Bucknam: Opting out of Vermont’s state of emergency

Editor’s note: This commentary is by Deborah Bucknam, a St. Johnsbury-based attorney and the vice chair of the Vermont Republican Party.

As the COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions continue in Vermont into the ninth month, devastating small businesses and small towns all over the state, there is a way for our towns and municipalities to opt out of the governor’s state of emergency.

state of Vermont

Gov. Phil Scott

Vermont Statute Section 13(3) of Title 20 provides that the governor “shall” declare the state of emergency terminated in a municipality when the “majority of the legislative body of a municipality affected no longer desires that the state of emergency continue within its jurisdiction.” The statute goes on to say that “Upon the termination of the state of emergency, the functions as set forth in section 9 of this title [the Governor’s emergency powers] shall cease, and the local authorities shall resume control.”

The terms “shall” mean that the governor has no discretion in this matter. He must terminate the state of emergency in the municipality when the majority of the selectboard or other legislative body no longer “desires” to be under a state of emergency.

This provision could help towns and municipalities heavily dependent on the hospitality sector and other sectors extremely affected by the governor’s emergency management orders to make their own decisions about how to keep everyone safe in their own localities while helping their local businesses stay afloat.

Vermont’s towns and municipalities have lost much of their independence over the last several decades to state mandates and regulations. Section 13 of Title 20 is an exception to that trend, as it still provides that emergency management control is vested in local towns and municipalities if they choose to exercise their rights under the statute.

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    • Where are these standards limited? Are we as commenters to refrain from “personal attacks” against everyone in government? And what exactly construes a “personal attack”? The what’s next? Will those failing to adhere to these rules face some sort of punishment? The restrictions imposed on free speech by corporate media seems too tempting to eschew.

      • December 10, 2020
        The Time for Talking with the Left is Long, Long Past
        By Selwyn Duke
        “People who cannot be reasoned with can only be fought.” It’s an age-old truth, one good people ignore at their own peril. It too often is ignored, though, since good people are mostly reasonable and, in accordance with man’s nature, engage in projection. They thus assume that others are as reasonable as they are…………..So what does this mean from a practical standpoint? How should we proceed? First, conservatives must stop being “conservative” (as in defensive) and realize that you can’t follow Queensberry rules when the adversary fights no-holds-barred. As an example, leftists can govern contrary to the Constitution, sure — and we act contrary to their governance.
        To this end, traditionalist states/counties/cities should employ nullification, that ignoring of governmental enjoinments that Thomas Jefferson called the “rightful” remedy for all unconstitutional directives.

  2. December 11, 2020
    The District of Corruption Has Overplayed Its Hand
    By J.B. Shurk
    This is just an observation (because I’m not looking forward to gulag life), but I think the only thing keeping Trump voters from burning the whole corrupt system down right now is that nobody knows whom or what to attack.
    That should be a pretty sobering consideration for an establishment class that thinks it just stole the 2020 presidential election fair and square. If there were a ship out in the harbor loaded up with all the Democrats’ fraudulent ballots from the election, there’s no doubt in my mind that a hundred million Americans would dress up as members of the Washington Football Club and sink that ship to the bottom of the sea.
    If the politicians and journalists who call the District of Corruption home were wearing bright red coats, I suspect they’d find themselves tossed to the curb head-first by every small business–owner going belly-up right now due to political whims disguised as public health orders. If there were a field of battle to defend or clearly demarcated enemy zones on the map, I’m guessing the powder keg ignited from mail-in ballot fraud this election cycle would have already gone boom!”

  3. Tangible Next Step: Follow Michigan’s lead.

    FILED October 2, 2020





    v No. 161492 USDC-WD: 1:20-cv-414


    “In conclusion, on the basis of settled caselaw from this Court and the Supreme Court
    of the United States, I would hold that the EPGA does not offend the nondelegation
    doctrine, and I would leave to the people of Michigan the right to mount challenges to
    individual orders issued under the Emergency Powers of the Governor Act (EPGA).”


    In other words, sue Governor Scott!

  4. Deborah Bucknam, thank you. Finally an attorney has told us the procedure for ending this medical tyranny. May we have permission to use much of the content of your column for a petition to take to our neighbors and then to our select boards? We need action and fast. The CDC is not counting flu cases this year (too busy) and Vermont is including probable cases in the total count based on symptoms. We are given endless rationales for continuing the tyranny and they are so vague and out of context that they cannot be fought on that level. We must go to the constitutional level and push those remedies vigorously. Once a few towns do this, the others will follow quickly.

  5. Phil Scott was named 1 of 17 Governors in the United States manipulated and owned by Communist China. Fast forward to 44:25 https://www.trunews.com/stream/perpetual-fortune-cookie-professor-brags-china-has-influential-americans-to-assure-beijing-s-success. Where are the men in this state? Where are all the attorneys? Sheriffs? Sewing face diapers? This traitor needs to be removed from office ASAP. 10 states have joined Texas to bring the election fraud to the Supreme Court. Vermont has been bought and sold. WHERE ARE THE MEN?

  6. If Biden is declared president, could any emergency laws he institutes be overturned by this statute? Or would we all, at that point, be forced to comply?

  7. Wouldn’t there be concerns about being sued for a municipality or employer In a jurisdiction who would vote to end the “emergency”, yet people living or working there might get sick and decide to blame someone? (could be any kind of corona virus cold or flu or other, but test positive for the China virus – many can test positive who have already had any corona virus from what I’ve read and there are false positives as well. ) A problem will be the levels of fear and deception that are manipulating people’s ability to reason. The “pandemic” hype has global purposes, the va$$ine has global purposes, we all likely recognize that Phil is merely a tooth in a large gear that’s turning – it’s the Reset, the UN’s Agenda 21/ 2030, the New World Order… The President has been the barrier to its progress, and the elite globalists surely will not relent trying to take him out – unless they all get rounded up and sent to Gitmo. Just my thoughts.

    • Neil Johnson: “I’ve answered your question in detail. What I’m suggesting would prove scientifically that perhaps we are reaching heard immunity…..right now. The fact that nobody wants to discuss or test this is quite revealing.

      If all of Vermont was already exposed and recovered from covid, wouldn’t that be useful information for our doctors to know? Wouldn’t that be significant?”

      Yes Neil lots and lots and lots of “details” but no answer to the original question? Kindly explain how this Mass Covid Antibody Test for “heard immunity” would be conducted Neil.

        • Biggest takeaway for me is that mass testing for *anything* is unconstitutional period and is in fact a backdoor for tyranny. Do we do mass testing for flu? In a word: No. Tho Chinese Communist Party manufactured biological weapon Wuhan Virus a bit more serious kills less than common flu – most of whom were vaccinated?

          In fact the deaths were due to rules which allow facilities to not treat elderly, and failure to treat with widely available proven medicines as covid “cases” were incentivized and an additional bonus for covid deaths.

          • They have made our lives into nothing but a giant social experiment and now they want to do what amounts to medical experimentation on us- and then, lock us out of living life if we don’t comply and show them our papers.

            THIS for something with almost a 100% Recovery Rate.
            This is the Scam Of The Century because the reality is that what is going on right now has little to do with a virus and a lot to do with money and the NWO, cleverly now called The Great Reset.

            If this does not prove the need for small government, I don’t know what does.
            When this is what gubbamint looks like, best to have damn little of it.

        • They’ve found it in the sewer samples I believe in NOv 2019 of Brazil too.

          Might just work it’s way out of the system in a few months too……very difficult to know without getting a pallet of facts.

          Science would be all about that, political science not so much.

          Thank you Laura

        • Entire school districts and even workplaces have been shut down for flu outbreaks with no government intervention – imagine requirement for daily flu testing – if no antibodies found forced to get a flu shot? Or “asymptomatic positive” and forced to “quarantine” aka “House Arrest”

      • If people volunteered.

        You keep saying mass testing not me. Statistical samples from volunteers.

        To let you know I have contacted many within the VTGOP, I have their responses in writing about many topics. I choose not post their responses out of courtesy and hope that they might come around at some point.

        The comments I received would be savaged on this site for many reasons.

        I know how Trump feels now. “How many times do I have to disavow the KKK”

        • Neil Johnson
          December 10, 2020 at 8:23 am
          “If people volunteered.”
          — Uh – no you never disavowed anything and on record as refusing to do so *multiple times* – more of your devious deceptiveness
          — And no you do not know what it is like to be Donald Trump. He’s not an accomplished liar or champion snakeshifter but a brilliant militaristic tactition and everything you are not – if asked to clarify does so in no uncertain terms
          — Have had 6 months to make this claim but chose the passive-aggressive control-freak extraordinaire option instead of honesty – have now successfully crossed the rubicon as supporter of mass testing no matter how it is conducted – golfclap
          — Only pulling “volunteer” rabbit out of hat following news of mass covid testing which *is not* voluntary. Demanding responses from officials for doing exactly what you have been calling for then running for cover of abject folly
          — Quite sure your Democrat friends admire “courage of convictions”
          — I say no to mass anything and the tyrannical takeover of our world

          • What ever, think what you will. I wish you well stardust. You’ll have a hard time finding any comment of mine that says mandate, must or anything to that matter. Your words not mine, please refrain from telling me what I’m thinking. You put the words forced/mandate, I’ve denied it all the time. Of course I haven’t accomplished what Trump’s hang nail has done. But people stating I’ve said something I didn’t, I can vouge for that, thank you. We are arguing for the same thing, yet there is rancor and dispute. This is going on all across Vermont, within the VTGOP too. It’s not new I’ve seen it soooo many times. I wish you well.

          • Pants on fire alert: You have stated multiple times that we need covid antibody testing – but refused to say how it would be accomplished. ***Why?*** Covid testing is now being mandated and you’re running to distance self. This is the typical passive-aggressive behavior of controlfreaks and those with something to hide.

            No Neil *you* need to be well – I’m just fine despite gaslighting command to “be well”. Tell the truth “honesty is the best policy”.

            Go-along-to-get-along foolishness and propensity to ignore the Constitution while carrying water for Democrats and slamming conservatives proof that we do not share the same values bc it’s all talk with you – I’m resisting and facing the prospect of jail for noncompliance if forced.

          • I stand beside my President because the Republican Party does not, damn straight. The conservative caucus is the only thing woth saving in the Republican Party, the rest are worthless, rino’s doing the bidding of the NWO pimps. George Bush Sr., and Jr, dirt bags I regrettfully voted for are in that camp too. So yeah, I certainly despise many, many people who wear the “republican banner”.

          • What a tangled web one weaves alert:
            Instead of honest discussion must resort to sleight-of-hand card and hat-tricks just as our political leaders you routinely slam – patent hypocricy
            *Refused* to say you *do not* support mandate but now say it’s *voluntary* only after Nazi decree of mandatory covid testing – epic fail and both are still mass testing
            More hat-tricks:
            – When asked explain missing info it’s the “change the subject rabbit” – shazzam – politician much?
            – “Wax patriotic rabbit” – alakazzam – stolen valor compare self to Donald Trump – now calling it “standing by my president” – more bs
            – “Selfrighteous rabbit” – bibbiity bobbity boo, rancor in the party – however on record demanding to VT GOP chair op-ed who rightfully slammed Dem Party – you want RINOs kicked out of party but defend Dem friends to the death? How – inquisition? Aren’t you brave – if they vote R I’ll take ’em
            – “Strawman rabbit”: Erect strawman of “RINOs” to disguise ambivilance to conservative values which makes you a RINO yourself

            Recent claim VT missed an opportunity to create state-owned? silencers to make antiRKBK Democrat friends happy by muffling the sound of gunshots – on a legally owned shooting range which also conducts training for gun owners including safety courses

            “What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to decieve”

  8. Thank you Ms. Bucknam – a breath of fresh air, light at the end of a long dark tunnel and hope for the future.

    Your op-eds are publshed in VTs Pravdaesque media – hoping this sees the light of day. 😀

  9. We also need to look closely at the Citations of law and Constitution which the Governor points to as justification of his authority during his chosen emergency. Lifting from a lawsuit readying to file:“NOW THEREFORE, I, Philip B. Scott, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Governor of Vermont and Commander-in-Chief, Vermont National Guard, by the Constitution of the State of Vermont, Chapter II, Section 20 and under 20 V.S.A. §§ 8, 9 and 11 and Chapter 29, hereby declare a State of Emergency for the State of Vermont. ”
    6. The Plaintiffs humbly request review of the Constitution of the State of Vermont, Chapter II section 20 for therein is no indication of any special emergency authority of the Governor, and certainly not to suspend the Constitution for over 9 months.
    (a) Chapter II section 20 of the Vermont Constitution is concerned with: commissioning officers, correspondence with other states, prepare such business as necessary to lay before the general assembly, to grant pardons, to take care that laws be faithfully executed, to expedite execution of measures of the General Assembly, lay embargos, but not for more than 30 days and only then when the Assembly is in recess, to grant licenses, and act as Commander in Chief but only upon the advice of the senate, and no longer than they shall approve thereof. To direct 9 months of emergency based on Chapter II 20 is a deliberate miscarriage of the intent of the Chapter, willful misrepresentation of the law, or complete ignorance of the Vermont Constitution.
    (b) Plaintiffs ask the Court to note that within Chapter II section 20 of the Vermont Constitution are a number of references to the Governor’s duty to prevail upon the General Assembly or the Senate, and specifically states a singular length of time, 30 days, that the Governor may act unliterally without the involvement of the General Assembly. This phrase, held within Chapter II, section 20 is: “The Governor may also lay embargoes, or prohibit the exportation of any commodity, for a time not exceeding thirty days, in the recess of the General Assembly only.” Where the lockdowns and quarantine act as a sort of embargo is less significant than the discussion of thirty days as a length of time the Governor could act to suspend travel, trade or business activity, and even then, only when the General Assembly is in recess.
    (c) And to note: the General Assembly was in full session on March 13, 2020 when Executive Order 01-20 was signed. The Governor, did not have the Constitutional authority to call an emergency without the participation of the Assembly, much less continue it over 9 months. He could have directed them in March to vote upon the matter, but the Governor himself, was not authorized to do so in Chapter II section 20 of the Vermont Constitution, nor is he authorized to do so anywhere else in the Vermont Constitution.
    (d) And to note: Defendant Scott also cites 20 V.S.A. §§ 8, 9 and 11 and Chapter 29 to carry on a state of emergency for nine months and counting, but here too, the citation is a willful misrepresentation of law for the contents of both sections §§ 8, 9 specifically limit the Governor’s authority. 20 V.S.A. General powers of the Governor § 8 (4) …“to take any measures not inconsistent with the constitution of this state.” And 20 V.S.A. Emergency powers of the Governor § 9 (8) “…to take such action, not inconsistent with the Constitution and the laws of the State,”
    (e) And to note: 20 V.S.A. § 11 concerns itself with the event of an all hazards event and outlined possibility of need to seize, take or condemn property of the citizens of the state, redistribute it to fulfill needs and the people’s subsequent right to compensation and redress in superior court. Covid 19, which has had less of an effect on Vermonters than the seasonal flu, which was expected from the outset, does not fulfill the definition of an all hazard event.
    (f) And to note: 20 V.S.A. § 29 Concerns itself with removing liability from any entity that provides shelter during an emergency. There is no authority therein to call an emergency that violates the constitution of Vermont and the US Constitution.
    (g) And to note specifically robust content of Vermont’s Constitution with respect to the individual person’s rights delineated in Article 1: “That all persons are born equally free and independent, and have certain natural, inherent and unalienable rights, among which are the enjoying and defending life and liberty, acquiring, possessing and protecting property, and obtaining happiness and safety.”
    1. The particular result of Article 1 is that every person has a the right to obtain safety within their independent birthright,
    2. that persons may be independent in obtaining safety as a natural, inherent, and unalienable right,
    3. and persons may be independent in obtaining happiness as a natural, inherent, and unalienable right.
    4. These are rights that cannot be given away by the possessor to the Governor or the Department of Health,
    5. These are rights that cannot be taken away by the Governor under his emergency Executive Order 01-20.
    6. Each person on Vermont has the individual right to obtain safety and happiness according to their natural, inherent unalienable right.
    7. There is nothing in this article, or anywhere in the Vermont Constitution or US Constitution that states the Governor, the Health Department, or even the President may decide what constitutes safety and happiness on behalf of the persons of Vermont.
    (h) And note: Article 5 of the Vermont Constitution [Internal police] speaks to the police power of the state, and it states: “ That the people of this state by their legal representatives have the sole, inherent, and exclusive right of governing and regulating the internal police of the same.”
    1. The State of Vermont, specifically the Defendants Scott, Levine and Donovan, have circumnavigated the Vermont Constitution to unlawfully act themselves as internal police, to direct businesses to act as police without the authority of the people by and through their legal representatives.
    (i) And note: Article 9 of the Vermont Constitution [Citizens’ rights and duties in the state; bearing arms; taxation] “That every member of society hath a right to be protected in the enjoyment of life, liberty, and property, and therefore is bound to contribute the member’s proportion towards the expence of that protection, and yield personal service, when necessary, or an equivalent thereto, but no part of any person’s property can be justly taken, or applied to public uses, without the person’s own consent..” How many small businesses have been shuttered, and thereby ‘taken and applied to public uses’ by the unlawful, unconstitutional policing of the Defendants?
    (j) And note: Article 10 of the Vermont Constitution delivers our direction with regard to criminal prosecution. Prior to March of 2020, the term ‘lockdown’ was never broadly used as public vernacular, it was a term that denoted a specific jail or prison setting up until March of 2020.
    1. The Defendant Governor ordered a lockdown of persons who have not committed any crime, whether the term quarantine is used or lockdown, the effect is that of house arrest.
    2. The suspicion of contagion of Covid 19 has become the equivalent of suspicion of a crime. Persons, under the emergency orders may be surveilled, ordered to house arrest/lockdown/quarantine on the suspicion of contagion.
    3. Thus Article 10 of the Vermont Constitution is important to view with it’s declaration of rights for those accused of Covid 19 contagion, SINCE the orders by the Defendant has the equivalence of treating healthy people as if they are criminals.
    4. Thus, Article 10 is helpful. “ ..the person cannot be found guilty; nor can a person be compelled to give evidence against oneself; nor can any person be justly deprived of liberty..”
    5. The unprecedented scope of the Emergency Orders have for the first time in history put healthy people into lockdown without due process.
    (k) And finally to note: the most powerful clause of the Vermont Constitution perhaps, with regard to Covid-19 emergency orders is Article 15. [Legislature only may suspend laws]: The power of suspending laws, or the execution of laws, ought never to be exercised but by the Legislature, or by authority derived from it, to be exercised in such particular cases, as this constitution, or the Legislature shall provide for.

  10. This is a great start, having this information is wonderful.

    Can the VT GOP do more?

    What about Ms. Gray and her inability to meet the constitutional standard to hold her office, be a citizen and live in the state 4 years prior to the election.

    Did the state infact farm out sending the ballots when infact it is the duty of the town clerk?

    Can we have an audit of the votes?

    Will people stand by and let the SOS say they can’t audit because of covid?

    Will others join in on lawsuits to defend the constitutional right for us to have a fair election?

    Will you join forces in declaring a multi-day election a travesty for the constitution and fair voting? The statute seems pretty clear ONE day, over and declared by midnight.

    Can the VT GOP fight for our constitutional rights and against the fraudulent emergency orders?


    Citizens are suing and standing up for our government more than all those who have been sworn to uphold and defend our constitution.

    Is there anybody out there?

    • Couldnt have said it better myself. On all points.

      WHY is no one in office asking the SOS about the audit?? One of my own “R” senators basically said today about the Presidential election, ” he’s lost 47 cases, time to move on” Geez thanks. We the People are TIRED of living under criminals and their criminal acts. Is he asking us to forget about the fraud?? Not on your life.

      • They aren’t following it then, and what does that say?
        Both Sidney and Rudy have both said they they fully expected to lose in the lower courts and it was the Supreme Court they wanted to get too.
        Why do they think there was a rush to get ACB in there?

        These “Republicans” don’t want Trump to win because they too have been up to no good and benefitting from the gravy train as well, and want to keep this all in place.

      • About those 47 cases – play chess anyone? There is a process that is like climbing a ladder – start at the bottom and work your way up. The target is at the top of the ladder and that is SCOTUS, but cases must start at the appropriate level. They surely did not show their hand at the bottom so they could swiftly progress to the top! Getting the game plan? The meat of the process will reveal at the top!

        Another chess move – where did this supposed health emergency place the authority? With the Governors – why – to expose them! Is that move working? It sure has! Have we been sold out? Me thinks we have been.

        Emily – fabulous reveal!

        Ms. Buckman you are a breath of insight – let us keep up the momentum – there are more of us than them –

        More lawyers please step forward – it’s time for action to undo the damage and prevent any further damage to OUR state.

    • I will help to negate Scott’s emergency mandates and to examine our state elections. Let’s fix our local problem. Our state is small enough that we can.

  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tq8SXOBy-4w&feature=emb_logo

    Ivermectin: the way out of the Covid-19 maze, as Dr. Kory states.

    I’ve been following the FLCCC group for some time and am quite familiar with Dr. Marik’s work and the unjust criticism of that work (because Marik dared to use vitamin C, successfully, to treat ARDS.) The work of the FLCCC group has been, and is, being ignored, and the burning question is: why?

    Time for the American people to stand up and say we’ve had enough?

    • And a burning and itching question…..

      Why aren’t ANY of our representatives standing up? Suggesting these also? NONE>>>

      People where are you? I realize nothing will see the light of Day on VT Digger, Front Porch Forum, Facebook, 7 days, many local papers due to censorship we have all experienced within this state.

      Here however is a conservative friendly site, a fact, science and freedom loving site that would welcome and be open to finding the truth.


      What do you think people who love science, our constitution, God, country and our republic are thinking?????????

      • Here is the solution:

        Municipalities need to tell Governor Scott thanks, but no thanks, as Deborah Bucknam has suggested.

        Local doctors and other medical and public health professionals need to get on board with ivermectin, an anti-viral (and anti-parasitic) which will prevent Covid-19 in virtually 100% of patients.

        We can’t rely on Dr. Levine as he’s beholden to Dr. Fauci and other powers which are sure to fight ivermectin tooth and nail: billions of dollars in vaccine sales are at stake, sales which will largely be rendered unnecessary with a readily-available (and I assume relatively cheap) drug used safely for decades. Excuses will be made, studies will be found to discredit this, just as studies were found to discredit hydroxychloroquine, another relatively safe and inexpensive drug.

        Dr. Kory and his group have used hydroxychloroquine and they found that its efficacy is limited for patients who are so sick that they come to the ER (Kory and his group are primarily critical-care physicians.) But ivermectin is a game-changer.


      • Yes, Neil TNR is one of the few sites in VT friendly to conservatives. In addition, we are still able to post comments, something that Digger, 7days and WCAX are now afraid of since the commentary on those sites (especially Digger) went overwhelmingly conservative. Instead they hide behind the Covid excuse.

      • For someone who refuses to answer direct questions with direct and honest information all I can say as you whine and carry on like a child with unending demands that our leadership and other officials cave to your whims and magically appear – *on the double* is look in the mirror sir – and while you’re at it kndly get a grip. Yes there are ppl out there – who have lives. Reach out yourself – call them, write them, email them and report your findings pls. Our world does not revolve around you and what you decide we need.

        • what do you think i’m doing? there are 80 million people saying the same thing i am, right now all over the internet. i’m in very good company.

          What was your name again?

          • So – you say you are not for mass covid testing – however this is a lie – your figleaf of calling it “antibody” testing is pure bs. How is Mass Covid Antibody Testing an improvement and could you explain how this would be conducted Neil or will it be another round of hiding like a scared child followed by insults and recrimination?

            My name is stardust and along with others who do not use full name stand by the courage of my convictions by submitting truthful accurate info – and if asked to show my work by anyone but you would do so – cheerfully! Because I have nothing to hide nor need to hide in the safety of “we” or need an army of 80 million to back me – truth rests on its own weight but how would you know – if you had a spine ya wouldn’t need to attack anyone daring to challenge your “facts”. More tall tales much Mr Johnson? And no – there are not 80 million ppl saying what you are saying there is one and his name is Neil Johnson.

          • toooo funny. While I can totally respect somebody being afraid to speak with their own name in our state and it does let arguments stand on their own merit, this is true. I’ve answered your question in detail. What I’m suggesting would prove scientifically that perhaps we are reaching heard immunity…..right now. The fact that nobody wants to discuss or test this is quite revealing.

            If herd immunity is happening would imply that no vaccine would be needed, very soon, perhaps, coincidentally by Jan 20th? FEb/March Truth and science would prevail.

            So it does matter. If you were a pen name for Phil Scott, his advisor, how about Levin?

            If you know something about statistics you’ll realize that it’s a complete waste of time money and resources to do otherwise.


            sorry I’m not able to explain it well for you. If all of Vermont was already exposed and recovered from covid, wouldn’t that be useful information for our doctors to know? Wouldn’t that be significant?

            How is it the 3rd world nations with no drugs, hospitals and communications have a lower death rate? Hmmmm…

            be well stardust, be well.

          • Why does the testing matter at this point? either one.
            This kills less than 2% of the people that get it.
            There is no emergency here.
            The average age of the people that die with it is about 81, it’s give or take a few years depending on which state you look at, but it’s often over the age of average life expectancy.

            THIS is a nothing burger!
            There is no need for testing anything.
            People should be careful, do what they choose to do and lets move on.
            We didn’t shut down the country for wars or polio, which was a horrible thing that attacked children.
            If you remember, they were sending kids to school and teaching them to crawl under their desks during the Cuban Missile Crisis!

            This is all gone off into La La Land…
            We need to end this entire scam.

          • Mass testing for “antibodies” or anything by governmental officials esp the Communists here in VT is a fools errand ate least and terrifying level of intervention into our lives – could be misused and expanded as is their wont.

            Records kept and names collected as my blood is taken from my body by a masked madman? None for me thanks. For the first time in history of US we are living in in a Kafkesque and Naziesque nightmare complete with experiments no matter how seemingly innocuous, oh and Brownshirted snitches, forcibly mass confining and mass testing healthy ppl under penalty of law.
            This is why Constitutional principles must always be adhered to no matter how useful something may seem as Ronald Reagan warned of the frightening words “I’m from the government and I’m here to help” *facepalm*

      • They aren’t standing up Neil because this is all working quite nicely for them.
        And then, come election time, we can pick from them, a person with no chance of winning or a far left loon.
        Add in some voter fraud.
        See how that works?

      • Those outlets have been compromised and may see the same fate as MSM –

        We do not need vote by mail – we have a perfectly sound and safe process of absentee ballot requests rendering no exposure for those in fear of this manufactured plandemic.

        Can you even comprehend this Governor pursuing round 2 of a horrendously failed vote by mail process at a national level – they must think it worked for them, but me thinks they are in for a surprise!

        Now what REALLY is their purpose in trying to change our historic annual Town Meeting date? Any guesses?

    • HA!! Well whadyaknow?… Ivermectin! I’ve administered it for years! You can buy it at Tractor Supply. And it even comes in green apple flavor. (Lol)

    • Yesterday Dr. Kory’s testimony had some millions of views– I didn’t pay much attention to the number except to notice that it seemed to be going viral. Today, it has 14,000- some views.

      Go figure.

  12. It will now be interesting to see which towns have the intestinal fortitude to act on Section 13(3) of Title 20 and tell Herr Scott what he can do with his “state of emergency”. Free citizens of Vermont inform your local selectboards of this statute and make note of what they do or don’t do with it and vote accordingly on town meeting day. It’s high time to end all this madness.

    • In a normal year, a petition to place an item on the ballot requires signing by five percent of the registered voters.

      This year, it would be a violation of the Governor’s orders to attempt to gather signatures. Additionally, those running for political office were not required to submit signatures with their petitions.

      Therefore, I suggest people take the opportunity to flood Towns with petitions.

      • PLANDEMIC – nice cover for them isn’t it?

        Where are the constitutional lawyers in this state – rise and present yourself!

        • “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing”
          –Edmunde Burke

          Yes, those with the skills to fight this tyranny, it’s time to get your boots on!
          Women and Children are suffering!!

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