Chronicle: High school civics bill, record high volume of legislation, and more


The Chronicle of the Vermont State House is a bi-monthly publication by Page Communications and True North Media.

The newsprint edition is distributed free to legislators, to visitors at the State House, to every Vermont selectboard member and town clerk, and at selected locations statewide.

It is also available online in PDF. Click here to read Volume 1, No. 2 May 2, 2019.

In this issue:
1. Trophy buck returns to Natural Resources, Fish & Wildlife Committee room
2. Tracking the Big Bills: update on major legislation
3. Mandatory high school civics bill proposed
4. House grapples with record number of new bills
5. Bill Huff op-ed: Rural Vermonters dying death of a thousand cuts
6. Letter to Editor: legislators intolerant at community forum
7. Senate roll calls published
8. “Madam Speaker” – House members weigh in on Indigenous People’s Day

One thought on “Chronicle: High school civics bill, record high volume of legislation, and more

  1. 127 bill increase in meaningless legislation means the session should be drastically shortened.
    If they can propose that increase and still NOT do Anything of importance to the VT citizenry we
    should cap the amount of bills that should be allowed and any allowed would have to be offset
    with removal of bullcrap (non helpful to the populous of more then 20%) bills first.

    This years has totally been the most incompetent non productive anti VERMONTER legislation ever..
    The Fascist Leftist have run amuck on ASSAULT AGENDA with complete disregard of the plight
    of the over taxed citizens.

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