California college’s trustees attempt to ban Pledge of Allegiance, say it’s racist and white nationalist

By Nick Givas

Santa Barbara City College adjunct professor Celeste Barber spoke out against her school’s trustee board, after they stopped saying the pledge of allegiance during meetings over racial concerns.

The head of the SBCC’s trustee board claimed there was a history of white nationalism behind the pledge and emailed Barber to tell her it was racist.

“In the email that he sent to me the week before he stated that it because it had roots in white nationalism, racism, nativism — and I reject that,” she said Wednesday on “Fox & Friends.”

“There is nothing white nationalist about the pledge of allegiance. There’s no reference to race, to gender to ethnicity. It’s all inclusive. That’s why school children around the country, thousands of them recite it every day because it includes everybody who lives in this country.”

Barber decided to user her public comment time to recite the pledge in defiance of the new rules and faced verbal backlash from several people in the audience. She also said her father’s service in World War II inspired her to speak up.

“They were actually there for another issue. But I just happened to come into it and it incited them for some reason,” she said. “This is the pledge of allegiance. I’m the daughter of a World War II combat veteran. And my dad and so many other Americans — men and women have gone into harm’s way for the ideals that are expressed in the pledge of allegiance. I have a right to stand up and speak for those ideals on behalf of people who have sacrificed everything for this country.”

Following the meeting the pledge was immediately reinstated and Barber says she plans on attending the next meeting on Valentines day, so she can be there to recite it.

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6 thoughts on “California college’s trustees attempt to ban Pledge of Allegiance, say it’s racist and white nationalist

  1. Robert K. Miller – President (Area 2 – Goleta)

    This is the Hate America First dweeb who’s idea this was. Since Celeste Barber got the NO pledge
    order rescinded he said he’d sit on it for a while, meaning when things cool down and he gets the leftist media to keep it quiet he’ll try again.
    Feel free to fire off massive amounts of emails to this putrid soulless puke… educating him on What
    The Flag stands for.

  2. Don’t like the Pledge of Allegiance? Have a wonderful idea, rather then stop repeating it because it offends you, LEAVE!! Where? Let’s see, how about starting with Venezuela, or Cuba? If you would like to travel, there’s China or Russia. Stop complaining and get on with your life.

  3. Millennials, these liberal fools just don’t have a clue and you just knew there was going to be
    some sort of Racist or an “ISM ” to why they don’t want this, it’s all they have cheap talking

    The real reason why they don’t want to do a ” Pledge Allegiance ” it’s because they hate the
    Country ………….Educated Idiots !!

    Just think if these fools lived in another Country, you wouldn’t hear a peep from them.

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