Candidate requests ‘Liberty and Justice for All’ be painted on State Street next to ‘Black Lives Matter’

By Guy Page

A candidate for governor has asked the City of Montpelier for permission to paint an American flag and “Liberty and Justice for All” in huge red, white and blue letters next to the “Black Lives Matter” street mural in front of the Vermont State House.

“We would like to paint ‘Liberty and Justice for All’ for the Independence Day holiday in solidarity with Black Lives Matter,” Republican John Klar said in a special event request submitted June 29 to the City of Montpelier.

He wants to “reaffirm the founding principle in our Declaration of Independence that all men are created equal.”

Proposed addition of “Liberty and Justice for All” to the existing “Black Lives Matter” street mural on State Street, Montpelier, in front of the Vermont State House. This photoshopped Google Earth photo was included in John Klar’s June 29 application to the Montpelier City Council.

In his request, Klar says his mural “seeks to unify Vermont’s shared goals of racial comity with a slogan that merely reaffirms founding principles that are now more essential to mutual harmony and respect than ever.”

Klar seeks to paint the new mural Friday, July 3, on State Street between Bailey Avenue and Taylor Street, adjacent and due west of the Black Lives Matter mural painted on State Street Saturday, June 13.

The BLM mural request was approved unanimously at a Friday, June 12 special meeting of the City Council. Volunteers painted the lengthy street mural the next day. It is located directly in front of the Vermont State House.

“It’s a quick turnaround here, but with any organizing campaign, you’ve got to feed off the momentum,” City Councilor Conor Casey said. Casey also noted that Gov. Phil Scott had given explicit consent to the BLM mural.

Vermont Daily this morning emailed Mayor Ann Watson and councilors Casey and Dan Richardson, requesting comment and information about how the city will proceed with Klar’s application. As of 1 p.m. Tuesday, Casey was the sole respondent. He said it was the first he had heard of it.

Michael Bielawski/TNR

Republican gubernatorial candidate John Klar

Klar, of Brookfield, is challenging incumbent Gov. Phil Scott in the Aug. 11 Republican primary. His June 29 letter further explains his request.

“For government to embrace the Black Lives Matter cause but reject an effort to celebrate the Fourth of July and seek to advance common goals towards racial equity would be an inappropriate and unequal application of power,” Klar said. “I submit that Vermont must reaffirm its basic Constitutional principles in this time of economic, social and health anxieties. The goal of the subject event and street painting is to lead Vermonters confidently into a post-Covid normalcy, by reaffirming those values which have helped Vermonters overcome greater challenges than we presently face.”

In the application to the city, Klar said he expects the street painting will need about 25 people and will run from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. The Klar campaign also has reserved the State House lawn for an Independence Day celebration July 4.

The phrase “Liberty and Justice for all” was coined in 1892 by Rev. Francis Bellamy as the conclusion of the original Pledge of Allegiance. Bellamy — a Baptist fired from one pulpit for his “fiery socialist” views — penned the original Pledge of Allegiance, which was urged for use in all American schools by then-Pres. Benjamin Harrison. The longer, contemporary Pledge of Allegiance was adopted by Pres. Dwight Eisenhower on Flag Day, June 14, 1954.

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Image courtesy of Michael Bielawski/TNR

40 thoughts on “Candidate requests ‘Liberty and Justice for All’ be painted on State Street next to ‘Black Lives Matter’

  1. Vermont Farmer Launches Political Revolt: “Farms Close, Bureaucracy Grows!”
    BROOKFIELD, Vt., April 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —
    In the midst of a crisis for Vermont’s dairy farms and artisan cheesemakers, an insurgent farmer proposes a radical restructuring of Vermont. John Klar announced his GOP challenge to incumbent Republican Governor Phil Scott last October: now he throws down an ambitious gauntlet — an economic plan to support farmers by drastically cutting state regulations and spending. He has others running with him: at least ten candidates.

  2. With all this painting going on, surely the time and resources exist to get some badly needed PAVING done? But maybe getting safely from Point A to Point B isn’t so important nowadays . . .

  3. Klar would do better by denouncing BLM and Antifa openly and vigorously. He needs to show real backbone.

    • The basic reason for BLM is not wrong. It is their method of operation and the leadership which is.
      I wrote a post about the BLM movement. You can find it on the 802 VT Alliance page.

  4. This is like an Exorcism; by painting ” Liberty and Justice for All ” next to ” Black Lives Matters ” John Is
    calling out the Devil who is attempting to possess those not grounded in our founding principles by showing him a crucifix to call him out.

    Once exposed, Holy Water will be used to cast out those in our government who have facilitated the Demons attempting to divide us.

    This is a brilliant strategy!

  5. Huge move to make the right statement and not to fan flames of division – truly amazed. Those of us who recognize Soros-bankrolled and admitted Marxist group BLM for what they are should appreciate someone willing to reach out while standing apart from their messaging. We need to bring our state together while maintaining the integrity of Constitutional and conservative ideals. He will have to be the governor for the whole state not just his friends and supporters.

      • When elected will be the closest thing to an inspring conservative JFK VT will ever see.

    • Bringing the state together, you said it. That is the pathway. That is what our state and our country so desperately needs.

      A new spirit. Well done, well done.

      • Only a leader can bring the state together and who isn’t for this. What John Klar said and did is very classy. I do not
        – believe in collectivism in any context period
        – accept the Democrat Party, its platform, those who do or support merging of parties
        – feel sorry for those stupid enough to be played like a tin piano

        We are in a zero-sum war, we reap as we sow – those who sow to the wind – that is with no thot to the consequences – reap the whirlwind along with the disease of collateral damage done to *all* of us – as such no ideology-driven adult is an innocent bystander but enemies to what we stand for. Blame and credit where due.

        Voted Dem most recently from 2008-2014 but did not vote Bush the first time, Mcain or Romney and soured on Douglas – regardless of the Dem flawed logic. If a party member insults or hurts my feelings – I will *still* vote the candidate and so does everyone except the very smallminded – we are not stopping Dems from voting conservative bc of fierce debate. As the most hateful and nasty of any parties – the destuctive Dems never stopped me.

        Deb Billado is party leader, John Klar is a public figure running for VTs highest office and need to act in the best interests of *all* VTers which includes reaching out to groups and factions. I’m not a leader or public figure trying to pimp my brand of politics but reach out to those around me to recognize what is at stake and consequences. I sure don’t want you to be dismayed when I call a pot a kettle or a spade a shovel – which I will always do bc that is what they are 😉

  6. John you have finally won me over. The hutzpah that shows is very impressive. Of course I’m sure the liberals will shoot down your idea but that in itself makes an even bigger statement.

  7. He sounds like he’s fair and has more intestinal fortitude that what we have presently in the governors office. He has won my vote.

  8. It will show the true colors of Vermont government, in Montpelier and the State House. My guess is they will “drag their feet” and not be able to come to some decision before the 2nd of July.

    It will put on display our officials who support Marxism, over our Republic, in a peaceful way. It could educate those about our constitution protecting the smallest minority, the individual against oppression and the rule of law defending that.

    Perhaps the intent is to bring Americans together, many have no clue that BLM is money laundering organization and not helping the plight of any minority.
    True colors of leadership will be exposed.

  9. “If liberty and justice for all” cannot be painted on the street equally…. than “Black Lives Matter” must be removed. We must maintain equality, “All lives matter”.

  10. Really ? “We would like to paint ‘Liberty and Justice for All’ for the Independence Day holiday in solidarity with Black Lives Matter”. There is none and ever should be any solidarity with Black Lives Matter or any other Communist, Marxist, or any organization that is direct opposition to the Constitution of the United States and calls for the burning down of our system of government. There should be no negotiating with these groups. To do so would legitimize there cause. There are only two sides Progressives and Patriots. We are in a non-shooting civil war and they are the enemy. We should paint, Against All Enemies Foreign & Domestic on our streets. I have seen first hand what these people are all about at a flag waving event for Trump in Brattleboro last Saturday. Antifa-fa ( The Anti fascist fascists ) from out of state was there along with Black Lives Matter doing their best to try to intimidate the people trying to exorcise their First Amendment rights for a one hour flag waving event. They were rude, crude and vulgar.

    • “We would like to paint ‘Liberty and Justice for All’ for the Independence Day holiday in solidarity with Black Lives Matter,” Republican John Klar said in a special event request submitted June 29 to the City of Montpelier.

      This statement is directed to the Montpelier City Council. In order to placate the council members who are all liberal democrat/progressives. There are two different issues at hand here. Black lives matter as a slogan and Black Lives Matter as a political front and Marxist organization. Everyone is so fired up,with good cause but they are not comprehending what Mr. Klar is doing with his request. In other words he is saying to the governor and the city of Montpelier either grant all political requests or allow no political requests.

      I see why many people can not stop the in fighting because reading comprehention has been lost. Everyone wants to jump at everything political to met out their anger like sending an email or text when you’re pissed off at someone. Mr. Klar’s next statement verifies his reason for applying for the permit. If the council says no, it is a political statement and a violation of free speach and a law suit is in order.

      The city opened it’s can of worms and showed it’s colors now they can submit to all requests for slogans or stop the nonsense and return the street to the people of Vermont in front of the people’s house. Mr. Klar is not supporting the BLM organization he is making a point. We would be better off coming together to express our anger at a govenor who allowed this fiasco to begin by virtue signaling his approval for leftist votes in November.

  11. Outstanding, now we are talking what’s good for the goose is good for the gander !!

    As a true Vermonter, this makes me think there is still some common sense remaining
    in our political field, not just for an agenda.

    Wake up people

  12. Maybe the city council should have thought about what other people might want to paint on State Street when they enthusiastically OKd the BLM message. When I was in the Senate 29 years ago a prominent feminist senator came in with a bill to designate a section of I 91 as “women veterans highway”. Pretty soon somebody came in with “gay and lesbian veterans highway” for another section , then “conscientious objectors highway”, then finally , for the section from Newport to the Canadian border, “draft evaders highway”. Mercifully somebody discovered that the State Board of Libraries had jurisdiction of this matter, not the legislature, and we went on to other business..

  13. I love the idea but disagree wholeheartedly with Klar’s said desire for solidarity with Black Lives Matter. After visiting the BLM website and viewing a video by BLM founder Patrisse Cullors , a self proclaimed Marxist, I feel confident in saying this organization does not have Black America’s best interest at heart. That being said I hope Klar’s request is granted. I am willing, this once, to give him the benefit of the doubt relating to his seemed ignorance toward BLM and the dangers of solidarity with this organization.

    • You are 100% right ! The are a Communist / Marxist organization funded by George Soros. If Mr. Klar cuddles up to them he won’t get my vote.

    • Visonary John Klar is looking past the movement to the innocent bystanders who need his and our support but are being exploited by carpetbaggers. Not slamming BLM is the mature thing to do – so we now have at least one adult in the room. Chairman Scott and other Republicans made a bad move by denouncing Donald Trump as they were really denouncing we the deplorables and a black-eye for them all.

      • Yes and some of the hard nosed people on here just don’t get it. While we the fighters for truth and constitutional adherence want to storm the gates and scream, not all voters are on the same page. We know the problems and the issues, not so for the average person who is just trying to make a life here. They are too busy to get heavily involved and the Vermont liberal press has shut out any mention of an alternative to the radicals running wild at the people’s house.

        If we continue the in fighting over petty issues, yes petty issues because many can’t see the forest through the trees. By continually losing elections we get to change nothing. We know what this RINO governor has done and is doing by not standing up for Vermont values. For Christ’s sake, Vermont banned slavery as a republic in 1777. The last governor elected as an independent was Thomas Chittendon in 1790.

        We have to regain the State house. If we don’t nothing changes and we get to continue bitching and fighting for the perfect conservative candidate in a dominant liberal democratic state. Without consensus and unity as a voting block we get nothing but more misery. Let that sink in for a few minutes or continue to lose.

        • “Build it and they will come”. in 2016 when I saw DJT making inroads and slamming other mostly NWO Republicans – was horrified. The ones who were not he then reached out to after campaign.

          Tho was wrongheaded came around following campaign reshuffle after he came around and shifted gears to a makeover and guidance from Kelly Anne Conway.

          Ppl who do not see the light now doesn’t mean they wont but need to go thru a process. Was a cultural paradigm shift to support Reagan but did it bc of newfound faith.

          Following leaving church also tossed republicans. Behavior of other ppl had nothing to do w/decisions and still don’t. Investigating on my own by listening to the back and forth was actually the quickest way to get to the bottom of issues.

          Was a VT Tiger website watcher and quite taken by their friendly responses to reasoned disagreements from occasional nonmembers.

  14. Finally a candidate willing to stand for founding principles and advocate for all Americans, not just groups seeking advantage over others!

    The silent majority will understand this message, thank you John!

  15. As a motorcycle rider I can’t imagine a worse thing to do.

    Paint on the streets is extremely slippery and will be a hazard to those riding motorcycles especially in the rain.

    Time to quit the craziness and get our government back in line and stop painting the streets.

    Let’s work on putting the end socialism under our golden dome by electing conservative Republicans to represent us and bring some sanity back to the state of Vermont.

    The craziness has to stop.

    • Well I ride also and if you can’t manage to ride your bike over a few feet of paint at 20 mph you should quit riding But that’s not the point he’s making. If the city grants political slogans for one group why not all groups. I think it’s a brilliant move and puts the governor and the city on the spot. If you can’t comprehend his intentions you probably are not the best person to listen too.

    • ‘Get our government back in line’ – that’s a good one. Where have you been for the last decade?

    • Soooo AGREE… BLM should be taken off the road..These liberals under the dome are crazier then a loon. Vermont didn’t allow slaves Vt had the underground railroad to get salves to Canada. People who move here should read Vt Consitition and history before getting into our politics

  16. A great way to celebrate our country, our country that protects the smallest minority in America, the individual from oppression.

    Great way to bring people together.

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