Candidates for lieutenant governor hope to fill slot opened up by outgoing Zuckerman

By Guy Page

Dana Colson is running for lieutenant governor on a slate of “AgRepublican” candidates.

Colson resides in Sharon, and graduated from Vermont Technical College as well as Franklin Pierce College, where he earned degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Business Management, according to the Klar campaign website.

He has worked nationally and internationally in a wide business experience, invented a number of patented welding technologies, and has operated his own welding supply company in Vermont for the past five years.

Dana Colson

Dana Colson, a resident of Sharon

Colson’s only son Austin was murdered in 2018. “He has endured a long and very painful road seeking justice for his boy’s killer, and has learned a great deal about Vermont’s laws and criminal justice system,” the campaign said. Colson’s focus will be on economic improvement for Vermonters, but also improved support for law enforcement and better protections for Vermonters from violent criminals.

Meg Hansen, a health care policy advocate from Manchester, also is seeking the GOP lieutenant governor nomination. According to her website, she will work to reinfuse the American Dream into Vermont government policy: “The American Dream is alive and well in states like Texas and North Carolina but not in Vermont. No wonder we have become a state where people are desperate to leave, and not a state to which Americans are desperate to come. A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid that the branch will break because it places its trust not on the branch, but in its own wings and in its ability to fly. This is what I want for the people to Vermont.”

Republican and businessman Dwayne Tucker of Barre Town also is running for lieutenant governor, and for state senate as well, according to his Facebook page.

Brenda Siegel, Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, held an online Town Hall Tuesday afternoon. According to WCAX, the Newfane resident was joined by a Barre city councilor and an economist. Senate Pro Tem Tim Ashe (D/P Chittenden) is regarded as the front-runner for the Democratic nomination. Assistant Attorney General Molly Gray, a Newbury native, also is a Democratic candidate.

Rep. Linda Joy Sullivan (D-Dorset), a CPA who wants to unseat incumbent Democrat Auditor of Accounts Doug Hoffer, yesterday published a letter on her website seeking voter support in this odd, socially-distanced campaign. Sullivan is a friend and colleague of Rep. Cynthia Browning (D-Arlington), who will challenge incumbent Mitzi Johnson for House Speaker if re-elected.

Under current circumstances, my campaign has taken a back seat to the need to wear my “legislator hat” and respond to the 100s of questions posed to me by Vermonters who have looked to me for reliable information to help them with their immediate needs,” Sullivan said. “But, I am taking a break here – to reach out to as many Vermonters as possible – as current circumstances remind me each day of why I seek to be your next State Auditor.  My years in the Vermont Legislature have taught me that a number of the systems we run in our State are inadequately designed, inefficient and poorly administered.”

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Democratic candidate for governor Rebecca Holcombe faces ongoing “do the right thing, Rebecca” challenges from 2018 challenger James Ehlers. In April 11 Tweets he called for her to oppose the basing of the F-35 in Burlington and oppose 2018 nominee Christine Hallquist’s online rental ad for “a perfect place to sit out the craziness in one of the most private retreats you will find,” for a mere $500/night. Ehlers, a supporter of Bernie Sanders, seems to be doing to Holcombe what Bernie is doing to Joe Biden: trying to pull him to the left.

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One thought on “Candidates for lieutenant governor hope to fill slot opened up by outgoing Zuckerman

  1. Meg would be a great Lt. Gov, she’d be a great bridge between the Democrats and Republicans. You can tell she’s just a nice, intelligent woman. She may be finding that in Vermont it’s not so easy to get a family together and prosper, not sure, I haven’t asked her.

    Who do we choose, is it a popularity contest? She does very well with answering problems and solving them. Part of our problem is we have really slick talkers and we think that’s a good thing.

    She’s articulate, more so than most, perhaps to her detriment. She is honest and sincere something we would be well to consider in our next election.

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