Climate activists want Michael Moore’s doc panning green energy banned, say it’s chock full of misinformation

By Chris White

Anti-fossil fuel activists unsuccessfully attempted to browbeat the film producer behind a Michael Moore documentary panning green energy into permanently removing the movie over claims that it contains pro-oil industry misinformation.

Activist Josh Fox, climate scientist Michael Mann and other environmentalists signed onto a petition Friday asking the producer to take down “Planet of the Humans,” saying Moore’s film relies on old data to claim solar and wind energy is dependent on fossil fuels. Films for Action initially nixed the film before putting it back online, saying the move was meant to engage in debate.

“We are disheartened and dismayed to report that the film is full of misinformation — so much so that for half a day we removed the film from the site,” Films for Action noted in a press statement Saturday. “Ultimately, we decided to put it back up because we believe media literacy, critique and debate is the best solution to misinformation.”

The company then shared some of its thoughts on the film’s premise, which was directed by environmentalist Jeff Gibbs and argued human beings are the problem, not energy production. Films for Action decided that effectively banning the film would be a form of censorship.

“We still need to transition to 100% renewable energy. There is no other option. But the delusion that we need to dispel is the idea that renewables can power our industrial civilization as is, and that these technologies are entirely ‘green’ when they are themselves still destructive,” Films for Action noted in the statement.

Gibbs and Moore lashed into wind, solar and biomass in particular.

“Green energy is not going to save us,” Gibbs noted in the film before focusing his ire on environmentalists Bill McKibben, Van Jones, Robert F. Kennedy and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, all of whom push for a combination of solar panels, nuclear or wind power to replace oil production.

Fox, who’s perhaps best known for producing the anti-fracking film “Gasland,” told his Twitter followers Friday that the attempt to take down the film was successful. He included in the tweet a screenshot of Films for Action’s statement, which did not include the section of the post explaining why the producer opted not to take down the film.

“I just received notice that the distributor of Michael Moore’s #PlanetoftheHumans is taking the film down due to misinformation in the film,” Fox wrote before criticizing Moore. “My hero has fallen. I have watched @MMFlint PUNCH UP at authority and hypocrisy with glee for his whole career. He has deeply inspired me and taught me. But now he’s the Goliath in the room, PUNCHING DOWN at us.”

Neither Fox, Mann nor “Planet of the Humans” have replied to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment. Mann, a Pennsylvania State University professor, has been criticized in recent years for embellishing his credentials. Environmentalists wrote reviews of the film after it was posted for free on YouTube claiming that the movie relies on old, outdated information.

Fox is a proponent of the Green New Deal, a policy idea meant to aggressively transition the United States away from the oil industry.

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17 thoughts on “Climate activists want Michael Moore’s doc panning green energy banned, say it’s chock full of misinformation

  1. Lots of whining in these comments. The real facts are; none of the great believer scientists have produced an experiment following the scientific method and peer reviewed showing CO2 is a problem. AND, all green power generation is not technically feasible if people are going to have electricity when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow.

  2. Stardust, Obviously you didn’t take much time to absorb what I wrote. I didn’t say this was an end to anything. I was providing an observation, not a solution. Before any dam breaks there has to be a crack in the wall. Anything that brings about confusion into the climate change, global warming, sustainable energy religion camp can be that crack in the wall. Michael Moore is an icon to the left because of his radical and fictional movies that played into the hands of his followers, his chorus. He isn’t going to change but in his quest to remain relevant, he stuck his neck out and has crated a possible OMG what is he doing. The same affect as finding a turd in the cookie jar. The fuel that can replace fossil fuel is currently nonexistent. Wind and solar can not survive without subsidies. Biomass the same because all three rely on fossil fuels. The quest for perpetual motion will continue, the politics will still be corrupt, the rich will find ways to get richer and Michael Moore will still be a slob and a hack movie maker.

    • For better or worse comments reflect my own takeaway. Conclusions are based on what I have seen happening for its duration. Not being clairvoyent cannot say for sure what anyone will think, do or say. Yes – without a doubt stands to reason that greenies are bound to a look at the failure of renewables plus their destruction of our planet to save it.

      Hear you and points taken. And took closer look @ film after one of your comments before most recent one. Also looked at critique from another source posted by Willem Post.

      Upon reviewing film again – found it to be even more amateurish. Also unserious message and hastily concocted while managing to portray true believers in an insulting manner.
      Commenter from another source calling it a red-hot mess – I must agree. While delivering a huge dis to one sector of enviro movement and the so-called green solutions. Asking the big why before going further into analysis is logical, nothing is lost by doing so.

      Moore is not the face of the Ecofascist movement – but the face of leftist hate mob in its many forms and must fight to stay relevant. The Climate Change cult has been desperate for quite a while. Planet is in fact on a cooling trajectory which the frauds aka ‘scientists’ and likes of which egomaniacal Al Gore and all the rest had to have known. Keeping the dream alive to the masses requires newer tricks which need to be taken into account as the ‘why’ possibilities.

      • Moore has also gotten what he really wants – attention! If he show the foolish unsustainable planet polluting ‘renewables’ for what they are always a *good thing* 😉 Even better is that followers hopefully will see him as the creep he really is.

  3. A debunker of the Moore movie, Planet of the Humans, had this to say:

    “When we burn wood for electricity, we are using carbon that is already moving between our air, oceans, and land. By contrast, when we dig up and burn fossil fuels, we’re bringing carbon up from underground. That is how we got increasing carbon levels in our atmosphere and oceans. Burning fossil fuels, not wood, is the main cause of climate change. It’s a basic fact I teach to my undergraduates. But the filmmakers neglected to learn it.”

    I think those students are being ill-informed by the professor, who would know better, it he had a better thinking cap.

    I bet the “professor-teaching-students” might not know::

    It may be 2% in the US, but a much larger % in NE
    The NE wood burning sector is major cause of combustion CO2 and other CO2 in NE, plus sub-micron particulates.
    Gas, hydro and nuclear have nearly none of such particulates

    The time it takes a combustion CO2 cycle to complete is about 115 to 135 years in NE, if the 35-y C-neutrality period is included, and Year 1 is combustion start.

    However, most of the fuel trees likely were 40 to 50 years old.
    That means any NEW TREES ON THE HARVESTED AREA would be cut well before they have had a chance to absorb all the combustion CO2 of Year 1.

    There ends the fantasy of being “renewable”, because there is no spare forest for “much of our combustion CO2”

    The OTHER CO2, (upstream, embodied), not related to combustion, is like any other CO2, for accounting purposes.

    It could be claimed increased CO2 in the atmosphere increases biomass growth and CO2 absorption.
    That likely would absorb at least part of “much of our combustion CO2”, as well as a part of the CO2 of all other sources; the CO2 in the atmosphere keeps on increasing

  4. Michael Moore’s film has multiple flaws. For example:

    —He didn’t present his arguments in a logical sequence,
    —He didn’t explain all the nuts and bolts sufficiently,
    —He skipped over multiple serious adverse consequences of renewables,
    —He didn’t sufficiently endorse nuclear,
    —He can’t resist including Left-wing rants (e.g. about capitalism), and
    —He failed to advocate the most effective solution:
    our energy policies should be based on real Science!

    (Instead, currently our energy policies are literally written by special-interest lobbyists — like Bill McKibben — and they are devoid of real Science!)

    Despite the movie’s shortcomings, this is a laymanized version of a complex issue. In that regard Moore had a simple message that came across quite well:
    due to conflicts and incompetence, environmental organizations/leaders have not been giving the public an honest assessment of renewables.

    That is an extraordinarily significant revelation to most people — particularly since it comes from a very credentialed Left-wing source.

    I’ve heard from a surprising number of environmentalists who are very disillusioned about the environmentalists’ hypocrisies revealed in the film (just read the comments below the film). We need to build on that reality!

    Please pass this onto open-minded parties.


    john droz, jr.

  5. Climate activists and Michael Moore preach death, doom and gloom, negativity…we’re all gonna die from ozone levels, rising tides, oil…Nut jobs! If the tides were really going to rise, WHY DID OBAMA SPEND $28 MILLION BUYING A HOUSE ON THE OCEAN AT MARTHA’S VINEYARD IN MASSACHUSETTS! Think about that one! John Tyler – NC

  6. Ban the movie, burn the books??? Are these folks nuts?? There is an article often referred to as THECFIRST AMENDMENT!!! Apparently, thesecfols believe it refers only to speach which endorses their point of view. Sad sack group,

  7. Not to give any kudos to Mikey Moron but this show’s the true Nazi inclinations of the
    globalwarming hoax folks…book burning’s now??? The movie pointed out that trading one
    energy source for another isn’t pollution free… Lithium and other precious metals mining is
    way more damaging then fracking and pipelines… the only current energy production with minimal
    effect is Nuclear energy in the form of Thorium reactors..If loud mouth moore’s film drives us to
    that result I’ll give him kudos. But I’m not holding my breath.

  8. Moore’s been babbling his own personal unfounded irrational idiotology for years – and the Greenies just noticed? They’re probably backing Biden, too, for the concise expression of his intellectual clarity. Do we have AOC’s learned opinion on this yet or is she still celebrating the oil glut that’s brought our fuel prices down?

    • Just curious, did you watch Planet of the humans? I’m not a Moore fan but I have to give him credit on this one. The left is already trying to censor the movie. That shows how afraid they are of scaring off investors in the Green new fallacy.

      • Yeah I did – unusual huh lol. I just don’t trust the guy…company he keeps and moneyed interest speak volumes – he’s all about the benjamins? Would need to have a serious epiphany to make me take another look.

        It is my belief that to provide baseline energy compatable w/grid – nuclear power will become the savior. Astronomical expenses will be leveraged upon us and we will pay it forward as an addition to electric bill and solution to ‘climate crisis’ from its cultists. All the climate alarmists have already signed on.

        • Just did a quick review of movie. Micheal Moore is a champion huckster or he is *nothing*. I do not have a problem w/carbon just the Chicken Littled ecofascists who believe we can save the planet – it doesn’t need saving – we do lol. So most of the rubbish presented including the silly ominous music, adorable animals, environmental pics, and even dealing w/fear of death is just not on my radar screen. And attempt to portray climate activists as out of touch are all cheap shots that have an inauthentic feel.

          I need no convincing that all renewable options include carbon so carbon is already here. With the oil glut we can heat our homes and drive to hearts content for pennies on the dollar. Plus additional carbon is added to each option in the renewable pie – so they’re kinda late to the dance here – and this has always been a major argument.

          The curiosity is what is the message here – and just as curious is the nonmention of nuclear which is the point imho as it along w/hydro are the only other sustainable baseload alternatives but nuclear comes w/the deepest of pockets.

          Oh my another publicity stunt – movie is pulled for errors made – yikes! Call me unsurprised these antics are *not new*. Facepalm.

          • Okay, I get it that Moore is a schmuck and a self serving slob. I hated every movie he ever made and I also distrust him. However, the result of the movie has made the environmentalists scramble to try to block the film from being scene. Those of us who have followed the green energy scam are called deniers, hicks, rednecks and a list of other names. This is the first time someone from their own camp, their icon of progressive movie making who attacked and dismantled their whole green energy plan. This movie will be seen by those who have signed on to the fraud and certain numbers of those who aren’t yet brain dead will, I hope start to question their own beliefs. The jury is still out on that. Liberals like animals more than anyone (PETA) so they say. Showing the destruction of the rain forest and the brutality of animals shown in the film demonstrates the lack of concern for anything to achieve the goal of wealth through this scam called sustainable energy.

          • Yes possibly some of the more gullible and naive Climate Alarmists will cotton to MM message. However wiping lipstick off pig changes nothing – it’s just a less pretty pig. Oral arguments for this trial have ended – we’ve heard them all – what remains is ideological and largely faithbased between Judeo-Christian and just-as-religious atheists and agnostics on both.
            Barring an act of God Moore will never change. Mob ruler extaordinaire:

            Follwing Paris – Kerry made an interesting comment – stated ‘if we do all mandates in accord it still will not be enough’ – loud and clear.

            Timing is everything – so why now…The guy lives a life of wealth and ease despite scruffy appearance… bank account requires steady influx of benjies…No one listens to this guy anymore looks like he’s doomed to the dustbin following several major film flops – doesn’t resonate anymore? Reinventing self is only trick left in the bag to continue shmoozing in the 1% club where the benjies are.

          • What to do, what to do *brainstorm* new disguise needed…pimp oneself to old-new ‘green’ pretenders *nuclear* – TA DA. Peddle their wares to the divided greenies as planet saving answer to climate crisis! And…nuclear prints are on this…always attempting to portray antinuclear as silly *dirty hippies*. However the nuclear gravytrain w/its many riders is very looong and runs on green paper coal – chaching. Remember – also snagged Greenpeace Partick Moore as spokesflack – Sierra Club, (Mckibben), UCS are pronuclear btw.

            Tho message is seemingly ‘we need to stop using resources’ – hahahaha. Um, yeah the youth and other assorted brainwashed will jump on this bandwagon lol. It’s merely part one imho telling the nubes what has been preached by enviros since the 60s. Spoiler: it’s not going to work.

            So challenge is how to market to the antinuclear sector of Ecofascist cult – pied piper Micheal Moore needs a job?

            Tho I’m wary of nuclear industry and its many crimes – for national security and competition we need all forms of power production – I just don’t want to see carbon producers edged out as it’s the safest and cheapest imho. I was once and could get on board w/wind and solar if it were done right – it’s not. When it’s said and done the pollution caused by these ‘green’ options will make carbon and nuclear pale.

            Caveat: Free Market rules. No subsidies for any. This will not stop any of them but will right-size all and make them competitive to benefit the consumer and greatly reduce the parasytical lobbying groups and assorted nonprofits.

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