Cathy Dodge: Do we really want to change the Vermont Constitution? — Part 4

This letter is by Cathy Dodge, of West Danville.

In this fourth segment we will discuss if Article 22 is passed, how it will affect Parent’s Rights and Education. We are already seeing a trend by the public school system to attempt to groom our children and ‘evict’ their parents from school board and other related meetings. Though we know that at this point, their efforts are not constitutional, should Article 22 pass, it will open the doors for these efforts to be expanded and become law.

Problem 9:  Parent’s Rights

“The first thing that totalitarian governments do is remove parental rights,” said Dennis Prager, a conservative talk show host and writer. And Vermont is kicking parents out of the community one law at a time.

What does Article 22’s “personal reproductive autonomy” have to do with Parent’s Rights?  Everything, when you consider that under this constitutional change, the definitions and legal ramifications of marriage, family, parents, children, teachers — and anything that has to do with raising children and teaching them about their sexuality — could become legally public doctrine. Just take a look at the following link for the State Educators’ Guide to Implementing LGBTQ+ Inclusive Sex Ed, published in 2018.

Despite the fact that the following activities are against parental rights and constitutional law, they are being pushed and tested in our public school systems right now:

  • Free condoms made “readily available” to 7th thru 12th grade public school students without parental consent
  • Blatant disregard of VT Supreme Court ruling of parental rights and responsibilities
  • These rights and responsibilities are now given to unknown adults within the educational system
  • Teaching of sexualized materials in the classroom & library reading material as a guise of sexual liberty advocacy in public school with no recourse for conscience protection for teachers not wanting to participate
  • Children making decisions about sex change operations and other major life decisions, assisted by school staff, without parental consent
  • Teaching materials and curriculum content being denied at parental request.
  • Parents being accused of unacceptable behavior in school board meetings when challenging the legal ramifications of not adhering to legal statutes and ‘acceptable’ practices by teachers, educational administrators, etc.

In our rural communities of Vermont, we have long enjoyed the confidence of knowing that our personal relationships with local teachers and public school officials had the best interests of family, home and children. With the introduction of socialist ideologies and controls, that trust goes out the window. Sexual agendas in mainline curriculum across the state are becoming indoctrination opportunities for teaching our children about the bedroom by everyone but parents.   These sensitive and personal topics are being exploited by teachers, child advocacy groups, and government appointed organizations. We are no longer able to hide in our rural environments, thinking we and our families are insulated from the affects. We are in a battle, and we will all, like mother bears need to fight to protect our children.

It seems the sexual agendas of the political left and their attempt to usurp parents responsibilities to raise their own children have replaced good sound teaching of the basics of life.

“Schools are failing, 34% of students are below basic reading levels in 4th grade, 25% of high school grads are functionally illiterate. I am convinced that if our schools focused on educating our kids, teaching them the fundamentals like English, math, reading, history, civics;  we would see our literacy rates improve and set our young people up for success. They would be thinking for themselves. This is what our public schools should be focused on.” — Tulsi Gabbard, Democrat on Parental Rights Bill on Flashpoint interview.

It seems that even moderate Democrats are beginning to see the deceptions. Consider this remark by Tulsi Gabbard that “government has no business in our personal lives or the bedroom.”

Other important voices have weighed in on the implications for students.

Jon Hamil, a journalist and the director of Lamplighter Ministries, writes, “Consider, for example, that legalizing abortion has now been pushed to legalizing infanticide. Also the all-out pursuit to sexualize our children. By first or second grade they are asked to choose their gender, and their sexuality. Straight? Gay? Bisexual? Boy? Girl? My question is, why should our children be forced by government and cultural institutions to even explore these questions? Why are a subset of adults so determined to rob our children of their God-given innocence? And what right does our ‘freedom government’ have to impose their standards than a child’s own parents? None. And in previous times, adults wishing to sexualize our kids would be called predators.”

Paul Dame, chair of the Vermont GOP, writes:

Democrats have sponsored a bill that would permanently remove the rights of every parent to be involved in irreversible health care decisions for children of any age.  House Bill H.659 would allow children as young as 6 or 8 years old to take hormone blockers or participate in “other treatment” against the consent of their parents. No age restrictions. No qualifications. No appeal for parents. The fact that it has 10 cosponsors demonstrates to all Vermonters that these legislators want to assume that every parent in the state is guilty and untrustworthy when it comes to making life-alternating decisions for their children.”

Those pushing this agenda would like us all to think that parents are the problem. What they are really doing is developing a platform to sterilize our youth by changing their gender. This is all about eugenics and another arm of the abortion culture that Margaret Sanger brought to this state.

We still have time as parents and teachers of integrity to stop this avalanche of legal strong-arming. We still have rights as parents to protect our children until they are old enough and mature enough to decide for themselves at age 18 or older. Until such time as they can fully understand the risks involved, those responsibilities are still legally within the law for parents to make those decisions.

Problem 10: Education

We are experiencing a crisis of trust in our education system in Vermont. Seems parents can no longer trust that the teachers, administrators and support staff in charge of caring for the safety our children’s minds are doing their jobs. Between Critical Race Theory, increasing mental health issues, and sex education to name a few, the overreach and assumed authority by the Vermont education system are demonstrating to us that they cannot be trusted with the innocent and impressionable minds of our youth. Their Marxist activity is attempting to groom our children to be walking robots controlled by shame, intimidation, and coercion.

What are we teaching our kids? The data on this current generation and their record for learning and becoming independent thinkers is declining. You can use Covid, poverty, and other excuses; but the fact is that the basics of reading, writing and arithmatic seem to be getting put on the back burner so that political agendas and mind control can be practiced on our own.

Welcome to the most woke school district in America, according to Karlyn Borysenko, an MBA and Ph.D. in psychology, specializing in industrial/organizational psychology. Now living and working in New Hampshire, Borysenko is a consulting organizational psychologist, writer and speaker. She was interviewed on Fox News by Laura Ingraham on April 5, who along with a group of concerned parents in the Essex Junction area did research of Vermont public records on what is currently being taught in sex education class to our early age children in the Burlington School District.

Instead of being angry with who we all are and focusing on where we feel we have been wronged, we need to help our children focus on what gifts they are and give them tools to achieve their potentials, helping them to find pathways in life to obtain good, realistic goals for each individual. No one individual no matter what their skin color, can be put in a standardized box and compared to another individual.  This may seem ideologic to some of you but one child’s passion won’t be the same as another and one child’s ability to learn may be experiential not bookwork. Their outcomes in life will never be cookie cutter, or they will be miserable doing something someone else should be succeeding at.

With these pressures, it’s no wonder our children are experiencing high levels of anxiety and mental health issues. What’s wrong with letting our young children be children instead of giving them adult-sized pieces of decision making in grade school. Act now to stop the poisoning of our children with hatred.

Forward this on so that all Vermont residents understand why we need to go to the polls in November and vote no on Article 22.

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3 thoughts on “Cathy Dodge: Do we really want to change the Vermont Constitution? — Part 4

  1. I think most parents do not realize what is going on…they send children to school, do not interact unless there is a problem, or other….and have expectation that school is school as it’s always been. most parents I have spoken to are aghast and ready to fight…..which needs caution now r/t the law of dont threaten….gov,school board,lister…ect ect ect…
    and they are not aware of that either….
    by the time realization comes…..maybe too late
    somehow parents need to be informed……all parents, not just the ones that subscribe to True North, Vt Chronicle ect……
    how to do that???

  2. Wouldn’t Article 22 allow teenage children to become sex workers? Remember that the progressives are pushing for legal prostitution. How can this all tie together? Is anyone looking at the big picture?

  3. Parents better stand strong, these are your kid’s minds that they are trying to indoctrinate,
    into their foolishness…………….

    Stand strong and take your kids out of Public Schools, and get them a real education and
    not an indoctrination, kids should be kids !!

    The public school teaching profession has no morals, it’s all about an agenda, your kids are
    just pawns.

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