Christina Nolan answers ‘The Question’ about her campaign for U.S. Senate

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Morning Drive host Kurt Wright asked the question of the 2022 Senate race, which at this early point looks like a battle between Democrat Rep. Peter Welch, right, and Republican Christina Nolan.

By Guy Page

Tuesday, former U.S. Attorney Christina Nolan announced her candidacy for U.S. Senate on WVMT’s Morning Drive. Almost immediately she faced what will likely be the toughest question of her campaign.

Host Kurt Wright let Nolan announce her news and thank Sen. Patrick Leahy for nominating her as U.S. Attorney in 2017. Then the politically savvy Wright asked the question on many minds (at about the 20:40 mark): “What you will hear from your opponent over and over is, ‘Do we want to turn this seat over to any Republican, which could potentially turn the U.S. Senate over to Mitch McConnell?’”

Wright asked the question of the 2022 Senate race, which at this early point looks like a battle between Rep. Peter Welch (D) and the Republican Nolan. Never mind that the Senate is deadlocked and a party change in any of the many 2022 Senate elections would mean a change of leadership. Vermonters are asking that question. Here’s how Nolan responded.

“Vermonters want a person to go to Washington to do the right thing and get something done,” Nolan said. “I am an independent, non-traditional Republican, a New England Republican. [Maine U.S. Senator] Susan Collins is someone I’m a big fan of.”

Nolan seems to be asking the ‘can’t get elected’ skeptics: if elderly, white, secular and liberal Maine can elect Susan Collins, why can’t Vermont elect Christina Nolan?

She also appealed to the many ‘middle of the road’ Vermonters who see Washington as gridlocked and going nowhere in a long, dark tunnel of political hatred.

“I think Vermonters want someone who can get things done in Washington, rather than just spar with the other party and try to defeat the other party. They’re tired of the divide and conquer politics,” she said. “They want someone who can go down and do the right thing.”

“Here’s what I pledge to Vermonters: I will go down and make compromises,” Nolan continued. “I won’t work for the Republican party. I will work for you. You see politicians who think they work for a party or an ideology. Peter Welch votes with his party 100% of the time and caucuses with the extreme wing of his party.”

Guy Page is publisher of the Vermont Daily Chronicle. Reprinted with permission.

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46 thoughts on “Christina Nolan answers ‘The Question’ about her campaign for U.S. Senate

  1. I think she deserves a chance if she is bad for our state and country we can vote her out. I believe once she is in DC the pressure is going to be on her big time to vote with the American first program. I do not see Mitch McConnel as the leader of the party any longer. She will have to play ball with her team of Republicans first before working with the other side.

  2. Pls remember Patriots she is being shoehorned in by Leahy and none other than “reach across the aisle” Comrade Phil using Bolshevik Bernie dishonest tactics. Everywhere is being called a “Prominent Republican” and not even a party member and refusing to give interviews with VT media outlets whilst announcing on Fox to pied-piper conservatives but going after lions-share with deceptive diversionary tactics

  3. Dano…selecting an admitted Rino when we do not even know who else may emerge is not only irresponsible and shortsighted but not an option for me – I would write in my choice so it’s not between the two.

    Like arrogant Bolshevik Bernie demands to run on our ticket even claiming she will not work for the party bc to effing lazy and cheap to take on Welch which would force a choice between the two which she may not win – a coldly position.

    I hope to God a conservative ®epublican will step up as Nolan is also showing how she will conduct self – not unlike brash Bernie and equally control-freak Jane…it’s how they roll

    • So below, you made a comment dissing Christina Nolan, not Christine. If you didn’t know this woman, why did you discredit her thinking she was the transsexual who ran against governor Scott. Christina Nolan was US Attorney under President Trump and is a Vermonter by birth. Perhaps it would be more appropriate if you knew who you were talking about before you cast judgement for all here to see. An apology might be in order, don’t you think?

    • Hi Rich – I remarked that I’d rather see Douglas, and Brian Dubie even Being to nefarious Nolan Being is running light gov

  4. So this is too funny. Uniparty Games….

    Exhibit A) Yesterday I got this hate filled letter from the VTGOP asking for money, Joe Biden is the worst, yadda, yadda, yadda. I did send $60.

    Didn’t our Governor publicly say he voted for Biden, wasn’t it across the globe news not just US?

    Can you see the games? lol.

    Exhibit B) This article and candidate. So when you have two choices vote, both of them uniparty candidate, one with a D and one with an R… do we change? Yet all the Republicans are voting for her in droves, because she’s a whole lot better than Welch. HUH?

    Exhibit C) Bernie Sanders and his run for federal office against a Republican in Vermont, who spoke of gun laws. Well Bernie wasn’t going to take away our guns…’s easier to see in hindsight isn’t it?

    Exhibit D) Phil Scott running on the VTGOP ticket and Voting for the opposite team. Passing Gun legislation after getting into office from those who support the second amendment.

    Exhibit E) Bernie Sanders running as Independent AND Democrat, blocking any candidate from within the party and then dropping the D.

    The lines are drawn, it’s American Citizens against the Uniparty. What the Uniparty wants is American fighting American. D vs. R— they win every time, because they OWN both parties.

    Here’s a fun video.

    These are reasons why we attempted to start our own political party, who’s name I cannot print here.
    It is why we spent years at massive personal loss to try and bring change. It is why we were censored and blocked at every chance.

    And to the people who say, We can’t win with “Trump”, we can’t win with Rinos… are both right. There are more answers. One of which Trump would have run a completely different game, but stayed true to his America First, possible ideas?

    1) Bring a viable business to the huge gapping hole in Newport
    2) Crush EB-5 scandal
    3) Bring organic food producer to Vermont, think more Ben and Jerry’s, Red Hen, etc.
    4) Bring business with solar panels
    5) Bring business with ski manufacturing
    6) Get homes built for $150,000 to own without Government money
    7) Get the drug dealers out of towns AND Montpelier

    8) One thing for sure he would not let the Uniparty D or R dictate his plans nor the agenda. Remember what they did to Take Back Vermont? He wouldn’t let it happen.

    His ground game would be massive, because he knows there is no control of the internet, press, etc. He would not fly in a jet, but he would drive the most awesome, best Subaru on the planet, just ask the experts, ask the car reporters they all agree Subaru is the best.

    Uniparty games, don’t be played.

  5. Actions speak louder than words. I was very pleased and impressed with Nolan as US Attorney. I think she was great for Vermont and I was saddened when she left the post because we had a new President. Whenever I heard her speak on the news I thought she did a great job of sticking to her points and not fall to the manipulations of the media. I’m thrilled that she is a candidate for Senate and I look forward to her debates with Welch. I know she can hold her own. I hope we all give her a fair
    chance including the media. I know the media thinks Welch has it but I do think it’s time for a change. I heard Christina’s interview on WVMT’s Morning Drive program and I believed her when she said she would do what is best for Vermonters. She did it as US Attorney.

  6. Good grief – does anyone realize who we have running against her?! The most profoundly dishonest, left wing, do nothing but pander – go after Trump and vote our children’s solvency into the ditch Peter Welch. Another out of state candidate who has done nothing but ruin our state and is on the wrong side of everything. PLEASE – you want to wake up? What about her doing a documentary with a drug dealer she prosecuted to show children not to get addicted? . Maybe she isn’t just scaring off possible voters on the other side who might listen to what she has to say. Go listen to her speak – she is very sensible and intelligent and her work has been very impressive. Otherwise go ahead – help Peter – nice work cutting of your nose to spite your face.. (Give me a break)

  7. First off, if Leahy and Scott are endorsing her the red flags are already popping up. What has Nolan done? Well, she has an extensive history of combatting white collar crimes, drug trafficking, and money laundering. She was also nominated by perhaps the greatest President to have served our county, Donald J. Trump. So with the aforementioned red flags she is worthy of a chance until she is unproven. Good luck.

    • Brian, Sounds like Peter, the ambulance chaser is better for you then! Get a clue, this is the time for a change of direction for Vermont.

  8. Oh gracious Boys&Girls… PLEASE —- I have to admit that I’ve a certain simpatico with the quest for principled ideological purity. The impulse to supplant the present regime of the left’s agendas with ours is very attractive. HOWEVER, my impression of this worthy candidate is that she has no intention (read “has more sense that to”) become the Quixote for our agendas. To echo the left’s pursuit-of-our-agenda/minority-be-damned protocol as opposed to representing a diverse constituency doesn’t appear to be her script. She does indeed believe in much of what we value but her likely vision will include attention to our diversity with her focus on where constituents have reached consensus…and where there is an impassioned opposition. How oppressed will they be by our majority rule from the right? I suspect her intention is not to pursue agendas without a consensus from the constituents or some sense that the community can find her efforts tolerably. This means there will be times when we are disappointed. I think I can live with that and not accuse myself of apostasy.

  9. So Vermont here’s your chance to break up the ” old boys club ” that we have in DC with
    one of our three-stooges retiring.

    So for all the naysayers that have already condemned the former US attorney Christina
    Nolan, at least she took an oath to defend the Constitution and did so !!

    Can we say the same about the clowns we have already, sure they took an oath to defend
    the constitution but did they ?? …….Correct, Bernie ” Socialist ” Sanders.

    Vermont can stick with what we have, as Peter ” The Follower ” Welch, believes he’s a shoe
    in, let’s make a change for VT, Christina Nolan may not do the job if so, vote her out !!l

    Wake up, people.

  10. All she has to do is defend liberty and the constitution without compromise. Shouldn’t be that hard. She will be taking an oath to do just that.

    • It shouldn’t be that hard, but it’s just what these people do, violate their oath as soon as they get in. The only way to restore Congress is to repeal the 17th Amendment.

  11. How about we not pass judgment until Ms. Nolan puts forth her positions on specific matters.

    Again, as published on VDC, here’s my list of issues for which I’d like to see Ms. Nolan’s specific perspective.

    1. The southern border: Finish the wall. Control immigration. Immigration is fine, just follow the rules.

    2. Allow the U.S. to be energy efficient again. Yes, I know, fossil fuels and CO2. But we’re not going to figure out how to get to the next level tomorrow if we bankrupt ourselves today in the process of getting there. And, yes, more cheap, green Hydro Quebec power for Vermonters please.

    3. Stop the frivolous spending. We have too many bureaucrats. For every new government hire, fire two. And follow the Vermont Constitution – Article 9: “…previous to any law being made to raise a tax, the purpose for which it is to be raised ought to appear evident to the Legislature to be of more service to community than the money would be if not collected.”

    4. Project our military strength and don’t hesitate to be a little unpredictable. The world is a nasty brutal place. Don’t try to fix all the world’s problems before fixing our problems here at home.

    5. School Choice! I repeat – School Choice now. Vouchers for all parents allowing them to choose what they believe to be the best education for their children – public school, independent schools, parochial schools, homeschools, education pods, you name it. Give parents Education Savings Accounts and let educational free enterprise work its magic.

    6. Last but not least, lower taxes. Let individuals figure out how to spend their hard-earned money. If we’ve learned anything from Messrs. Leahy, Sanders, and Welch, it’s that they don’t actually know how to do anything productive on their own. Let the people with the knowledge and incentive to achieve do their thing. After all, if our new Senator is successful at goals 1 – 5, she won’t have to lower taxes. They’ll lower on their own because our economy will become so much more efficient and productive.

    And I’m not going to ask you, Ms. Nolan, to be sure to be compassionate toward those less fortunate than we may be. Because I know that, in a productive and efficient economy, people tend to be more compassionate toward their fellow humans in the first place. Just give us a chance to prove it instead of telling us how miserable and selfish we are for putting our oxygen masks on first before helping those sitting next to us.

    Postscript: Protect and Defend the U. S. Constitution – especially the 1st and 2nd amendments.

    P.P.S. Silence on these matters is deafening.

    • If keep the oath of office is top, then her efforts on energy and education should be totally aimed at getting the federal government out of those sectors. And do the same with healthcare. If that was accomplished think about how much we converse about that would no longer be “political.” As it is now, there is hardly a topic that is not now political.

    • So here is the same old climate/CO 2 BS. Does ANYONE understand what the percentage of the atmosphere is comprised of CO 2, that plants must have it to live, without it all the grass eaters would croak (unfortunately so would normal people)? ?
      It’s “science” you know.

  12. Any Republican who admittedly is not a Republican does not deserve the party vote. She is literally telling us she’s a Ring…and those supporting her are also Rinos or disturbingly misled.

  13. She’s not conservative if Comrade Leahy and Chairman Phil support but a liberal merely running on the R ticket I want conservative commitments not more left-wing drivel

    • Regardless, we have to have a candidate who appeals to more than just republicans. I have a feeling, she might be a strong candidate in a time when change is needed. Voting for a weaker candidate and you get Peter, the not so Great. Be careful of what we wish for. It may be out of touch by making the wrong decision when we could affect desperate needed change. I don’t like RINOs anymore than others hear, but I dislike Peter even more.

  14. For those whose immediate reactions is: “we dont know if she is conservative enough”, we have to embrace the sad reality that we in Vermont are 60 years into the post-Phil Hoff, hippie migration transformation. It’s not pretty what has become of this once-great, conservative State of Vermont but we venture further into la-la land if we embrace the fantasy that we can somehow elect a Ron DeSantis-type Senator now. The VTGOP must take full advantage of the growing number of “moderate” voters being outraged by additional gun restrictions, fringe sexuality and anti-white hatred promoted in public schools, police defunding, out-of-control education spending and public-sector unions driving the high cost of living in Vermont. These are bread and butter issues with broad appeal but due to the propaganda of pop culture and the liberal media, many of these folks are driven off by MAGA hats and Let’s Go Brandon. Appealing to the centrist voter is the last hope for the VTGOP to have any relevance and appeal into the future, and the time is ripe to cultivate that interest. The truth is not always easy to accept, but if we dont, freedom-minded Vermonters will be permanently relegated to the proverbial woodshed. If the choice is between the born-in-Burlington “Susan Collins west” and the old, white, male, virtue-signaling, liberal ambulance chaser from Springfield Massachusetts, who got his formative legal education at the hotbed of American marxism, UC Berkeley, it’s an easy decision. In present-day Vermont, calling yourself even a moderate Republican makes you a target for all kinds of hateful accusations by those on the hard left and from the Party which was founded to perpetuate slavery, enforce Jim Crow laws and used the KKK as their militant wing…the party hypocritically referred to as “democratic”.

    • I’m with you. We’d like to think it’s “just” the college kids in Burlington or “just” the aging hippies in Brattleboro or “just” the transplants from other states, but it’s not. Every county in Vermont has gone blue in the last three Presidential elections. And a quick look at the composition of the legislature shows a Prog/Dem infection from Brattleboro to Alburgh and from Derby to Bennington. The dismal Phil Scott – so much like his predecessor that they share initials! – may be a stellar disappointment but it’s quite possible that without massive work by local GOP committees, he’s the kind of R we’re going to get for the foreseeable future.

      I’m sickened at the thought of the left-wing ambulance chaser in the Senate. I’ll support Christina Nolan and take her at word that she’ll honor her oath, and I don’t object to her expressing a willingness to work with either side. But in my fantasy, she’ll be more open to mentoring from Mike Lee than Susan Collins.

  15. Make compromises, won’t work for the Republican party ? I think I’ll wait for someone that won’t compromise and will work for the Republican party.

    • Thanks Rich for standing tall in the midst of the openly VT GOP haters and traitors harbored here on Conservative bastion TNR…they can go to hell afaic

      • Stardust, Check out Rich’s comment at the beginning. He didn’t even know who he was talking about before casting his opinion!

  16. Biden, Pilosi, Shumer, et al, have turned Washington into a cesspool of hate and venom and out of control spending. We’re expecting $5 a gallon gas this summer and we’re already getting beat up both at the gas station and the grocery store. People are literally having to decide between paying rent, heating their homes or putting food on the table. The insanity of investigations, accusations and political drama is wasting untold amounts of taxpayer money and politicians’ time and effort which could be better focused on things that actually benefit Mr. and Mrs. America and their kids. We need Christina Nolan and as many others like her as we can get. I’ll be voting for her and I encourage every patriotic Vermonter to do the same.

      • Sorry Stardust and I agree with you regularly. This is the one time chance to turn our ship around. You have commented on Neal Johnson beating up republics and I get it, but voting for a weak candidate like a Joe Benning is not going to dislodge Peter, the not so Great. There’s lots of time between now and November. I suggest we listen closely before electing another loser on our side. The balance of the senate is at stake.

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