation? If we do,well not only win the hearts of the Vermont citizen we might win an election too!

      The choice is ours, do the same thing and lose, don’t let them frame every conversation and lose once again while telling the truth.

      The choice is ours to make, we need to LEAD!

      • Overarching issue is the silencing of conservative voices by VT media – no one hears from anyone but the collectivists who work overtime to silence all dissent, which is why VTDigger should lose their 501c3 – for not allowing and actively working to snuff out conservative voices.

        By gaming the nonprofit system using this cash flow to carefully construct an opionated publication financed by public funding and paid advertising augmented with a culture of leftist donors, primarily curate slanted opinions which is what they are payed to do imho.

  5. Did you look at these fools, and they want to be taken seriously.

    Snot Nosed brats that have been brainwashed by the Liberal Teachers with an agenda,
    no facts just foolishness. I cannot believe that the police didn’t put a stop to this BS.

    Just put it in perspective, these Kids were given the day off from school ” yeah” to protest
    and this is what it was, ” a day to play hooky ” …..No Kids, No Protest ……. shameful.

    Stay in school and get an education, not an indoctrination !!

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