Burlington City Council hears opposition to citywide mask mandate before affirmative vote

Members of Burlington City Council on Wednesday night voted unanimously to impose a citywide mask mandate, but many local residents warned beforehand that the mandate would do more harm than good.

“Despite real world evidence over that past 20 months supporting the futility of masks in stopping the transmission of the airborne SARS COV2 virus, scared Vermonters feel they have to do something and cling to the mask mandates,” said Aimee Stephenson, a Burlington resident who holds a doctorate in microbiology and molecular genetics from the University of Vermont.

The proposal in question was to have a citywide mask mandate which can only be avoided if every employee and worker in the establishment can show proof of vaccination. It’s not yet clear how that will be enforced.

Masks will be required while the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention considers Covid-19 spread as “substantial” or “high” for Chittenden County. State law requires that local mask mandates be renewed each month, and cannot extend beyond April 30, 2022.

Stephenson noted that what makes the mask rule in Burlington more controversial is that its application is tied to the vaccination status of the workers and customers of the establishment in question.

“The proposed mask rule in Burlington is even more insidious though because it applies only to the unvaccinated and it exempts persons entering public buildings who show proof of COVID-19 vaccination, or what is commonly referred to as vaccine passports,” she said.

Stephenson continued that if the councilors are to “follow the science” then they should know that vaccinated persons can get and spread the virus, and the current vaccines have been shown to have waning effectiveness over just months.

She said data tracking of vaccinated versus unvaccinated shows the vaccinated now lead in COVID cases, and more serious conditions are common in both groups.

“Hospitalizations and deaths are also rising daily among the vaccinated, an indication that the vaccines do not provide lasting protection from [SARS COV2] outcomes. Given these facts, to privilege the vaccinated only as exempt from the mask mandate is both nonsensical and blatant discrimination against the unvaccinated.”

She also emphasized that for individuals who have had COVID-19, their natural immunity is known to be strong to stop transmission of the virus, and she says there are more than 100 scientific studies to support that.

Christopher-Aaron Felker, chair of the Burlington Republican Party, also spoke against the mandate. He noted that the city’s high vaccination rate already makes a mask mandate unnecessary.

“Today Vermont, Chittenden County, and Burlington are positioned as one of the most vaccinated states, counties, and cities in the entire United States. We have abundant access to testing and treatments to cope with any potential infections for COVID-19,” he said.

Felker noted that the governor and the Republican Party in Vermont have already made similar statements regarding the lack of justification for such a measure.

“The governor is on record stating that these are unnecessary and the entire GOP caucus in the House and Senate here in Vermont are opposed to these unwarranted and unnecessary powers,” he said.

He also reminded that mask mandates negatively impact the business community, which is already facing challenges from understaffing and high crime rates.

On the subject of mask-effectiveness, The Federalist compiled “These 12 Graphs Show Mask Mandates Do Nothing To Stop COVID” and its author reminds readers that only elderly are at substantial risk from COVID-19.

Writing for the Federalist last year, author Yinon Weiss offered a commentary on 12 graphs that “show mask mandates do nothing to stop COVID.”

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9 thoughts on “Burlington City Council hears opposition to citywide mask mandate before affirmative vote

  1. WCAX posted a story of the increasing “uncivil” behavior at Burlington City Council meetings. The council members expressed fear and grave concerns after the outbursts of anger and interruptions displayed by the citizens. Of course, it never occurs to these petty tyrants that their policies and their actions are responsible. It is clear they don’t listen and don’t care what their citizens think or want. Burlington is out of control. It has turned into an infested, crime-ridden cesspool under the direct control of Dems/Progs. Our Legislature is under direct control of Dems/Progs. See what’s in store for the rest of the State by taking a close look at Burlington and Chittenden County leadership. We are doomed.

    • Burlington is right where the Plan – the UN Sustainable Development Agenda SDGs put them.
      Its not happenstance.
      Its not even politics.
      Its an AGENDA.
      Vermonters accepted it and thus, made a place at the table for it.
      All that PC tone policing, and ‘getting offended’ by opposing viewpoints, and ‘getting scared’ when ignoring the pushback results in…people being angry at being ignored…and thus giving more power to the dog tail waggers that its time for some gun control laws, or lockups in Williston at the FEMA center, or …
      We gave our power away.
      We are now paying the price.

      • You are correct. You see how the infiltration targeted a set of fools by flashing big money incentives and seats at that table. The table which will be pulled out from underneath them once the targeted goal is met. Vermont was sold out some time ago and now we are seeing the men/women behind it all. Will we regain control of the Republic or let the petty tyrants continue to destroy our State and Nation.

  2. When Doc Aimee informs the leftist blobs of the “Real” science of masks, spreading
    and vax the blobs revert to Herd of Sheep fear over Herd Immunity.. by the way
    where did the regular flu go???

  3. You can’t keep a fart In your trousers.
    Masks don’t work.

    If you can smell a fart through you mask and the two cloth masks that the fart originated from, guess what? You got cOvid!

    They can find cOvid in the sewers.

    Masks don’t work, never have. When are people going to realize, ther is little to fear from the health crisis but everything to fear from our elected officials?

    “I shall fart in you general direction”. Monty Python

    Is there somebody else we can talk too?

  4. So your mask can stop these things:

    1–10 μm – length of a typical bacterium
    10 μm – Size of fungal hyphae
    5 μm – length of a typical human spermatozoon’s head[3]
    3–8 μm – width of strand of spider web silk[4]
    about 10 μm – size of a fog, mist, or cloud water droplet
    about 10–12 μm – thickness of plastic wrap (cling wrap)
    10 to 55 μm – width of wool fibre[5]
    17 to 181 μm – diameter of human hair[6]
    70 to 180 μm – thickness of paper


  5. The passage of a mandate in Burlington was assured weeks before the Vermont legislature voted.
    This “pandemic” is one of politics first and health second, using fear to institute policy that would never be accepted otherwise- despite what any politician might tell you.
    It does seem ironic that the descriptions of raucous and belligerent by other news outlets aren’t terms used to describe other contentious Council meetings.
    So, Burlington has a mask mandate. Those that object can go elsewhere in many cases, to shop and conduct business. The effect of the mandate will soon be clear to all, in tax receipts and the over hyped “Data” these same politicians use to maintain the fear.

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